New Asian Dramas Streaming on Amazon Prime–July 2018 Edition

Why is it so hard keeping on top of things? My YouTube drama list really, really, really needs updating, too. Anyways, below you will find the latest Asian dramas with English subtitles streaming free with Amazon Prime subscriptions. I am also curious, you can do a search for some dramas and they pop on with a DramaFever link, but they are just a page with no videos and a “Coming Soon” note. Are they really coming soon?

I swear this update nearly killed me! This seriously took like 6+ hours. Some of the Chinese dramas, I could not actually find on the Google machine, so I don’t have much info about them. Just FYI.

Bromance? Hot guys? Politics, revenge, and fights? Men with Sword season one (only 3 episodes available) and season two (all episodes available) is now streaming. The drama stars Zha Jie, Zhu Jian, and Evan Ma (just to name a few). When the ruling emperor of Juntian is murdered by an assassin (who became his good friend), chaos ensues between the five states of the empire.

The dramas below do not have all episodes streaming yet, only the first few. I do not know when/if all episodes will be added. Does anyone know if Amazon actually has info on releases and what’s coming?

In the mood for a remake and a tearjerker? The Chinese adaptation of the 2005 hit Japanese drama 1 Litre of Tears/1 Litre no Namida is now available. This 2008 drama, Tears of Happiness stars Liu En You, Jin Sha, Yang Gui Mei, Yue Yao Li, and Weng Chia Ming. Liu stars as Gu Yi Hang who hires He Tong Yao [Jin Sha] to be his and his girlfriend’s tour guide. Tong Yao gets into an accident and learns she has a degenerative disease. Her boyfriend breaks up with her, but fate brings her together with Yi Hang again and of course they fall in love. The Japanese drama is based on a true story, by the way.

Interested in the Chinese Republic Era, particularly the second Sino-Japanese war? Check out Kevin Cheng’s 2013 espionage and romance drama Red Dust. After a fire, Ci Hui is adopted by the Wu family. To express her gratitude to her adoptive father, she breaks away from the man she loves to marry Mr. Wu’s son. Will this decision bring happiness or tragedy? Find out in 2011 drama Forget Who I Am.

I have liked Mickey He as an actor since his portrayal of the 4th prince in Gong. Check out his 2012 drama with Li Sheng, Desperate Love. Li Sheng plays a Mongolian princess who travels with her father to Beijing. She falls for Prince Jing Xuan of the Qing Dynasty. The drama follows her life as she transitions from the free spirited, naive princess to a mature woman, wife, and mother.

Love and hate collide between two big families in town in Bygone Love starring Zhang Meng, Steven Ma, and Huang Shao Qi. Nicky Wu and Qi Wei star in Star April/April Star following the life and struggles of a famous television anchor who is secretly dating a successful businessman.

Okay, seeing the sheer number of updates, I won’t be doing plots for all of these, sorry! Just find the list below. I’ll put them by country and let you know if they are complete or not. Full list is available here:

Chinese Dramas

  1. Best Arrangement [Zui Hao de Anpai, 2017] 3/40 episodes
  2. Gold War [2016] 3 episodes
  3. Hearts of the Citizens [Tian Di Min Xin, 2010] 3/40 episodes
  4. Legend of the Fist: Chen Zhen [Jingwu Chen Zhen, 2008] 3/32 episodes
  5. The Legend of Scent [2013] 3 episodes
  6. Love in Han Yuan [Xiao Lou You Dongfeng, 2018] 4/46 episodes
  7. Love Tribulations [Suǒ qīngqiū/Tiāndì bùróng/Four Women Conflict, 2009] 3/35 episodes
  8. My Battalion [Wǒ de tè yī yíng, 2014]
    YesAsia lists this as one series with 40 episodes…so I am not sure about how that works across Amazon Prime’s “seasons.” Currently each season has 3 episodes.
    Season 1 | Season 2
  9. My Sister-in-Law [2015] 3 episodes
  10. The Peony Pavilion [Mu Dan Ting, 2010] 3/? episodes
  11. Rakshasa Street [Zhen Hun Jie, 2017] 20/24 episodes
  12. She is Beautiful [She is Pretty/Ta Hen Piaoliang, 2018]
  13. Siege in Fog [Rensheng Ruo Ruchu Xiang Jian, 2018] 5/50 episodes
  14. The Spy War [2016] 3 episodes
  15. The Stand-In [Shiyue Weicheng/October Siege/Bodyguards and Assassins, 2014] 5/60 episodes
  16. Story of Furong [Fu Rong Jue, 2015] 3/38 episodes
  17. Tears of Love [Tear’s in a Woman’s Flower/Lei Sa Nuren Hua, 2013] 3/38 episodes
  18. We Fall in Love [Let’s Fall in Love/Zan Meng Xiang Ai Ba, 2016] 3/58 episodes

Filipino Dramas

  1. Juan Happy Love Story [2016] 80/80 episodes

Japanese Dramas

  1. Teddy Go! [2015] 4/4 episodes

Korean Dramas

  1. 88th Street [88 Beonji, 2016] 12/12 episodes
  2. 10,000 Ways to Become a Couple [2018] 5/5 episodes
  3. The Blue Sea [Deo beullu Ssi, 2017] 5/5 episodes
  4. Hey Ana! Let’s Eat! [2017] 5/5 episodes
  5. The Hybrid (Plan Man x Suitcase Man) [2018] – reality show 17 episodes
  6. Irish Uppercut [Airishi Eopeokut, 2017] 8/8 episodes
  7. A Job Seeker from North Korea [2016] 14/14 episodes
  8. Justice Team [Jeoseutiseu Tim, 2016] 4/4 episodes
  9. Lies of Spring [2017] 4/4 episodes
  10. Longing for Spring [Drawing, Spring/Geurida, Bom, 2014] 4/4 episodes
  11. Lost Book [2018]
  12. Love in Memory [Leobeu In Memori, 2013] 6/6 episodes
  13. Matching! Boy Archery [Maeching! Sonyeon Yanggungbu, 2016] 8/8 episodes
  14. My Romantic Some Recipe [Mai Romaentik Sseom Resipi, 2016] 6/6 episodes
  15. Plan Man New Beginning – reality show [3 seasons]
  16. The Suitcase Man [2017] – reality show 15 episodes
  17. Teleport Love [Tellepoteu Yeonin, 2014] 4/4 episodes
  18. Tomorrow Boy [Tumorou Boi, 2016] 5/5 episodes

Malaysian Dramas

  1. All Men Are Brothers [Shui Hu Zhuan/The Water Margin, 2011]
    86 episodes total
    Season 1 [18 episodes]| Season 3 [6 episodes]

Taiwanese Dramas

  1. GTO in Taiwan [GTO Taian Pian, 2014] 4/4 episodes


  • As to DramaFever showing up but not having episodes, I don’t know if that’s similar to my situation – My Amazon firestick menu used to show me that a show was available on DF, and I could go directly to the DF app from the Amazon app and begin watching the show, but ever since a mix up with my DF subscription where I’ve refused to renew until they work out my issue, shows that are in my Amazon watchlist that are on DF reflect the show but no access through the Amazon app. So if your subscription isn’t active, maybe that’s the problem?

  • Nee Nee – FYI a lot of the links to your recap for Smike Donghae are broken. I recently posted a link to your recap page for someone whose watching Smile Donghae but only links to Eps 4 and 11 (out of the first few episodes) are working. I obviously didn’t check all of the links.

  • Ignore my previous post. The links are working now. I have no idea why they wouldn’t open but now they do. It must be my phone. Sorry!

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