Asian Dramas Coming Soon to Netflix–August 2018 Edition

A question: do you prefer “Coming Soon” posts or just the latest in streaming updates after the fact? Color me curious. I finally figured out how to find lists of “coming soon” on the Netflix app on my phone.

In case you missed it, Japanese dramas Jimmy: The True Story of a True Idiot and Smoking are now streaming along with the movies The Flying Guillotine and Flying Guillotine 2.

Finally on Wednesday, Japanese drama Switched will be streaming! Can the beauty inside prevail over the beauty outside? I am hoping this drama will be good. Fingers crossed. Also listed as coming on August 1 is The Could’ve-Gone-All-the-Way Committee starring Sato Jiro, Shiraishi Mai, and Yamada Takayuki. This show features stories of missed “lust” connections and a panel of experts judge if the pair should have gone all the way or not. Of all things…I don’t think I’d want anyone debating my missed lust connections…not that I have a single one, lol.

Looking for a dark Taiwanese drama that shot to popularity on Netflix Japan? On Children is coming to Netflix US on August 4. The drama follows the tragic consequences of social pressure, parental oppression, and family dysfunction and stars Chung Hsin Ling, Hsieh Chiung Hsuan, and Ko Su Yun.

In the mood for a movie from Hong Kong. Also coming August 1 is Love in a Puff starring Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue, Cheung Tat Ming, Miao Felin, Chui Tien-you, Roy Szeto, Sharon Luk, and Charmaine Fong. Miriam and Shawn fall for each other in a designated outdoor smoking area once Hong Kong enacts a ban on smoking indoors. I haven’t found a valid link yet for this drama. Will update if I do.

There’s some new Indian dramas and movies coming to Netflix. Any interest in those?


  • IndiaN? Always! And if not for you, I probably wouldn’t have known about the Thai!! Coming soon or not? I’m so behind, its rare I jump onto watching Asian dramas on Netflix! But let’s get all of your viewers with Netflix to put in a request for Life!!!

    • I will watch the ones only available on Netflix, otherwise I’m mostly on Viki. Sometimes DF when they have stuff Viki doesn’t. I am happy to see more Thai dramas made available and at least with Amazon Prime, there’s more Japanese dramas. I was updating that list only to find holy hell, there’s been a bunch added and it is soooo time consuming, lol. I shall finish tomorrow if I’m not too busy maybe.

      Life? Jdrama?

  • Indian dramas and movies? Yes, please. Could u tell me the names?

  • I have no preference, I’m just glad for your posts that help me navigate Netflix’s quagmire whenever, however they come.

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