Latest Asian Drama Additions to Amazon Prime Video

Want a short web drama for a quick marathon? How about a drama in which two friends and their dog band together to help smaller dogs? Or a reality show in which Korean rappers compete for a chance to work with US producers? Or a school murder mystery? How about the first Taiwanese drama Amazon’s added? Check out the latest additions to Amazon Prime’s streaming library. Just a note that these are available in the US and I am only including shows which are free with a prime subscription.

Can you keep a straight face in a room filled with professional comedians? Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documental puts ten comedians in a closed room and the goal is to make everyone laugh while keeping your own face straight. The comedian who can last the longest wins 10 million yen (each comedian contributes a million yen participation fee).

Craving some bite-sized videos to help improve your bread-baking skills? Check out Shiori Tatetsu’s Bread Baking Class. Interested in a documentary combining social media and the entertainment world? Dive into Invisible TOKYO.

Kaku Kento, Takei EmiHashimoto Jun, Iketani Nobue, Kaku Kento, Muro Tsuyoshi, Nishino Nanase, and Suda Masaki star in Businessmen vs. Aliens. Out of the blue, six people are drafted to protect planet Earth from the threat of invasion. Without team spirit or a sense of responsibility, can they protect our world via the power of persuasion?

Exile’s Akira stars in Heat, a 2015 Japanese drama about a man who goes undercover as a volunteer firefighter to help push through his company’s urban development project. When he starts bonding with the people, what decision will he make? This drama also stars Inagaki Goro, Tanaka Kei (love him!!!), ide Takuya, and Kuriyama Chiaki.

Wants some Chinese martial arts mastery? Check out Kevin Cheng’s 2013 drama Ip Man—the first ever television drama adaptation portraying Ip Man’s life and struggles in early 1900s southern China. How about a crime adventure school drama starring the adorkable lead of Cambrian Period? Wang Duo, Wendy Zhang, and Hou Ming Hao star in Inference Notes in which an idol joins forces with a genius young sleuth to solver mysteries, murders, and mayhems in their school linked to a mysterious organization known as Poker.

Are you a lover of dogs? Check out Hero Dogs. I believe this is the second season based on the number of episodes (season one was 40 and season two 42). This drama stars Wang Yang and Zhang Yunlong. Meng Mei is the owner of Hero dog Xiao Qi and she partners with handsome lifeguard Bao Yu to help small dogs.

Actor, singer, host, designer Alien Huang (Huang Hong Sheng) stars in Taiwanese drama Running Man. He plays a man who doesn’t desire commitment and tries to run from his wedding with a woman he impregnated after a one night stand. He is given special dice that allow him to travel across parallel dimensions. Can he escape the fate with a woman he doesn’t want?

Looking for a sc-fi romance that is nice and short? Dive into the tastings of Korean web drama Love, Lost in Memory starring Apink’s Oh Ha Young, Go Yoon, and Joon Guk Hwan. Go Yoon stars as a brain hacker who partners with an aspiring actress and an NSCI agent to solve a mystery while also trying to uncover the lover hidden in his memories.

How about a short reality show in which former contestants of Show Me the Money compete for a chance to work with US hip hop producers? Follow Jung Sang Soo, Superbee, Tarae, and Myundo as they head to the US where only one of them will ultimately get the chance to produce an album in Swaggers Made in USA. How about a fun sketch show where famous guests show up to have fun at school? Take a gander at the second season of Olala School featuring guests such as Koyote, Dalshabet, and famous comedians.

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