New Asian Dramas Streaming on Amazon Prime

Woohoo. At least one site is getting more Japanese dramas! Amazon prime adds more to its streaming library.

Catch the awesome Fujioka Dean in Happy Marriage!? based on the book Happy Marriage-Hapimari-!? Fujioka stars as a wealthy businessman who hires a woman whose family is mired in debt to marry me. What is his reason behind the marriage? Can this arrangement last and the couple find true love?

Mizukawa Asami, Yamamoto Ai, and Hanasaka Shiina star in Tokyo Girl (aka Tokyo Joshi Zukan/Tokyo Women’s Campaign). The drama follows Mizukawa and her work, love, and life throughout her years living in Tokyo.

Interested in traditional Japanese sweets and romance? Check out Fukuyadou Honpo – Kyoto Love Story starring Hayami Akari, Ichihara Hayato, and Sasaki Nozomi. The drama focuses on a sweets shop with 450 years of history and the careers, lives, and romances of the shop’s three daughters.

Looking for more family-themed dramas? Check out Tsumabuki Satoshi’s 2014 drama All About My Siblings (this is a remake of 1966 drama Wakamono Tachi). This drama also stars Eita, Mitsushima Hikari, Emoto Tasaku, and Nomura Shuhei. This drama follows five siblings who live together. They have good times, fight, fall in love, and face all sorts of issues.

Looking for some horror and gore? Tokyo Vampire Hotel follows Manami who is nearly killed on her 22nd birthday and finds herself embroiled in a struggle between two vampire clans. Interested in the Kamen Rider series instead? Amazon is now streaming the fourth installment, Amazon Riders which focuses on Haruka (Fujita Tom) and Jin (Taniguchi Masashi), one wild and one tame. Unlike the original series…this is for adults only. It is dark with horror and gore.

Want a less gory vampire story? Check out Immortal Goddess starring Jae Hee, Wang Ji Won, Lee Joo Yeon, and Park Hee Jin. A vampire with a disease that makes her age, her younger sister, a struggling film director, and a star who is secretly a vampire converge in this story. Can Yuri find a cure for her disease before its too late?

Keum Sae Rok, Park Byong Chul, and Shim Jung Wan star in Paparazzi Girlfriend. A young woman dreamt of being a war correspondent, but finds herself chasing after and spying on celebrities to dig up juicy gossip. What happens when she becomes conflicted about the job her boyfriend disapproves of so much? In Infinite Power, Im Seulong stars as a man struggling to find employment at a large company who discovers his dream and possibly romance.

Employment War is a 2014 web comedy focusing on the lives of five young men and women as the struggle to find jobs in Noryangjin-dong in Seoul, South Korea.


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