Netflix Asian Drama Updates–April 30, 2018

An explosion of Asian dramas! No these are not super-popular Korean dramas, but kdramas aren’t everything. Check out some new (new meaning just-added, these are all older dramas it looks like) dramas from Malaysia mostly.

Want a different type of interactive drama? Instead of choosing the episode you want to watch next based on a character’s decision (i.e. Click Your Heart and, in a way, Brand Guardians), check out Malaysian drama Trio & a Bed. This was aired on a pay TV channel and it allowed viewers to vote on character decisions and outcomes, thus the viewers influenced what happened to the characters. You’d definitely love to be able to do this with some dramas, wouldn’t you? This drama follows the complex chemistry and relationships between three males and three females. This drama is NOT in Mandarin, just FYI.

You cannot believe Netflix on release years. Singaporean drama Through It All was most definitely not aired in 2016. This is a 2006 drama starring Christopher Lee (he looks so young in this!), Li Nan Xing, Jesseca Liu, Apple Hong, Jeanette Aw, Richard Low, Darren Lim, Ye Shi Pin, Jin Yin Ji, and Hong Hui Fang. In this drama, two brothers move to Singapore to start a new life. Of course, we must have a love triangle involving a childhood friend who falls for the oldest brother, but it is the younger brother who likes her.

Moving On is a drama in which the cast is speaking in English. This is an older drama starring actors from both the Philippines and Malaysia. The story follows Melissa Chan, a recent law graduate as she moves from London to Malaysia where she experiences family problems, relationship issues, and professional challenges. I did recognize Ariel Rivera from his brief role in Born for You. A good Filipino drama to check out if you can find it.

Goodnight DJ is a two season drama [2008, 2010] from Malaysia starring Chan Fong, Z-Chen, and Frederick Lee. This is a horror drama in which a scriptwriter with writer’s block heads to a haunted inn for inspiration and ends up being beset by supernatural happenings. In Dancing Angels, a group of aspiring musicians long for stardom while navigating life, love, friendship, and school.

If you are interested in a twisted reality tv show, check out REA(L)OVE in which 18 strangers with dark secrets come together in the hopes of finding love while receiving help from industry love master Tamura Atsushi.


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