New Asian Dramas on Amazon Prime – April 11, 2018

Happy hump day! The work (or school) week is half over, minna-san. I have some new updates to Amazon Prime Asian dramas with English subtitles. I really need to update my YouTube list.

A question…do you prefer synopsis or no synopsis on the Master Lists? Would they be helpful? If I was more database inclined, I could try to whip something up…but I am lazy in certain respects.

Love ramen? Check out Ramen Loving Girl starring Hayami Akari as Koizumi, a mysterious and attractive high school student whose greatest joy is seeking out new ramen restaurants. Antique furniture, a one-minded woman in love, plus Fujiki Naohito? Yes, please. Check out Crazy for Me.

Shinohara Ryoko, Fujiki Naohito

Shinohara Ryoko and Fujiki Naohito in Last Cinderella

Don’t let the poster for Lady Girls fool you as it is for a completely different Japanese drama which I can’t remember the name of offhand. Catch Shinohara Ryoko, Eguchi Yosuke, and Kichise Michiko in this drama which focuses on a 40-year-old career woman who is successful at everything but love. Truthfully…Shinohara is kind of in a rut with these roles. Check out Last Cinderella and you’ll see what I mean. She can be a kick butt strong woman or…a laughably naïve older woman.

Shudder has some gruesome Japanese dramas, i.e. Crow’s Blood. Not free. There’s also an Action channel that has some Asian movies available.

Want some Chinese historical drama? Check out Nothing Gold Can Stay starring Sun Li, Chen Xiao, and He Rundong. Sun Li stars as the brilliant Zhou Ying who is sold to the Shen family, only to run away from her childish master. She finds a place and love in the Wu family and is determined to keep the business going when her husband dies. She is reunited with her old master, but will their love survive political and social changes of the Qing Empire?

Want the full list? Find it here: /lists/asian-dramas-with-english-subtitles-on-amazon-prime/.


  • I love Nothing Gold Can Stay and as I’ve been watching it fan subbed You Tube – yay for Amazon Prime.

  • I have no preference regarding synopsis or not because I wouldn’t want to discourage you from doing these updates. I’m jusy happy you’re doing them.

  • I have seen Ramen Loving Girl and I have seen almost all food dramas. Funny how I rarely talk about them on my blog. Nice post I must say, thanks for the recommendations.

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