Netflix Asian Drama Update – April 2, 2018

Hello fellow drama fans. While this post will be about the few Asian dramas added to Netflix’s streaming library last month and coming up this month, I have to give a few shout outs to DramaFever for picking up William Chan’s Mystic Nine at long last and to Viki for picking up Siege in the Fog starring Wu Xin’s Elvis Han and Sun Yi (coming in 22 days!!!!!!!!!!). Oh…and if you didn’t know, while Viki is not streaming Mystic Nine the series, you can watch the tetrology and see the stories of four central characters. And if you didn’t know, Viki will be adding Yang Mi’s upcoming drama Legend of Fuyao (no release date) as well as the 2017 drama Oh My General starring Sandra Ma and Peter Sheng (no release date). I am excited for Pretty Man with Sierra Li and Dylan Xiong (again, no release date). I am also anxiously awaiting 2015 drama The Last Women Standing starring Eddie Peng and Shu Qi (no release date).

Okay, done digressing.

On April 9, Netflix will be launching its first Filipino television series, AMO, which was originally slated for a run on TV5 last year until Netflix picked it up. It will now begin streaming on April 9th and running on TV5 in the Philippines later this month. This 13-episode drama is directed by Brillante Mendoza and stars Derek Ramsay, Vince Rillon, Allen Dizon, and Felix Roco. The story revolves around a high school who expands his drug business despite the government’s crackdown to the benefit of his cop uncle.

In the Chinese drama department, we have 2017 crime drama Day and Night starring Pan Yue Ming, Liang Yuan, Wang Long Zheng, Sun Le Tian, Ning Xia Hua, and Gao Guo. Pan Yue Ming stars as twin brothers, one a cop the other a carefree man accused of murdering an entire family. Unable to legally investigate his twin’s case, Guan Hong Fong can only act as a consultant to the new detective in charge. He has a big secret, though. His twin brother and he switch identities at night.

The 2016 drama Hey, Kids! stars Jiang Wen Li, Li Xiao Ran, and Guo Xiao Dong. The story focuses on three adult siblings as they face difficult choices balancing careers and family. If you like Eastern remakes of Western television, then Chosen might be for you. This drama stars Blue Lan (Lan Cheng Lung), Deng Jia Jia, and Sam Hayden-Smith. This is based on the drama of the same name from Crackle. This drama revolves around a normal family being forced into a deadly and twisted game.

If you’re into Japanese reality and have been following Terrace House, Netflix is now streaming 2017’s Terrace House: Opening New Doors. This season takes a group of young people to the Karuizawa woods as they pursue their dreams. If you prefer Korean reality, they now have the second season of Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast streaming.

Interested in a short Taiwanese drama? Netflix has both seasons of Wake Up (2015). This drama also stars Huang Jian Wei and Tiffany Hsu. Plus, Lego Li and Summer Meng join the cast in season 2 Never Give Up (2017). Season 1 revolves around Juang Jian Wei taking the blame for a patient dying due to a rare anesthesia complication. He joined forces with insurance agent Chris Wu who discovered the hospital regularly shifts blame onto the employees. In season two, the healthcare system is in shambles and a patient bombs a subway to bring awareness. Dr. Xiao and his colleagues must try to save lives while the hospital tries to use this incident to hike approval ratings.

Looking for movies to take a break from dramas? Check out Legend of the Naga Pearls starring Darren Wang, Zhan Tianai, and Sheng Guansen. A thief teams up with two bickering accomplices to protect a relic and save humankind. Kim Nam Gil, Seol Kyung Gu, and Kim Seol Hyun star in Memoir of a Murder in which a murder suffering from Alzheimers struggles to protect his daughter from her boyfriend whom he believes is a serial killer. A cop-turned-convict stumbles upon a crime syndicate while serving times and joins in on their nightly heists in The Prison starring Kim Rae Won, Lee Kyeong Yeong, and Han Suk Kyu.Lee Min Ho, Kim Yoo Jung

Lee Min Ho (NOT that Lee Min Ho, the younger one from Rooftop Prince and Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child) stars with Zhu Xuan in The Bittersweet where a young courier suspects a doctor may be his long-lost sister. To complicate matters, a serial killer is on the loose.


  • I just wanted to share that Viki has added a fan channel for “The Secret of Three Kingdoms” and is seeking licensing. Here’s the link:

  • Thanks, NeeNee for doing the work so I don’t have to sludge away trying to see what Netflix is up to.

  • I’m happy with the new additions to Netflix. As a long time subscriber, these are making subscribing more worth my while, especially the Chinese/HK and occasional Singaporean dramas. Don’t get me started on the few Turkish additions! I watched Chosen (awesome!). So glad to see Blue Lan once again. I’m on ep 10 of Day and Night. So many secrets going around in that drama but I like it even though this might be my first Pan Yue Ming drama.

    I’m also glad that the K-cable dramas are getting added; though some of my twitter friends aren’t as please as me. Given the contractual agreements that Netflix has signed with some of these video providers, no one seems to be happy even with exclusive contracts. The same that DF and Viki have had over the years. With the addition of Kocowa (used to be OndemandKorea was the problem), I don’t get the issue; its always been there. I guess when you know people in Canada and Japan are getting shows we don’t get to see (add Hulu and Amazon Prime into that mix too), we just don’t understand sometimes.

  • Hello My Twenties/Age of Youth season 2 is now on Netflix finally! 😀

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