Asian Dramas with English Subtitles on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon does include Asian dramas and movies with its VOD and Prime Video options. Who knew? Definitely not me. And, there are English subtitles! Not for everything, mind you. And, of course, some stuff is region-based, which means that not all options are available to everyone. I am not including the dramas available via Amazon’s DramaFever channel or other channels like Shout!, Hiya, etc., which also offer Asian dramas and movies.

Just, remember, if these are available for me and not for you, that I live in the US. Some of these can be found on Viki, DramaFever, and Netflix as well.

Now, remember, this is included with an Amazon Prime Subscription. If you do not have one, I do not know if you would be able to watch, rent, or buy any of these.

Chinese Drama

Empresses in the Palace Director’s Cut [Hou Gong Zhen Huan Zhuan, 2011-12]
An epic tale of love, betrayal, and scandal told form the inside of the imperial harem during the Qing Dynasty. Don’t forget the director’s cut condenses a like 70+ episode drama into only six.

Based on the life of author and actress, Xin Wang, the drama follows a model who was once under the spotlight, but is now buried under a mountain of problems.
Season 1 | Season 2

Hot Girl [Season 1, 2016]
Dilraba Dilmurat stars as a rebellious girl who enrolls in a bodyguard school helmed by Ma Ke. The grueling program helps transform her into a legendary bodyguard.

Love Mr. Right [Love, Just Come/Ai Lai De Gang Hao 2017]
An orphan with a superior sense of smell joins forces with a grandmother diagnosed with dementia to help her dream of producing her son’s perfume come true. Birth secrets, betrayals, and true love abound.

The Queen and the Eunuch: The Pleiades [Cang Qiong Zhi Mao/Sokyu no Subaru, 2010]
An impoverished country youth performs self-castration for reward money to cure his mother. He travels with his friend and little sister to The Forbidden City where he enters the palace as a eunuch and becomes greatly favored by Empress Dowager Ci Xi.

Think Before Marry [Think Before Your Marry/Xiang Ming Bai Le Zai Jie Hun, 2015]
Two strangers become roommates after being betrayed by their partners. When their parents find out, they are forced to marry. They do so without any hesitation only to find out marriage is not as easy as it would seem.

Japanese Variety

Uchimura Summers Second
From Amazon: “Uchimura Teruyoshi and Summers feature guest as MCs to present a haphazard and improvised ‘clamorous, happy-go-lucky variety show.’”

Japanese Drama

The Hours of My Life [Boku no Ita Jikan, 2014]
Miura Haruma stars as a fourth year university student desperately seeking a job. He finally gets work at a furniture store and a girlfriend, only to be diagnosed with ALS which will ultimately kill him. He struggles to overcome adversity and explore what is left of his life.

The Dancing Detective Dekadance [Sennyu Keiji Idol Deka Dance, 2016]
Nakamura Aoi plays a rookie detective who dreams of a life like the hot-blooded crime dramas only to be disappointed when he is assigned to the entertainment division where he ends up undercover as part of an idol group.

Detective vs. Detectives [Tantei no Tantei, 2015]
A woman chooses a career as a private detective to get to the bottom of what happened when her younger sister was killed.

Doctors’ Affairs [Ishitachi no Renai Jijou, 2015]
Saito Takumi stars as a surgeon who balks hospital convention by focusing on the welfare of patients and not the bottom line (aka making money). He falls in love with a senior surgeon and awkwardly pursues her.

Doctor X Surgeon Michiko Daimon [Doctor X: Gekai Daimon Michiko]
Doctor X is a female surgeon who works as a freelancer and battles with hospitals, authority, and more to save her patients’ lives. This series has had 5 seasons, a special, and a spinoff (Doctor Y, I believe).
Season 1 (2012) | Season 2 (2013) | Season 3 (2014) | Season 4 (2016) | Season 5 (2017)

Doctor Y Surgeon Hideki Kaji [Doctor Y: Gekai Kaji Hideki]
The spin-off of the popular Doctor X series follows surgeon Kaji Hideki, the “wizard of laparoscopy,” played by Katsumura Masanobu.
Season 2 (2017)

Galileo [Season 1, 2007]
An awesome jdrama pairing Fukuyama Masaharu (as brilliant physicist nicknamed Galileo) with Shibasaki Kou (a rookie detective). The two join forces and use Galileo’s brilliance to solve crimes no one else can.

The Girl’s Speech [Gakko no Kaidan, 2015]
Haruna Tsubame is a girl flying under the radar in her school until one day she is forced to become student president. She is approached by Shizukui Kei who uses her to speak against the corruption in the school.

I am Reiko Shiratori! [Shiratori Reiko de Gozaimasu!, 2016]
When a young man saves Shiratori Reiko from being bullied, she only has eyes for him. Oddly, though, she rejects him in high school and follows him to college where her pride gets in the way of her feelings. Can they finally have a successful relationship?

Love Relationship [Koinaka, 2015]
When an indecisive man is reunited with his first love who disappeared the summer of their third year of high school, can he finally get the courage to pursue her or will her relationship with another man and the reason behind her disappearance keep them apart?

Massage Detective Joe [Massage Tantei Joe, 2017]
Joe is a masseuse who is also an introvert. His boss forces him to do house calls where he always winds up getting involved in murder cases that he helps solve through…massage?

My Little Nightmare [Akumu-chan, 2012]
A Gackt drama. Yep. Kitagawa Keiko is a teacher with a false smile who is able to influence her own dreams (she has lucid ones). A child transfers to her class who has nightmares that come true. Originally unwilling to help, Kitagawa ends up coming to the aid of her student.

Painless: The Eyes for Signs [Mutsu ~ Mieru Me, 2015]
Nishijima Hidetoshi stars as a doctor who leaves behind hospitals to open his own little clinic. He is gifted with special sight that allows him to see the underlying cause of his patients’ illnesses as well as when someone is about to commit a crime. This has Ito Atsushi (a detective) coming to him for help.

Rainbow Rose [Koisuru maison ~Rainbow Rose~, 2012]
Kang Ji Young’s father runs off with another woman, so her family opens up their house to borders from around the world to make ends meet. Friendships and romance bloom.

Rebound [2011]
Aibu Saki stars as a woman rebounding from svelte to chubby along with her broken heart. She comes to help out a baker with bad eyesight and packs back all the weight she lost when she was rejected. Can she figure out true happiness and love while she struggles with weight and her love of desserts?

Silver and Gold [Gin to Kin, 2017]
Based on a manga of the same name, Silver and Cold follows Morita Tetsuo as he goes from illegal gambling to the seedy underworld of illegal brokerage to overcome Hirai Ginji whom he admires for his bad side and ability to obtain wealth.

Sunshine Sento-Sake [Hiru no Sento Zake, 2016]
Utsumi Takayuki is a 42-year-old salesman who is constantly on the bottom of the sales pyramid who takes joys in ditching his work to go to bath houses followed by bars.

A Taste of Honey [Mitsu no Aji, 2011]
Eikura Nana stars as a young woman whose obsessive first love sends the man, his wife/girlfriend, and the man who crushes on her lives into a tailspin.

Vampire Heaven [2013]
Oomasa Aya and Honda Tsubasa star as two vampires on the run from their world since an evil baron wants Oomasa for his bride. Unfortunately, the two girls fall for the same mortal. What shall become of them? Full recaps here.

Who Killed Daigoro Tokuyama? [Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshitaka?, 2016]
One morning students find the body of their homeroom teacher inside the classroom and hide the body. What is behind this mystery? Who is the murderer?

Korean Drama

Her Style [Geunyeoui Seutail, 2009]
Makeup artist Gong Mi Joo embarks on a quest to find Mr. Right and success in the world of cosmetics.

THE IDOLM@STER.KR [The Idolmaster KR, 2017]
This drama is based on Bandai Namco Entertainment’s The Idolmaster videogame series. 11 girls train hard and compete to become idols.

Momo Salon [2014]
Lizzy from Orange Caramel stars as an up-and-coming hair stylist who opens her own salon only to have it become the mail-holding hub for busy neighbors.

The Mysterious Family [Suspicious Family/Susanghan Gajok, 2012]
Children fight over their father’s inheritance only to find out only one of them is his biological children. Can their family come together?

The Slave Hunters [Chuno, 2010]
Jang Hyuk stars as a man who was born into a good family, but fell from grace and is now a slave hunter, barely seen as better than the slaves they hunt.

Thunder Store [Thunderstruck Stationery/Byeorakmateun Munbangu]
When an old-fashioned stationery store is struck by lightening, a group of six outcast children from Thunder Elementary School become superhero detectives.
Season 1 (2013) | Season 2 (2014)


  • Yes, anyone can pay to watch the Prime movies. They’re available for free if you purchase a Prime membership.

    They also have LOTS of Korean movies and dramas Only ones I can think of right now are Ji Chang Wook’s Fabricated City. Lee Byung Hun in Master, Inside Men, Addicted, Masquerade, Joint Security Area, Memories of the Sword.

    I have a Prime membership but I also have Netflix and if a movie is not available for free (Prime), then I check Netflix first before renting from Amazon.

    • Right, I am just as bad to see if I can watch for free elsewhere before renting videos. I am not putting all the Korean dramas available since most of them require a paid subscription to DramaFever’s Amazon channel, same with the Chinese and Taiwanese dramas. There are way too many movies to list them all, but they have some good ones.

      I was excited to find that you can buy the Kenshin trilogy. With my gigantic movie collection, I am trying to go more digital now.

      • “Kenshin”?

        • Rurouni Kenshin. An anime and manga that’s highly popular in Japan and the US. Sato Takeru stars as our tortured swordsman who carries a reverse blade sword. Don’t really like Takei Emi as his love interest, but she’s not bad.

  • WHAT?!?! I have amazon prime all this time but I didn’t know there were all these asian dramas available to watch. Thank you so much for this

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