Asian Drama Streaming Updates–January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! May you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2018. 2017 was kind of bad for me and mine, so here’s looking to a brighter year ahead!


If you didn’t know, you can catch Princess Agents second male lead’s newest drama Tribes and Empires the Storm of Prophecy. Besides Shawn Dou, there is Huang Xuan (the awesome leading male actor from The Interpreter), Zhou Yi Wei and Xu Lu. A prince escapes his crumbling dynasty only to return to help prevent its fall. You can also check out Nirvana in Fire II…which I have know idea if anyone from the first series makes an appearance in this one (still haven’t watched that drama yet…). This series stars the always on point Huang Xiao Ming, Lui Hao Ran, Tong Liya, and Zhang Hui Wen. The story revolves around a man who proves he isn’t as weak as his enemies thought as he seeks to avenge his family. A third Chinese drama is a remake or revisioning of the popular Korean drama Kill Me Heal Me. While I did watch the kdrama and I do know that there is quite a bit of funny moments…I swear it feels more over the top in the Chinese version, A Seven-Faced Man, which stars Zhang Yi Shan, Cai Wen Jing, Zhang Xiao Qian, and Fan Meng. A medical intern is tasked with treating a man with seven personalities.

In Korean dramas, there are a few short two episode dramas added: Last Minute Romance in which a struggling actor who is a dead ringer for a popular romance actor takes on the role of a boyfriend to a girl who is in the last stages of cancer; Hip Hop Teacher has teachers striving to liven things up by bringing hip hop into the classroom; Somehow 18 features Choi Minho on a journey back to time to discover why the girl who saved him from committing suicide took her own life. Also available is Yoo Seung Ho’s I’m Not a Robot in which he stars as a man with a severe allergic reaction to the touch of other humans who becomes intrigued by a female robot.


I removed all links to expired dramas as it looks like Netflix has permanently removed their URLs. I am guessing this is a pretty good sign that the dramas will not be returning any time soon to their streaming library. Also gone again are Korean dramas Boys Over Flowers/Boys Before Flowers, IRIS, Love Rain, and Lucid Dream/Snow Lotus. The good news is that you can still watch these shows on other legal streaming sites at least. I have now added alternate links where you can legally stream the unavailable dramas in the US, so check out the updated page.


Lots of new Korean dramas have landed on Viki. Unfortunately, some do require the upgraded pass while some include the normal Viki pass. In Oh, the Mysterious, a young man spends his youth in prison after reporting a murder due to negligence of the police, prosecution, and the justice system in general. He strives to show that life can get better despite what happened. After playing a shy boss, Yeon Woo Jin comes back in a law drama which also stars Park Eun Bin, Dong Ha, and Hae Ryung. Judge vs. Judge takes you into the court system and the pressures and competitions between judges. Keeping in the vein of law and crime, we have Two Cops starring Kim Seon Ho, Im Se Mi, Jo Jong Suk, and Hyeri of Girls Day. Jo is a justice-loving detective who is forced to share his body with a swindler. These two opposing personalities and a female reporter join together to hilariously solve crimes.

I am sooooo confused by the plot descriptions of Black knight combined with the trailers I’ve seen. It looks like a wicked and complicated drama and I’m not even going to touch on the plot. As you might be able to tell…I haven’t watched a lot of currently airing dramas in a long time. The drama stars Kim Rae Won, Jang Mi Hee, Shin Se Kyung, and Seo Ji Hye. Viki is also streaming I Am Not A Robot. To keep in the vein of weirdness, we have Hwayugi starring Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Oh Yeon Seo, and Lee Hong Ki. Oh plays a real estate CEO with the ability to exorcise demons from bad luck properties…what the what?

Jini Goo, Jung Eun Ji, Kim Sung Kyun, and Go Jun Hee star in Untouchable about the children of the powerful Jang family. One son follows in the footsteps of the corrupted father while another decides to take a nobler route and becomes a detective and will stop at nothing to expose the truth, even if it hurts his family, to catch his wife’s killer. Woohoo to Junho (of 2PM) getting a starring role in a drama! He leads Just Between Lovers along with Woo Jin Ah, Lee Ki Woo, and Kang Han Na. Three young people were affected by the collapse of a shopping mall that killed 48 people. They come together ten years later and try to overcome the tragedies of their past.

Jang Hyuk has been doing heavy duty dramas since taking a turn of romantic comedy/light melodrama in Fated to Love You. He is back on the small screen with Money Flower which also stars Lee Mi Sook (one of the best middle-aged actresses you will see…she does evil so well), Park Se Young and Jang Seung Jo. If you can’t tell…the drama is about money ruling people and how it makes them crazy. Yeon Jung Hoon, Do Ji Won (another of my favorite middle-aged actresses), Hyn Woo, and Jung Yoo Mi star in Bravo My Life about people who aspire to achieve their dreams no matter what—even if it means learning to confront your fears and pains.

We get another workplace drama with Jugglers starring Baek Jin Hee, Daniel Choi, Kang Hye Jung, and Lee Won Geun. The drama focuses on the difficult lives of secretaries dealing with stubborn, non-cooperative bosses.

In Taiwanese dramas, Viki has added See You in Time which stars Hans Chung as a renowned cyclist who returns home to Taiwan to rebuild his grandfather’s cycling team only to fall in love with a woman he constantly bickers with while receiving messages on his cell about a love-hate relationship spanning 15 years. Ruby Lin in a Taiwanese drama? Yes, please. She’s been in more Chinese dramas (especially historical ones) of late. She stars with Archie Kao and Derek Chang in My Dear Boy. Ruby is in a five-year relationship with her boss and despite the complacency and neglect, she is afraid to make a change that can affect her job. When a younger man comes into her life, can he give her the courage she needs? Lawrence Liu, Peace Yang, Yen Tsao, and Amanda Chou star in Lion Pride which focuses on teachers with very different view points on life and teaching. A crime forces them together to get to the bottom of what happened.

In Chinese dramas, Viki is also streaming A Seven-Faced Man and Nirvana in Fire 2. Deng Jia Jia and Lei Jia Yin star in I Am Not an Elite. In typical drama fashion, we have a wealthy man dating a woman of lesser means only to have an overbearing mother disapprove while forcing him to date more suitable women while the poor girl works to prove her worth. Sigh.

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