Christmas Countdown 2017 Day 7 – Yoga Lin “Freedom”

It is Christmas Eve and I am spending the day celebrating Christmas with my sister’s family, papa, and my paternal aunt and uncle. What gift shall I give to you today? Another ballad? Yes, ballads are traditionally sad songs, but they really are so beautiful, aren’t they?

Yoga Lin in a Taiwanese artist that I really enjoy to the point I believe I have nearly all of his albums. I have been remiss in checking out new work that’s been coming out in the past year or two. Because I don’t even keep track of US audition programs, I had no idea that Yoga’s career launched thanks to him winning the first season of Taiwan’s One Million Star which saw him signing with HIM International Music. And, unless it has changed, his record for perfect scores on that show was never beaten.

One reason I love Yoga is his versatility. From pop to rock to ballads, he can do it all and do it well. I highly recommend checking out more albums and songs by Yoga. 想自由 [Freedom] was released on Yoga Lin’s 2012 album 美妙生活 [Perfect Life].

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