Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates–October 16, 2017

Happy Monday, minna-san. I know it has been almost a month, but at last here are the latest streaming updates for DramaFever, Netflix, Viki, etc. And…a new recap for Legal Mavericks is coming! Not tonight, because there’s too many streaming updates to catch up on, but soon.


Just added is the first episode of Jang Na Ra’s latest drama Go Back Couple. In this drama, a couple gets a second chance to go back in time and change things. Will they save their relationship or completely change their future? This drama also stars Son Jo Hun, Lee Byung Joon, and Kim Mi Kyung.

You can know catch Jung Yong Hwa’s latest drama Package. Lee Yeon Hee is a tour guide who must lead a group of 8 individuals with distinct personalities and different reasons for travelling from South Korea to France. Can this trip be successful? Also starring Choi Woo Shik, Yoon Park, and Ryu Seung Soo.

Did you forget SuJu’s Choi Si Won has successfully completed his mandatory military duty? No? Eagerly awaiting his comeback? Catch it on DramaFever. New episodes are available Saturday and Sunday. Revolutionary Love also stars Kang So Ra, Gong Myung, and Lee Jae Yoon. Si Won plays a rich man who gives up his comfortable life and surroundings to woo a woman from a humble background struggling to make ends meet. He is naïve an inexperienced. Can this bumbling heir win her over?

Since seeing the trailers last year, I have wanted to watch Chinese drama Memory Lost. This is one heckuva complicated drama. Plots within plots. Multiple memory losses, love triangles, and much more. The first 6 out of 36 episodes are available. This stars Yang Rong, Zhao Yi Qin, Bai Yu, and Zhang Yi Jie.


Hulu has added ABC’s spin on South Korean drama Good Doctor. It is called…The Good Doctor. Previews I have watched did show the opening scenes and they seemed very similar to the original, so I do wonder how this will go. I’ve heard back things about the remake of God’s Gift 14 Days. If you don’t know the original plot, a young man with savant syndrome struggles to become a doctor. He’s smart, he has the physical skills, but does he have what it takes to deal with interpersonal relationships and hospital politics?

Like anime? Hulu has added Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, about a young woman whose touch melts objects who joins forces with Lupin to discover the truth behind her powers and missing memories; Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond, the second season continues its adventure in the chaotic city of Hellsalem’s Lot where Leo and crew will go to the sky and beyond to protect the peace; Dies Irae, about Fujii Ren who breaks up with his best friend and becomes embroiled in a terrifying murder mystery where the victims are all decapitated; Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World – The Animated Series, about a woman who travels with only her guns and a talking motorcycle to learn about all the different places and their customs—the only caveat is she cannot stay more than three days.


They are also streaming Jang Na Ra’s Go Back Couple. You can catch Yoo Ji Tae, Ryu Hwa Young, and Woo Do Hwan in thriller Mad Dog which focuses on the realities behind insurance crimes. Mad Dog is a private investigator team that reveals fraud cases. Witch’s Court stars the totally awesome Yoon Hyun Min, Jung Ryeo Won, Jeon Kwang Ryeol, and Kim Yeo Jin. An accident leads unstoppable Prosecutor Ma Yi Deum to be transferred to a new division focusing on sex crimes. Can she and prosecutor Yeo Jin Wook get over their dislike of each other to solve cases and find justice for the victims?

20th Century Boy and Girl focuses on the romance and friendship of women in their mid-thirties. They do not live glamorous and successful lives as seen in movies and dramas. This drama stars Kim Ji Suk (is he finally a male lead that gets the girl?), Han Ye Seul, Lee Song Woo, Ryu Hyeon Kyeong, Lee Sang Hee, An Se Ha, and Oh Sang Jin.


Tons of Asian movie updates…most of them South Korean.

Kaneshiro Takeshi and Zhou Dongyu star in a movie, This is Not What I Expected, where a perpetually dissatisfied hotel exec finally encounters the perfect meal and the sous chef who made it. This romance and cuisine mash up also features Sun Yizhou, Ming Xi, and Tony Yang. In Korean movie Luck-Key, a no-name actor switches locker keys and lives with an amnesiac hitman. The movie stars Yoo Hae Jin, Lee Joon, Jo Yun Hie, Lim Ji Yeon, and Jeon Hye Bin. The Mayor is another South Korean movie starring Choi Min Sik, Kwak Do Won, Shim Eun Kyung, Moon So Ri, and Ra Mi Ran. We follow the incumbent mayor of Seoul who runs for an unprecedented third time with the ultimate goal of becoming president in mind. He will do nothing to keep his secrets buried in the past. While investigating a murder, a detective investigates a sales manager’s colleagues and learns they may all be hiding something. Office is a South Korean movie starring Ko Ah Sung, Park Sung Woong, Bae Seong Woo, and Kim Eui Sung.

In Big Bang, a model citizen’s petty crime soon becomes a felony when he runs from the police station dragging a career criminal with him. This 2007 film stars Kam Woo Seong, Kim Su Ro, Kang Seong Jin, and Moon Jeong Hee. Did you know they did a Hong Kong edition of South Korean film series My Wife is a Gangster? Neither did I! In My Wife is a Gangster 3: HK Edition, a wrongfully accused daughter of a triad boss flees to South Korea and winds up under the protection of a bumbling gangster. The film stars Qi Shu, Lee Bum Soo, Hyun Young, Oh Ji Ho, and Choi Min Soo. Kwon Sang Woo, Yu Ji Tae, Son Byung Ho, Lee Joo Shil, and Kang Sung Jin, star in 2006 movie Running Wild in which a by-the-book prosecutor must team with a rule-breaking detective to bring down a powerful gangster with very deadly connections.

To help her single mother buy a home, a young girl decides to steal a wealthy woman’s dog in hopes of landing a big reward in How to Steal a Dog. This 2014 South Korean film stars Kim Hye Ja, Lee Re, Kang Hye Jung, Choi Min Soo, and Lee Cheon Hee. For a more adult comedy, check out Bank Attack in which a man desperate for money to help save his sick daughter’s life decides to rob a bank on the same day as a real burglar and safecracker. This 2007 movie stars Baek Yun Shik, Lee Moon Sik, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Hyo Jun, and Woo Hyun. Talk about some bad luck coincidences there. When a full-time house husband blows his family’s savings in an investment scam, he enters a quiz show about housekeeping to earn the money back in Mr. Housewife. This 2005 film stars Han Suk Kyu, Shin Eun Kyung, Kong Hyeong Jin, and Kim Su Mi.

Underground Rendezvous stars Lim Chang Jung, Park Jin Hee, Lim Hyeon Shik, and Lee Han Wi. An aspiring teacher goes to a small town after a series of disasters in the big city where he falls for a woman of mysterious origin. A barber and his family get entangled in the political chaos that gripped later 1900s South Korea in The President’s Barber starring Song Kang Ho, Moon So Ri, Lee Jae Eung, Jo Yeong Jin, and Son Byung Ho. In Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned, a girl is approached by a grown man claiming to be one of her missing friends only days after they disappeared during a trip to a mysterious cave. This 2016 film stars Kang Dong Won, Sin Eun Soo, Lee Hyo Je, and Kim Hee Won.

In 2014 film Cart, workers at a big retail store begin a protest in response to the sudden dismal of staff and their employer’s oppressive labor policies. This movie stars Yum Jung Ah, Moon Jeong Hee, Kim Young Ae, and Kim Kang Woo. After a prosecutor is wrongly convicted of murder and imprisoned, he helps get a fellow inmate out of jail to catch the real culprit in A Violent Prosecutor. This 2016 South Korean film stars Hwang Jung Min, Kang Dong Won, Lee Sung Min, and Park Sung Woong. In Sunny, a woman hopes to reunite with her husband who left for the Vietnam war without telling her by joining a travelling band as the lead singer. This film stars Soo Ae, Jung Jin Young, Jung Kyung Ho (check out his lustrous locks!), Joo Jin Mo, and Sin Hyeon Tak.

The Scam sees a self-taught investor recruited into a stock market heist team only to be tangled in a web of backstabbing scams. This 2009 film stars Park Yong Ha, Kim Min Jung, Park Hee Soon, and Kim Moo Yeol. 26 years have passed since the 1980 massacre at Gwangju. Three relatives of the victims band together to get revenge on the infamous organizer. 26 Years stars Jin Goo, Bae Soo Bin, Han Hye Jin, Im Seul Ong, and Lee Kyeong Yeong. Catch Lee Byung Hyun, Cho Seung Woo, Baek Yun Shik, and Lee Kyeong Yeong in 2015 film Inside Men where a gangster seeks revenge on the politician and tycoon he once worked for. 2015 film The Throne (starring Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In) recounts a true historical event of a crown prince who was locked in a rice chest and left to die by order of the king. Park Yong Woo, Namgoong Min, Wang Ji Hye, and Lee Ki Young star in Beautiful Sunday about a police detective who colludes with a drug gang in order to pay his wife’s hospital bills.

In Forever the Moment, we follow the the rough and tumble journey of the Korean women’s handball team to the 2004 Summer Olympics. This film is based on a true story and stars Moon So Ri, Kim Jeong Eun, Um Tae Woong, Kim Ji Yeong, and Jo Eun Ji. A cynical young boy gets to know his father’s latest girlfriend and begins to hope that this new relationship actually works out in My 11th Mother starring Kim Hye Su, Kim Young Chan, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Hwang Jung Min. A college student is open and honest to her mother about sex and relationships, but her mother doesn’t necessarily reciprocate her daughter’s veracity. Happy Together is a 2008 South Korean film starring Kim Chung, Jeong Seung Ho, Jo Yoon Hee, and Kim Dong Wook.

In the drama department, Netflix has added Yoon Sang Hyun’s My Horrible Boss (aka Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi). This drama stars Lee Yo Won as a young team leader in the cosmetics industry who has already been divorced three times. She doesn’t care what people think of her and has quite the temper. Yoon Sang Hyun is a timid man who works as a section chief in the same cosmetics company. Can these two opposites get along? A thriving scriptwriter is diagnosed with terminal cancer while being reunited with her first love—a third-rate actor popular only for his looks in Fantastic. This 2016 drama stars Kim Hyun Joo, Joo Sang Wook, Park Si Yeon, Ji Su, and Kim Tae Hoon.

Yoon Si YoonAgain, I wonder on English titles for Asian dramas. Where the heck does Secret Healer come from when the literal title and one you see all over for Yoon Si Yoon’s and Kim Sae Ron’s 2016 drama is Mirror of the Witch? Si Yoon stars as a scholar who accidentally meets a cursed princess and tries to lift the black magic that ensnares her. Depressing ending alert for this drama. In Auntie Duohe (based on a Chinese novel of the same name), a Japanese girl stays to live with a traditional family in China during the wake of the second Sino-Japanese War. The drama stars Sun Li, Jiang Wu, Yan Xuejing, Sa Rina, and Du Yuan.

Solomon’s Perjury sees high school students take the matter of justice into their own hands when a classmate is found dead. This drama stars Kim Hyeon Soo, Jang Dong Yoon, Seo Ji Hoon, and Seo Yeong Ju. Liu Shi Shi, aka Cecilia Liu, is a queen of historical Chinese dramas. You can check out her first modern romance Precious Youth which also stars the popular Zheng Kai (Ryan Zheng), Zhong Dan Ni, Liu Dong Qin, and Li Hao Xuan. The drama follows academically motivated Liu Ting [Liu Shi Shi] and the problematic yet passionate Xiao Xiaojun [Zheng Kai] from 1997 to present days.

I have been meaning to watch Singaporean drama Sudden for a few years now. Maybe I finally will. This drama stars Rui En, Romeo Tan, Rebecca Lim, and Zhang Zhenhuan as four lawyers who try to rebuild their shattered lives after a car accident. Find Rui En again in The Dream Catchers which also stars Tay Ping Hui, Jesseca Liu, Shaun Chen, and Elvin Ng (he is such a great actor, I love him…he’s one of the only reasons to watch the god awful Breakout). In this drama, four engineers from different walks of life cross paths in the pursuit of their dream to make the world a better place (and finding love, of course).

Mediacorp’s Malaysian drama Justice in the City is also available. This drama stars Chris Tong, Shaun Chen, Emily Lim, Remus Kam, and Zhang Shui Fa. Two lawyers on opposite sides of civil cases fall in love outside the courtroom, but circumstances hinder their blossoming romance. The Beat is another Malaysian drama starring Henley Hii, Yise Loo, Aric Ho, Tiffany Leong, and Issac Dang. This drama follows two childhood friends (one a talented dancer and the other an aspiring singer) whose dreams lead them to a drumming group of 20-somethings. In Laws stars Kelvin Leong, Remon Lim, Loo Aye Keng, and Lawrence Wong. This drama explores the clash between traditional and modern households as two bickering matriarch’s are forced to make peace when their children fall in love.

Zoe Tay, Tay Ping Hui, Ann Kok, Desmond Sim,  Tiffany Leong, and Yao Wenlong star in La Femme which follows the lives of three women with distinct traits and personalities: a marriage averse entrepreneur, a housewife coping with infidelity, and a career woman who leaves her spouse. Laws of Attraction follows the lives of four couples—a speed dating pair, a husband and wife, a man living with an older woman, and co-workers with opposite views. This Malaysian drama stars Wayne Chua, Frederick Lee, Steve Yap, Tiffany Leong, and Aenie Wong.

Another mini drama from Taiwan’s Q Series is now available. What She Put on the Table is a 6-episode series which follows a rich woman and poor woman as they cross paths in 1950s Taiwan. The drama stars Amber An, Sun Ke Fang, Chang Yao Jen, and Wang Man Chiao. Catch Taiwanese actor Peter Ho as he woos Victoria from f(x) in Chinese drama Beautiful Secret about the secret, lost, amnesiac daughter of a famous singer who works hard for her adopted family without thinking about herself and her own dreams.

If you like anime movies, check out Miss Hokusai with the voice talents of Watanabe Anne, Matsushige Yutaka, Hamada Gaku, Kora Kengo, and Miho Jun. This show focuses on talented artist O-Ei who works with her father Tetsuzo (later known as Hokusai) on the woodblock prints that would make Edo famous worldwide. In anime series, find Netflix original ID-0 following Mikuri Maya who is thrown into an adventure while conducting a field exercise operating I-Machines. A fan of Beyblade? Beyblade Burst, which follows Valt Aoi as he strives to become the world’s number one blader, is now available.


Viki has also added KOCOWA titles Go Back Couple, Mad Dog, Witch’s Court, and 20th Century Boy and Girl. As these are KOCOWA titles, this means you need to be a Viki Pass Plus subscriber in order to watch these.

Also added is Lee Min Ki’s and Jung So Min’s Because This Is My First Life. This drama is not one that requires the Plus subscription, so good news there. Min Ki has purchased his own home, but his mortgage eats up all of his income while So Min barely makes enough money to get by and has given up on dating. These two become housemates. What hijinks will ensue? Can they overcome their financial burdens together?

I had not watched the first series all the way through (on my list of things to do someday), and here we have a season two already! Catch Feng Shao Feng and Bea Hayden in The Starry Night, The Starry Sea season two. This is not a continuation of the first season, but a prequel as it takes place before the events in season one. Bea is a young woman living in the Tang Dynasty who disguises herself as a man to break into the male-only ship-building industry. Meanwhile, Feng returns as a merman who has come ashore with a mission of his own. When these two fall in love can their relationship survive the pressures from two different worlds?

The awesome Zhang Han dons a thin mustache to play Gu Yan Mei, the youngest of four brothers who seek to break into the film industry in 1930s Shanghai in Chinese drama The Legendary Tycoon. When war breaks out, they move their company to Hong Kong where Yan Mei grows it to be the leading film production company earning him the name “Czar of Asian Movies.” Of course, this drama not only focuses on successful career, but his philanthropy and love for three women. This drama is based on the life of real-life mogul Run Run Shaw. This drama also stars Jia Qing, Joe Chen, Song Yi, and Kevin Tan.

sign posterNon-simulcast dramas added recently include Sign which is a forensic drama starring Park Shin Yang, Uhn Ji Won, Jun Kwang Ryul, and Kim Ah Joong; My Sweet City (aka My Sweet Seoul, I believe) stars Choi Kang Hee, Lee Sun Gyun, Ji Hyun Woo, and Moon Jung Hee and follows a woman as she is torn between a man of similar age and a younger gentleman; Bad Couple (starring Ryu Soo Young, Shin Eun Kyung, Byun Jung Soo, and Choi Jung Yoon) which follows a marriage-averse woman who falls for the man she chose to be her baby’s father; Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung stars Oh Ji Ho and Uhn Jung Hwa as a hot guy who was once ugly and a hot girl who is now ugly who meet 8 years later. These titles are KOCOWA titles and require the Pass Plus.

Ghost Messenger, an animated Korean tale about ghost messengers who use shape-shifting cell phones to maintain order and go after bad guys; Close My Eyes stars Baro, Seol In Ah, and Jo Young Jin and is about a blind street performer whose ordinary life takes a dark twist when people around him begin disappearing—including the high school girl who has a crush on him; Lulu’s Diary is an animated series from Taiwan and it is based on the popular drama Drunken to Love You; Drunken to Love You is available, but there are currently no subtitles as of yet, this drama stars Rainie Yang, Joseph Chang, Tiffany Hsu, and Kingone Wang and follows a couple who come together for a drunken one night stand after their respective marriage proposals both fail.

Viki original Melo Holic starring Jung Yunho and Kyung Soo Jin will begin airing in November (on the 6th give or take)! Mark your calendars. Yunho is a man who can read people’s true thoughts by touching them causing him to be mistrustful and wary of people. Then he meets Soo Jin who is unlike any other woman he’s met before…plus she carries two very different personalities! What will happen to this couple? Coming in only four days, we have Bravo My Life which stars Hyun Woo, Jung Yoo Mi, Park sang Min, Do Ji Won, Yeon Jung Hoon, an Kang Ji Sub. This is a drama of PDs and actors. We follow a haughty PD, an assistant director who is still waiting to catch a big break, and an actor who has not debuted after seven years.

There is not much information on this drama beyond one line: “The story of love and war between a group of housemates.” SET TV’s Home Sweet Home stars Sun Yorke, Esther Yang, JR Chien, and Vivi Lee. It will begin airing on October 24 and should be streaming on Viki around the same time. This will be a looong drama. Right now it is said it will have like 62 episodes (according to the Soompi thread). Viki has a few fully subbed trailers if you want to figure out more of the plot.

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