Devil Lover Episode 6 Recap

Jealousy and friendly warnings abound! Pie takes an instant disliking to Miss Momoko and her closeness to Sora while Kirin tries to expose Kevin’s true nature as a warning to Pie to not get too close to the Lothario. Momoko is torn between her feelings for Sora and her duty to khun Soji while Sora begins to experience symptoms while using his powers.

Pie is freaked out and makes Sora sit outside the bathroom while she does a number two. Sora suffers through the stench while Pie warns him he cannot leave and also cannot come in. Why would anyone want to walk in on someone taking a dump? How long will she be taking? Later, the two sit out on the sofa and Pie demands to know what Sora will do to protect her from the ghost and she is not feeling secure when he is noncommittal. Finally he says he will do whatever the ghost asks of him to protect himself and Pie, plus he will cover her eyes so it will be dark and she will not be able to see the ghost. Pie flips out when her phone starts vibrating. See? It’s the ghost! Sora tells her to answer her phone. Is it about his mom? No, it’s Pie’s mom stressing that Pie must give Kevin a chance. Pie promises and also tells her mother that she is doing this on her own volition, not because this is what her parents want.

Sora tucks Pie into bed after a long time of staring at each other. Sora is to guard outside her door. Sora promises. During the night he has another nightmare and Pie wakes up and walks out to see a blanket floating that Sora was trying to cover himself with. Freaking out, Pie grabs Sora and pulls him into her bed under the covers. She keeps her eyes squished tightly closed while keeping Sora pulled up close. The boy is not unaffected by the proximity of his pretty friend and he recalls Pie’s words about attraction and love and you can tell he’s feeling some of that attraction right now. Sora does his best for Pie, though. He reaches his hand up and lightly taps her cheek and tells her it is ok.

The next morning, Pie wakes up happy in Sora’s arms until she hears his loud snoring. She then gets a phone call that excites her. She wakes Sora up and tells him to hurry and get washed and dressed as she has gotten a phone call from someone who saw his parents. Sora falls out of the bed in his haste and excitement, but this soon wans once they reach the meeting place. It’s out with nothing around and Sora’s Spidey senses are tingling. He wants to leave, but Pie doesn’t want to until they meet his parents. Unfortunately, Sora was right. His “parents” are two men who called Pie’s number to lure her out to rob her. Sora goes to protect Pie, but she won’t allow it as he is not able to. Pie then tries, but is no match. Sora stays back and uses his powers to strengthen Pie’s hits and to help her move and keep the men from seriously hurting her.

Unfortunately for Sora, this is too much of a strain on him and he practically collapses. Momoko runs from her hiding place (she watched the entire fight) and helps Sora into the car and tells Pie to get in. They head back to the apartment and the flustered Pie wonders why they don’t take the unconscious Sora to the hospital. Because the doctors won’t be able to help Sora. How does Momoko know? Pie doesn’t like how close Momoko is making herself to be to Sora. She even grabs Momoko by the hair when she leans close to Sora. Pie announces she can do CPR herself. Momoko asserts she was just listening to Sora’s heart. Now what? Does Pie have chocolate? Momoko wants to eat now with Sora in that condition? No. Momoko makes Sora some hot chocolate and he wakes up and perks right up. Now that Sora is better, Pie sends Momoko packing as she doesn’t like the other girl acting like Sora’s girlfriend. Once Momoko is gone, Pie promises Sora that she will find some way to find his parents for him.

Kirin, in order to help his good friend, brings out the ghost-fighting arsenal. He’s got a talisman, Bhudda statues, and some foul smelling liquid that it supposed to combat female ghosts. He has an MV shoot the next day and Pie asks if she can bring Sora along since she’s not busy and it will distract him from the disappointment from that day. Kirin is a good friend. Even if Pie doesn’t know what to do just yet about finding Sora’s parents, Kirin is confident that she can take her time and find a solution.

Unfortunately for Kirin…and the entire staff…the MV shoot is not going smoothly thanks to the leading lady named May. She is one of Kevin’s women and no one goes against her because of Kevin. This woman has a totally awful attitude, but while the director did complain to her about her poor performance and work attitude, he buttons right up when Kevin enters the picture. Sora and Pie arrive. Sora plays around with the scenery while Pie talks with Kirin. Her bestie bemoans the awful May. Kevin then comes over and Pie steps in to stand up for Kirin who tries to shut her up. Kevin, surprisingly, agrees to replace May—with Pie. Kirin is quick to agree to this and just like that Pie becomes the lead in Kirin’s MV. Kevin, being the dog he is, sends May away saying he doesn’t want her making her debut in an unimportant MV. He will get her into dramas and movies that he will start producing with his company.

While Kevin is with May, Kirin tries to warn Pie about Kevin’s lousy reputation and how Kevin switching out May with Pie means Kevin is trying to do something. Pie doesn’t get what Kirin is saying, but her friend doesn’t get to finish his warning as Kevin has come back and gets Pie sent off to do wardrobe and makeup.

Sora goes off as he senses Momoko tailing him. He confronts her and she lies and says she is only following him because she wants him to be her friend. Interestingly enough, Sora doesn’t care about the stalking since he would willingly be her friend if she only asked. Sheesh. Sorry…I’m not sure how that would translate well in real life. Stalking? Anyways. Momoko gives him chocolate laced with drugs and takes him back to her place. Only she cannot give in to khun Soji and bring Sora back until he finds his mother as he calls out for her while he sleeps. Momoko pretends she has escaped and gets a tongue lashing from her boss.

How does Momoko plan to help Sora? She gets a job as Kevin’s personal secretary. He implies he wants her to be more than that, but Momoko won’t take the bait. Sora and Pie return the next day to film for the MV. Pie does well, but since she is so close to Kirin, she has problems keeping a straight face during some scenes. This makes her feel bad. Around lunchtime, Kirin and Sora try to cheer up Pie, but Kirin soon forgets this when he sees Momoko. He immediately invites her to lunch, but Momoko doesn’t want rumors to start. So Kirin invites Sora who refuses to go unless Pie goes. Pie refuses until Kirin plays his best friend card.

The two girls sit awkwardly in Kirin’s car together while the boys are in the bathroom. Sora promises to help Kirin win Momoko’s heart and he’s already did research on what she likes for him. Kirin grabs him in a giant bear hug, freaking Sora out. He tells Kirin to never do that again and stay at least one meter away. This might harken back to Kirin trying to “seduce” him to figure out if Sora is straight or gay in a past episode.

We get to see khun Soji sweating a bit as a man he must answer to is asking for updates on the Sora situation. Soji wants more time. I have a feeling that this man might have something to do with a sword-wielding Japanese girl with a penchant for school uniforms later in the series.

Momoko stole a kiss while Sora was under, too. Not on the lips, obviously. She can’t bring herself to reveal her real identity, but her helping Sora like this now won’t make up for the fact that she is on the side of the man who kept him from his parents for a long time.

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