Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates–September 25, 2017

Happy Monday! Friday had work keeping me busy and I wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, but Sunday I started writing recaps for Princess Agents, Devil Lover, and Mars Taiwan. Those are pretty much finished, and I’m getting ready to work on Legal Mavericks. Woohoo. Here’s to trying to get on a regular schedule and keep it like promised. Moving on. Check out the latest Asian dramas and movies streaming with English subtitles.

A brief note before we begin… I am sure it has to do with how much Viki must payout to license things now that the big three Korean media companies have banded together to form KOCOWA that they have introduced their new subscription model. Pass subscribers did (and still do) get to have access to certain drama episodes and movies first before free users and now they have introduced Pass Plus in order to gain access to some of the more popular newer Korean dramas from SBS, MBC, and KBS. I know it is disappointing, but this is happening more and more frequently than you may think and not just with streaming entertainment. This is happening with software where you could purchase once and have a lifetime license. Now this model is being moved away from in favor of yearly subscriptions with different tiers offering different things. It isn’t great in many ways, but there is nothing to really be done about it.

So…please do not go on Viki and negatively rate dramas just because you cannot access them and leave a bunch of angry comments to that effect. That is like reviewing an item on Amazon or a company’s website, but not actually reviewing the item honestly. Yes, shipping, and other things are important factors for others to know about, but sometimes, I just want to hear about the product. Not an unrelated rant or tirade. Okay…this note is too long now. Sorry. On to the updates.


At long last, it has arrived, minna-san! Kai (from EXO) can now be watched in his drama Andante. This drama also stars Lee Ye Hyun, Baek Chul Min, and Kim Ki Soo. Kai plays an anti-social high school student who is renowned for his computer prowess. He has a sister who loves to cosplay and is always ready to fight with him. When he moves to the countryside, his computer skills are no longer important and he is forced to interact with others. Can he slowly mature?

Catch Kris Wu, Han Geng, and Joo Won in the feature film Sweet Sixteen in which an unstable teen avenges the girl he loves after she was violently assaulted. The schedule shows this movie as being released on Friday, September 29th, but I can already watch it and I don’t know if that’s because I have a premium account or not. So if you can’t access it yet, that might be the case.


I think you can access these dramas and variety shows currently through either DramaFever and Viki as well now. But here is a list of the latest to hit this new platform. Love Temperature (aka Temperature of Love) stars Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Jo Bo Ah, and Kim Jae Wook. Seo Hyun Jin is an aspiring drama writer who meets and slowly falls for a chef played by Yang Se Jong. Can these two take a virtual relationship and make it work in the real world? Girls’ Generation 1979 takes place in 1970s Daegu and follows the journey of a group of high school friends. This drama stars Bona, Chae Seo Jin, Seo Young Joo. Lee Jong Hyun, Yeo Hoi Hyeon, and Min Do Hee and is based on a novel by Kim Yong Hee.

In Man Who Sets the Table, a woman runs away from her strict father only to meet a man whose YOLO motto drastically changes her life. Another synopsis talks about the changing of families in South Korea and how one middle aged man struggles to keep his together. In My Golden Life, a young woman struggles to climb the ladder of success and break through the glass ceiling separating people via the ranks they were born into. If you’re into android stories, check out Borg Mom in which a man creates a cyborg mother for his son after his wife passes away.

And coming soon, you will be able to watch Bae Suzy’s and Lee Jong Suk’s While You Were Sleeping in which a woman who has premonitions in her sleep joins forces with an up-and-coming prosecutor to prevent them from happening.


No, I did not skip Netflix…they actually have nothing new right now to my knowledge.

Viki has added Chinese drama Dear Prince which stars Zhang Yu Xi, Run Chen, and Melvin Sia. Zhang is a girl with a social phobia of speaking in front of crowds who is being pressured to become a professor like her deceased father. She is infatuated with an idol played by Run. When she goes to Japan for Run’s concert, she unwittingly becomes a temporary assistant to Melvin who is determined to make her fall for him and who views Run as a traitor. When Melvin gets into a car accident, his spirit ends up being able to take over Zhang’s body. What hijinks will ensue?

Lee Je Hoon’s Anarchist from Colony is now streaming with English subtitles. Lee plays a revolutionary activist during the Japanese occupation of Korea. He has a Japanese love (played by Choi Hee Soo). To divert the public’s attention from a massacre, Lee faces the trial of the century for his defiance. If you’re a giant Kpop fan and love BTS, their comeback show is available now.


Yes, I need to do better on updates for YouTube channels. Again, it is hard.

KBS World TV has just started streaming The Secret of My Love (literal title is My Man’s Secret). This daily stars Song Chang Ui (playing dual roles?), Kang Se Jung, Kim Da Hyun, and Park Jung Ah. The KBS World TV doesn’t offer a coherent drama synopsis. Song Chang Ui plays a set of twins that don’t know each other exists? The trailers make things look very melodramatic and complicated and it looks like Song’s characters lives will end up getting switched. You can also watch My Golden Life, too.

GDH is now streaming the third installment of Project S The Series with English subtitles. This third series is called SOS Skate. We have a high schooler facing enormous pressure and even commits self harm until he discovers the world of skateboarding and it becomes an outlet for him. GMM TV is streaming Secret Seven and My Dear Loser with English subtitles. It looks like My Dear Loser will be like U-PRINCE with several mini-dramas. Currently Edge of 17 is available with English subtitles and Monster Romance will be coming soon.

Croton MEGA Hit Official Channel has the first episode of Nicky Wu’s My Ruby Blood available…and that is it…with English subtitles. YoYo Television Series Exclusive has added the first 10 episodes of Chinese teen drama The Big Boss starring Huang Jun Jie and Li Kai Xin with English subtitles. Ye Mu Qi is a smart girl who is always first in school, but no one knows she is the boss of the streets. When she is reunited with a childhood friend an odd love story blossoms.

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