Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates–September 18, 2017

Happy Monday! I think I am back (unless this throat tickle turns into an evil cold…but let’s keep fingers crossed that doesn’t happen). Here are some updates on Asian dramas and movies streaming on the interwebs (and apps).

YouTube updates to hopefully come Friday.

DramaFever adds Korean drama Temperature of Love this week (it’s supposed to start streaming today, but no episodes quite yet as of this writing. When people with opposing personalities meet online and fall in love, can their love survive from the digital world to the real one? The drama stars Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, Kim Jae Wook (ready for a good non-depressing, non-dying role from him), and Jo Bo Ah.

Netflix adds popular Korean drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (under title Strong Girl Bong-Soon) starring Park Bo Young in the titular role as a young woman gifted with a terrible strength that she must only use for good or lose. She has a one-sided crush on young detective Ji Soo, but her boss (who she believes is gay) Park Hyun Sik is always interfering. The three band together to catch a mysterious serial killer while trying to figure out just who is targeting Hyun Sik’s life.

15 Years Waiting for Migratory Birds

Also added is Song Ji Hyo’s and Lee Seong Gyun’s JTBC drama My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week (under the title Listen to Love). The drama follows Seong Gyun has he tries to save his marriage when he believes his wife might be having an affair. How does he do this? He takes to the internet for advice. Want to follow a couple’s romance throughout their life? Check out Chinese drama Romance of Our Parents (父母爱情/Fu Mu Ai Qing) starring Guo Tao, Mei Tin, Serena Liu, Ren Shuai, and Liu Tianchi. The drama follows the romance of a naval officer and a girl with a completely different background.

In Vietnamese movie Bitcoin Heist, an Interpol agent goes rogue and establishes a special team of thieves to catch a shadowy hacker named “the Ghost.” Would you divorce just to qualify for an apartment reserved for singles? That’s just what one married couple does in I Am Not Madame Bovary starring Fan Bing Bing, Guo Tao, Da Peng, Yin Yuan Zhang, and Enhe Feng. But when the husband suddenly remarries, his ex seeks justice.

In Malaysian drama Timeless Season, (starring Loo Aye Keng, Chen Ke Mei, Hady, Hishiko Woo, and Jiang Pei Pei) five women reunite a decade after college graduation during a wake. These women are struggling with various issues from illness, infidelity, to abuse, and more. 2009/10 Malaysian drama The Adjusters is a two season drama starring Rynn Lim, Chris Tong, Aric Ho, and Chan Fong. The drama follows an insurance adjuster who investigates fraud while hiding his relationship with a colleague and being toyed by someone near him. 2011 drama Forget Me Not (Wikipedia also has the drama’s name listed as Footprints in the Sand…so…I have no idea which is the official English title), stars Jordan Voon, Remon Lim, Angela Chan, Susan Leong, Leslie Chai, Jojo Goh, William San, Coby Chong, Seck Fook Yee, Wayne Chua, and Adrian Tan. In this drama, a woman who was forced to marry the man who raped her, abandons her sons and husband to find a better life, but can she escape the guilt?

Viki announces they will begin streaming Lee Jong Suk’s and Bae Suzy’s While You Were Sleeping on September 27th. Lee is a promising young prosecutor who Suzy (an unemployed journalist) is an avid fan girl of. When she starts having premonitions in her dreams, she goes to him for help in stopping these events from happening. If you have upgraded your Viki Pass to Viki Pass Plus, you have access to the first episode of Yang Gong Geun’s currently MBC drama Borg Mom. The drama also stars Park Han Byul, Ivy, and Choi Yeo Jin. Wheng Yang’s wife dies after giving birth to their son, he creates a cyborg mother played by Park. When his son enters school, Park must deal with the vain and pretentious mothers.

Princess Agents

Recently added, finally, we have Fifteen Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds starring Deng Lun, Sun Yi, Zhang Ruo Yun, and Zhang Xue Ying. Sun Yi is a stellar student who lacks confidence due to her homely appearance. She falls for Zhang Ruo Yun [Monster Killer Wu Xin, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin] who is a cynical student with poor grades. She stays by his side for 15 years as his friend. Will it be too late for him when he realizes he might just love her, too? If you don’t want to wait for my super slow recaps, you can now watch Princess Agents. I want season 2. Now. Such a crappy ending to season 1. Chu Qiao becomes a slave of Yuwen Yue and attracts the attention (and love) of his friends, family, and enemies. Ultimately she leaves Yuwen Yue to help Yan Xun free his kingdom of Northern Yan and avenge his parents’ death, but politics and underhanded doings put a strain on their friendship.

MBC’s King’s Doctor is now available to Pass Plus subscribers. This is a medical drama set during the end of the Joseon Dynasty about a horse doctor rising to become a royal physician. You may already know this drama by the name of Horse Doctor (which was the literal and once official English title). The drama stars Cho Seung Woo, Lee Yo Won, Son Chang Min, and Yoon Sun. As is KBS’s Women in the Sun (aka Sisters in Love or Women of the Sun) starring Kim Ji Soo, Lee Ha Na, Han Jae Suk, and Jung Gyu Woon. Kim stars as a news anchor who was adopted by a childless couple. When they had their own daughter, Kim abandons her at Seoul Central Train Station out of a fit of jealousy. Years later, she meets and befriends a personal shopper only to learn it is her adopted sister she abandoned.

Another Pass Plus older drama recently added is Surgeon Bong Dal Hee which stars Lee Beom Soo, Lee Yo Won, Kim Min Joon, and Choi Yeo Jin. Bong Dal Hee is a surgeon from the countryside with heart disease and other handicaps undergoing his first year residency in the cardiothoracic department.

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