Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates–September 5, 2017

I’m back! Here are some Asian drama and movie streaming updates from the past few weeks. NeeNee has been dealing with severe dry eye from work, nasty headaches, lots of canning, and recently I just threw out my back making both sitting and standing uncomfortable. There are days it is just hard to get back on the computer after working all day at one (thanks to the severe dry eyes and the fact sitting at a computer on certain days can actually make me physically ill…yeah…). Got to love the human body and busyness of life.


Ha Ji Won’s and Kang Min Hyuk’s Hospital Ship has come to DramaFever. The plots are not the same, but just watching the trailers reminded me of Japanese drama A Clinic on the Sea because we had a doctor (Matsuda Ryota) with a floating practice. Of course the fiery tempers of Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk are going to clash often. I might give this a shot. I think I may have watched part of an episode of the Japanese drama.

Also added is Chinese drama It’s Not Easy Being King. A woman enters the palace as a maid after falling for a handsome guard. Unfortunately her love is not easy to pursue as she swaps bodies with the male emperor.


Nothing new in anime or Asian drama, but if you want to watch ABC’s version of Korean drama God’s Gift: 14 Days, it is now available. It’s called Somewhere Between. I’ll let you know when they start streaming the ABC version of Good Doctor, too, which is supposed to start airing on ABC this month I think. And, Hulu has announced two new tiers to their subscription offers including live TV with limited commercials or no commercials. Craziness.


A Final Fantasy-inspired Japanese drama hits Netflix! I have heard about this drama and I know fansubs were floating around, but it was hard to find videos. It’s nice that it has come to Netflix. In Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light Chiba Yudai and Osugi Ren star as a father and son who bond while playing Final Fantasy XIV. Interesting enough, this drama is based on a true story.

In Chinese dramas, we have Love Through A Millennium 2 aka Shuttle Love Millennium starring Wei Daxun, Janice Man, Puff Guo, Walley Wei, and Edward Zhang. This is somewhat of a sequel (with a completely different plot and cast) to Love Through The Millennium which is a Chinese drama based on the immensely popular Queen In Hyun’s Man. A spoiled wealthy man from 2016 finds himself switching bodies with a chef from 1936. What will happen to these men who are 80 years apart in time? In Keep the Marriage as Jade, infidelity and the troubles of middle age sees a couple with an outwardly perfect marriage attempting to save it.

More of the Taiwanese Q Series franchise has been added. Spring 2017 drama 1000 Walls in Dream follows ghosts who are determined to reconnect with those they left behind. The drama is listed under the English title All About Love. In A House of Blocks aka House of Toy Bricks, Wu Yu Jian has overcome the shadows of her past and is married with her first baby on the way, plus her sister is coming home from a mental hospital. Then everything falls apart as she miscarries, her sister goes missing, and she begins to see ghosts. A Boy Named Flora A follows a 28-year-old college junior who is finally forced to grow up as he deals with an illness and his cousins’ misfortunes.

Singaporean TV show Commandos is a documentary which traces the journey of young men over the course of a year as they struggle to become part of an elite military unit known as Commandos.

In Asian movies we have Malay movie Rembat in which two soccer fans go on a road trip to attempt fixing a major match between Thailand and Malaysia. Also, the western movie Death Note is available. I can’t bring myself to watch it as the trailers do make me shudder in how bad this will probably be and a friend of a friend wrote her a nice long list of just why fans of this franchise will hate this movie in how they did all these things wrong.

Do you like to watch anime on Netflix? They have added 2011 Naruto movie Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison following a falsely accused Naruto has his powers are sealed and he is imprisoned as well as 2010 movie Naruto Shippuden: The Movie: The Lost Tower in which Naruto is sent 20 years into the past to battle evil with his father. If you need more Naruto, you can check out 2009 movie The Will of Fire where four out of five ninja villages are destroyed and the remaining village must find the culprit before they become next.

I think I watched part of an episode of Berserk—it is a violent anime (which should be a given with the name, right?) and a few movies from this franchise are available now on Netflix called Berserk: The Golden Age Arc II – The Battle for Doldrey and Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III – The Advent in which Guts struggles with determining the direction of his fate with Griffith. If you want a break from ninjas and excessive violence, check out 2017 anime Glitter Force ♥DokiDoki♥ in which four girls summon their inner superheroes to defend earth and a magical kingdom against an evil king and his minions. There is also a Chinese cartoon (don’t know if this originated from China with popular western voice actors for a US release or I it this is a western production) called The Guardian Brothers which focuses on two retired spirit guardians who make a comeback when a Chinese family’s soup shop is sabotaged by competitors. Previews look good.


I don’t know why official English titles of dramas can differ so much from the titles we know shows by. Viki adds MBC reality series I Live Alone under the title Home Alone. This series follows celebrities who live on their own. This series does require the Pass Plus subscription to view. Also available to Pass Plus subscribers is currently airing My Golden Life starring Park Shi Hoo, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae Hwa, and Chun Ho Jin. Children’s ranks are set at birth depending on their parents’ statuses. This drama follows a girl who struggles to break through the ever present glass ceiling while discovering how to seek true happiness. In Man Who Sets the Table, a middle-aged man struggles to keep his family together in an age where families are on the decline. The drama stars Choi Sooyoung, On Joo Wan, Lee Il Hwa, and Shum Hyung Tak.

Fencing dramas. It’s been awhile. Hong Kong had Hearts of Fencing, a two season drama aired from 2003-2005 on TVB. Now here it is in 2017 and we get a new fencing drama, Chinese drama Attack It, Lightning! starring Chen Ya An, Jiang Jin Fu, Feng Wen Juan, and George Hu. Chen is from a long line of fencers and hopes to make her own mark on the sport. Jiang is a rising boxing star who switches to fencing after meeting Chen. Will a 20-year-old secret tear these two apart?

Something to get excited about! Princess Agents has been added to the list of dramas coming soon (no dates available yet). Jiro Wang’s latest Rakshasa Street will also be coming (starting tomorrow possibly). The drama is based on a manhua of the same name which also spawned an anime of the same name. A young college graduate looking for work ends up with a mysterious late night interview which brings her into a transitional dimension where guardian spirits keep watch between the human realm and hell.

Coming in 5 days is Korean drama Girls’ Generation 1979 which follows the love lives and friendships of a group of high school girls living in Daegu during the late 70s. The drama stars Bona, Chae Seo Jin, Seo Young Joo, and Lee Jong Hyun.

One comment

  • Lots of great additions though I’ve seen most. Loving the Singaporean and HK offerings. Yes, skip Death Note. Though Willem Dafeo was AWESOME as Ryuk! Story was slightly modified too. The second Millennium is good but the first was better. Live action Rakshasa Street? Now I really have to finish the anime and movie first! Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light was a nice change of story. I liked it for the realness. Somewhere Between? Never got past episode 1.

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