Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates – August 21, 2017

Welcome to Asian drama and movie streaming updates for the week of August 21. In Korean drama news, SBS, MBC, and KBS have partnered together to create streaming service Kocowa (which launched this July). This is why you are seeing less Korean drama simulcasts on DramaFever and Viki, or a huge delay in episode/series availability. You can upgrade a current Viki subscription to include Kokowa or you can go straight to Kocowa and sign up there for access (this is a paid service as well—1 year is $69.99 at this time). Subtitles are available and the goal is to eventually simulcast in English at the same time the dramas air in South Korea.

Currently airing dramas offered via Kocowa are The King in Love, Distorted, The Good Thieves, You Are Too Much, My Father is Strange, Band of Sisters, Man Who Dies to Live, Into the World Again, plus several variety shows.

DramaFever adds two new airing Chinese dramas: The King’s Woman starring Zhang Bin Bin and Dilraba Dilmurat and In Life and Love (Love Actually) starring Joe Chen and Tong Da Wei. In Life and Love follows the career and success-driven Chen Qiao En who ends up meeting her polar opposite carefree Tong Da Wei. Can they navigate the complicated waters of life and love?

Netflix adds original Japanese drama Million Yen Women starring Noda Yojiro, Fukushima Rila, Matsui Rena, Wagatsuma Miwako, and Takeda Rena. Shin is an unsuccessful novelist who finds himself the manager of an odd household filled with five beautiful and mysterious women. The man asks no questions and receives a tidy sum.

In Asian movies, we have Wallace Huo’s Hide and Seek in which a germophobic man living a comfortable life with his wife and kid realizes his brother may have committed a horrible crime. This movie also stars Qin Hailu, Regina Wan, Jessie Li, and Dong Zijian. Also available is Malaysian dark comedy KL Zombi in which a hockey-playing pizza delivery boy becomes a zombie slayer after an outbreak of undead across Kuala Lumpur.

I am excited to see 2015 Chinese drama Woman on the Bread Tree/Girl on the Bread Tree/Women on the Breadfruit Tree as I have been wanting to watch this. It stars Tiffany Tang, Bosco Wong, Liu Dong, Chris Wang, Sonia Sui, and Zheng Kai. The drama follows three women and good friends each out to find their personal bread fruit (love, job, etc.).

Malaysian drama The Iron Lady follows a stubborn young woman who challenges the deeply rooted patriarchal culture of her country to secure her family’s legacy. Glowing Embers stars Henley Hii, Debbie Goh, Frederick Lee, Wymen Yang, and Melvin Sia. Amidst Malaysia’s charcoal industry, a woman juggles her husband, lover, and friend.

Viki has also added Chinese Drama In Life and Love aka Love Actually. Past Korean dramas will also be making their way to Viki, so keep an eye on that. Recently added over the past week or two, we have Korean movie Split starring Yoo Ji Tae as a legendary bowler whose career ended after an accident, Lee Jung Hyun as a bookie who sets up games for our bowler to help get her dad’s alley out of debt, and David Lee as an autistic boy who is unbeatable at bowling.

English subtitles are in progress for 2016 drama What’s With Money? The drama stars VIXX’s N and Hongbin, plus Jung Da Bin and Chanmi. Students attend an elite financial high school to learn about money management. Jung Da Bin extracts the attention of poor N and wealthy Hongbin earning her the wrath of Chanmi. Can these students band together when their school is in crisis? Also in progress is Hot and Sweet starring Choi Min Hwan and Yuna. Choi owns a foodtruck with a spot in a bustling location, but things get complicated when he keeps crossing paths with the mysterious and wacky Yuna.

An aspiring webtoon artist seeks inspiration from her high school’s archery club (I’m guessing it’s high school?) which is full of good-looking boys. Joining as a manager, she becomes entangled with two members. Matching! Boy’s Archery Club is a 2016 web series starring Kei, Baek Chul Min, and Seo Ji Hoon.

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