Lovers in Bloom Episode 2 Recap

It is interesting as Cha Tae Jin seemed concerned for Goong Hwa at the beginning of episode one and didn’t seem to think badly of her, but dang! This episode has him really looking down on the hardworking single mother. I get that he’s straight-laced and takes his job very seriously (as an officer of the law should), but I don’t think he needs to be quite as hard on Goong Hwa in certain respects. And Hee Jin…I’m not sure you can call her a good mother as she’s focusing ALL of her attention on her son. She needs to learn to back off and give the kid some room. He won’t go bad if you don’t harp on him 24/7, right? She is mature and immature all at once.

We open with Tae Jin in uniform coming into Chamsuri Station. Three of our five officers know him (Park, Lee Kyo Suk [Son Kwang Up], and Jang Eun Joo [Park Gyu Ri]), but newbies Goong Hwa and Choi Kyug Po [Geum Ho Suk] don’t. He is introduced to the newbies and immediately is told Goong Hwa had a drink before coming into work. This has him livid. Did she drink? Silence. She must be really drunk since she isn’t answering. Goong Hwa then tries to defend herself, but is cut off by the teasing of the others who all believe she came in snookered. After all teasing is set aside, Lee reveals that Goong Hwa is not on duty, but was merely called in to work on a report. Too late, the damage is done and Goong Hwa is on Tae Jin’s list…the bad one.

Yes, her face has some redness…but can’t these people see the hives from the allergic reaction? Just looking at her I would not say she was drunk, but had some type of reaction even without already knowing she drank alcohol. They mention it later, but Goong Hwa is allergic to alcohol, thus she can’t drink it without having a reaction—hence why her mother and brother were asking about feeling nauseated and itchy.

Enter in…a drunk. He’s dropped off by some officers who were out on patrol. Choi is left to try to get his information, but the wily old drunk calls himself Won Bin and Gong Yoo. Choi scolds him for lying to a police officer and then asks for the drunk’s wife’s information. The response was priceless—I thought cops were supposed to protect the citizens. Guess that means wifey will be pretty angry at how sloshed her hubby is. When the man had come in, Goong Hwa had immediately taken off to the back room. She comes back with cold coffee and takes over for Choi. She does get the drunk man to calm down and tell her his problems. He talks about how unfair his boss is at work and how others get all the credit while he gets nothing, etc. Goong Hwa says a similar situation has happened to her, so she can sympathize. The man then asks who she is and she reveals she is a policewoman with two flowers. The man then starts singing and dancing and she joins in while the others watch on. You can see Tae Jin’s disapproval growing by the minute.

Meanwhile, Sun Ok has Woo Ri’s head on her lap and is talking to Su Hyeok. They are both worrying about Goong Hwa having a drink. Is she suffering right now? Sun Ok then scolds herself for saying what she did. Her son-in-law did nothing wrong, except leave the earth too early leaving her daughter a pregnant young widow. Apparently Goong Hwa’s husband was also an orphan who had nothing. Why did her daughter have to be so kind and get seduced by him? Su Hyeok laughs and says that it was Goong Hwa doing the seducing—how awesome is his sister after all? The reasons why other women would leave Goong Hwa’s husband alone was because he had nothing and no parentage while Goong Hwa stuck by his side despite of this. Goong Hwa’s morning sickness started on the day of her husband’s funeral. She bawled when her mother encouraged her to have an abortion. In the end, she kept the baby and you know Sun Ok doesn’t regret her precious granddaughter. I like how Su Hyeok sticks up for his sister. Yes, she has some smarts, but she does seem very naïve as well.

On a side note, I’d love to see Su Hyeok [aka Lee Eun Hyung] in more dramas. Here’s hoping he doesn’t only stick to dailies and gets some primetime roles as well like Ji Chang Wook who started acting in dailies and now does the primetime serials…of course he’s now serving his mandatory two years of military service. Speaking of which…does anyone know what happened to Gangster Oppa from Crazy Love?

Do Hyun is still fuming over his airplane encounter with Tae Jin and drinking away his anger while his stepmother Mrs. Heo keeps calling him. Of course, being the SOB he is, he ignores her. We don’t know their history yet, but I think since Mrs. Heo has a good enough relationship with his little sister, she isn’t a wicked stepmother like you see in some shows. Speaking of Park Hae Mi, I just love her. She’s played some characters I hate, but the woman is a really great actress I like to watch. Anywho, they are celebrating Bo Ra’s birthday and Do Jin is late. He arrives with flourishes and immediately begins complaining about eating at that hotel’s restaurant as his little sister’s cooking is much better. This earns him a slap in the back of the head. Bo Ra has received a new set of knives with her name engraved, so she’s in luck since she just chipped her favorite knife’s blade after running into Su Hyeok. Big brother promises whatever she wants as long as he is able to get it.

President Jin starts harping on Do Hyun finding a job and quit playing around with women. Do Hyun refuses. He is a property owner who rents out shop spaces. This is enough for him. All his has to do is raise rent and kick the old tenants to the curb to find new ones ready to pay the increase. Mrs. Heo chimes in saying an affluent family is moving their business to that area, so her husband should just let Do Hyun continue on with what he is doing. Do Hyun compliments Mrs. Heo and earns his father annoyance once again by not calling her mother. Mrs. Heo and Bo Ra try to calm things down, but it keeps getting awkward, especially with President Jin saying it’s right for Do Hyun to do what he can for his sister since she almost died. I’m sure we’ll here the full explanation for this later. I like Bo Ra. She genuinely appears to be nice and sweet and hardworking. She wants to work hard at her current job until she can open her own restaurant without her father’s help.

Tae Jin (they call him Team Leader while Lee is the overall head of their station I believe) leaves and Goong Hwa follows him out to bid him farewell. He ignores this. She itches her hives and wonders where she saw him before. She then remembers the cigarette incident and is embarrassed. Tae Jin goes home to see his tired father. Granny Na has finally gotten to sleep. Tae Jin knows taking care of his grandmother will be too much for his family to do since they are all still working. He suggests they talk to Granny Na one more time about hiring a caregiver while she convalesces. Mr. Cha then asks after his son’s future. When will he take the inspector exam? There is a surplus of inspectors right now, so he has to carefully consider this. Mr. Cha then says that is true, if you cannot advance within 10 years of becoming an inspector, your career is over and Mr. Cha wants his son to go up to the top of the ladder and become a commissioner.

The next morning the Moo family are enjoying breakfast. Things are more peaceful now after the strain of last night’s memorial. Woo Ri annoys Goong Hwa by watching cartoons instead of properly eating her breakfast. She turns off the TV and her daughter glares at her and then requests Grandmother Sun Ok to turn it back on (she says this with a mouthful of food). Sun Ok complies annoying her daughter. Woo Ri is learning bad habits thanks to her mother. This earns her a scolding from her big brother. Su Hyeok reminds Goong Hwa that she has no right to complain since she always asks her mother to babysit. This makes Goong Hwa feel bad. She still remains firm in her teaching of Woo Ri—no television until after breakfast. Goong Hwa then goes to reheat her mother’s soup. Su Hyeok offers to take his niece to her dentist appointment later since he will be in the area filming an ad. Sun Ok refuses the offer as she has no job and her son and daughter do. Sun Ok wishes to watch her son’s work, but he says it is nothing special. When Su Hyeok lands a big job, then his mother can come watch. In spite of the two squabbles we see, the Moo family seems very close and supportive of one another.

While the Cha family has its good moments, it also has bad. I get that Hee Jin’s husband may be a bit irresponsible (we can’t really see this 100% yet, but I have a feeling it might be true), but this woman constant nags, nags, nags, and complains. Of course, you do need a bit more background, but henpecking constantly isn’t good. She scolds her husband out of bed and then rushes out to get her son to school on time. She made him a portable breakfast table so Hae Chan could sleep an extra ten minutes and eat in the car. She complains how unfilial she is and Hae Chan agrees she should treat Grandpa Cha better. Hee Jin stresses her son must go the academy after school or else. She knows everything and knows what he does. Again, I think Hee Jin needs to stop focusing so much on her son. It’s good she doesn’t neglect him, but constantly doing what she is doing for her son is not good as well. It can be suffocating and have the opposite effect of what she wants. Mr. Cha essentially stayed up all night while taking care of his mother and Hee Jin immediately cuts in when her hubby is worrying over his father to complain about her own lack of time, etc.

At Chamsuri Station, Lee is reminding them they are halfway through an abuse of power campaign. While it doesn’t exist there, he reminds them to be vigilant on not asking coworkers to run personal errands, etc. Lee asks after Goong Hwa’s specialty. Is it boxing? Goong Hwa replies that boxing is her hobby while running is her specialty. I think she says she can do 100 meters in 12-13 seconds. Pretty good. Lee then upsets the station by reassigning partners. Since Park’s finger is injured, he is to stay at the station until it is better. Kyung Po is assigned to work with Eun Joo while Goong Hwa is assigned to Tae Jin. Eun Joo protests. She originally was Tae Jin’s partner. Lee reminds her that Goong Hwa and Kyung Po are both newbies and thus cannot be partners. Goong Hwa and Tae Jin both look less than thrilled as well. Lee warns Tae Jin not to be too harsh with Goong Hwa and then wishes her well as Tae Jin goes to head out on patrol.

So what is the resident rich bad boy doing? Having a meeting with a tenant that rents space from him for a restaurant. Do Hyun is raising the price as promised and, of course, even though the tenant’s business is doing well enough, he can’t afford the hike. He reminds Do Hyun that it is his restaurant that helped bring in more people. Do Hyun doesn’t care. The man has two option—pay the increase or leave. If he doesn’t leave on his own, Do Hyun will send men in. Eyeroll. Typical. Do Hyun then goes to see his father who is on the phone with someone who wants money. President Jin hems and haws saying he has a difficulty and can’t help out now, but he will later once everything is cleared up. Do Hyun asks why his father doesn’t just be honest and Jin complains his son knows nothing. Again, he tries to talk his son into business and finding a good woman. Jin reiterates that he likes what he’s doing now. All his father needs to do is leave his money to his good son and Do Hyun will increase it for him. Do Hyun also promises to find a woman as good as if not better than Madam Heo. This earns him another tongue lashing for not calling her mother. Do Hyun just cannot see her as his mom and he is not kind like his sister. Thus…it will always be Madame Heo as they are destined not to like each other.

At the PR agency, Su Hyeok is in trouble. The person who was supposed to appear in their ad had an appendectomy and needs time to recover. Now what? Su Hyeok instructs his employee (his only one? or his partner?) Son Joo Young [Yang Seung Pil] to quickly find a replacement. Su Hyeok looks at Bo Ra’s phone and notices her wearing an apron (is it bad to find narcissistic when people use pictures of themselves as wallpaper?). Our sweet girl then arrives and Su Hyeok immediately asks her a favor…which she surprisingly (or not) does. The ad they are shooting is a cooking how-to show. I’m not sure what the ad is for (cookware, the food, or what). Bo Ra is instructing the viewers how to do things while Joo Young films and Su Hyeok supervises. Bo Ra complains she needs an assistant and Su Hyeok is forced into the role. He is uncomfortable, but he likes watching the pretty Bo Ra work.

They finish the ad without many hitches and Su Hyeok asks for one more favor—plating the food. Bo Ra does this as well. She asks Su Hyeok for green grapes. He looks uncomfortable. He grabs grapes, but they are not green, but purple. Bo Ra laughs and tells him again that she wants green grapes. The uncomfortable Su Hyeok tries again and grabs purple again. Bo Ra again laughs. Joo Young finally grabs the green grapes, annoyed, and slaps them in Su Hyeok’s hand. Su Hyeok then hands them over to Bo Ra. Purple in Korean is 보라색 [borasaek – saek meaning color and bora meaning purple]. Thus, you can tell Bo Ra things Su Hyeok is teasing her. Given Su Hyeok’s reaction, to me, it is obvious he is dealing with some type of color blindness where he cannot discern between purple and green. Red/green colorblindness is the most common.

A new character is introduced. Oh Kyung Ah [Lee Eung Kyung] is delivering Chinese food to the same building Su Hyeok and crew are filming in. At the same time, Sun Ok and Woo Ri are on their way back from the dentist and Sun Ok decides to drop in on her son as he is filming his “movie”—this woman is so proud of her children’s jobs and loves to exaggerate. Sun Ok sees Kyung Ah leaving and calls out to her. Kyung Ah is quick to deny her name, but takes off running when Sun Ok says who she is. Sun Ok picks up Woo Ri and tries to chase her down, but gets stuck at a red light. She collapses to the ground complaining about her money. Looks like Kyung Ah might have absconded with it. Kyung Ah hides nearby and complains you always meet your enemy at inopportune times.

Because we need drama…poor tired Mr. Cha reports for duty as a security officer…at Jin’s building. Jin is unhappy to see an older man—especially since he looks tired. His driver tells him who it is and how Mr. Cha is a retired policeman who is quite nice. Jin’s response…get someone younger and fitter. He wants an imposing presence guarding his door. Ok…Jin has a point about wanting an alert guard…but not necessarily a young one.

Mr. Cha’s son is out on patrol with Goong Hwa who is trying to break through the icy awkward atmosphere to no avail. Tae Jin doesn’t want to know anything about her. The girl says it is a quiet day and then says she has jinxed herself. Whenever she says that, something ends up happening. She has a sixth sense about these things. Sure enough, up ahead thugs are tearing apart a restaurant. Do Hyun made good on his promise to send men after the owner. He is watching in his car as the owner pleads for the men to stop. Enter Goong Hwa and Tae Jin to prevent violence. Do Hyun is not happy to spot his nemesis from the plane.

We end here. Tae Jin can at least try to get to know Goong Hwa properly…right?

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