Summer/Fall 2017 Recap Schedule

Topp Dogg

Topp Dogg “Arario” MV [Ho Joon is in the middle…just saying]

As you may have noticed, NeeNee is back in action! Recapping action, that is. I will definitely keep up on my streaming updates posts as well. YouTube posts take longer as that requires digging and confirming of legit subtitles and the legality of the source. Again, you can always drop me a line about a drama or channel that you are aware of and I will most definitely get around to checking it out. I think I’m eventually going to create a few forms to make it easier to submit these requests. We will have to see.

Just for Fun #1

I am entertaining restarting a few other post series I started and have let fall by the wayside [Recommendations, What Came First, The Forgotten, Asian Drama Synopsis Fails, New Discoveries, Dramas and Movies Based on Comics, Total Randomness, Just for Fun, etc.], but we’ll have to see how this goes for me while trying to get back into the swing of recapping. If there is a column/series that you enjoyed, let me know and that will encourage me to continue on with it. You may notice a lot of series posts stopped in 2014…there was a very, very, very sad reason behind this…and this reason is why my blog was not nearly as active as it once was back in its hay day [hey day…hayday…heyday…?].

I will say this to all you readers who find Asian Addicts Anonymous and are new here. This is NeeNee’s baby and my sole endeavor. I’ve had a few contributors here and there (okay, only 3), and they have all vanished leaving behind a handful of posts. Chani-chan always says she will come back. I am hopeful she will, but she’s a part-time professor, plus has a job in retail, so she’s very busy. So, I am the only one working on this site anymore. This means I am not like other sites out there offering different dramas covered by different people. Everything is watched by me, written by me, and I am [sadly] verbose and am never certain my posts do any good to others, but I write them to share the dramas I like with others. Even if you do not like the dramas I choose to recap or my writing style, I do hope you at least appreciate the time and effort recapping takes.

These are the dramas I am recapping currently. There is no simulcasts at the moment (unless you count Lovers in Bloom that is). I can’t do it. It is surprisingly difficult to keep up with what is airing let alone recapping it in a timely manner—especially Korean dramas. Plus, the interwebs is saturated with Korean drama blogs already doing an excellent job in getting recaps of the hottest shows out. I have never wanted to be constrained to a sole country’s dramas. Although, I do tend to recap more Japanese dramas.

Onto the schedule. While on vacation last week, I was a watching and recapping fiend…I have no personal life, I’ve come to terms with that, lol…so I managed to post two recaps a day (I think I wrote an average of 4 recaps a day spanning Thursday through Sunday). Now that I am back to work, that probably won’t happen. My goal is to try to do a single post a day. More if I can, but my entire work day is spent on a computer…so coming home to solely work on the computer again is a bit much some days. Here are the dramas I am covering and they are listed in the order I will be covering them in unless I decide otherwise.

  1. Princess Agents [2017 Chinese Drama – Finished Airing]
  2. Unmei ni, Nita Koi [2016 Japanese Drama]
  3. Devil Lover [2016 Thai Drama]
  4. MARS [2004 Taiwanese Drama]
  5. Legal Mavericks [2017 Hong Kong Drama – Season 1 Finished Airing]
  6. Love at the Aegean Sea [2004 Taiwanese Drama]
  7. Lovers in Bloom [2017 Korean Drama – Currently Airing]
  8. Two Women’s Room [2013-14 Korean Drama]

I am working on Lovers in Bloom episode 2 as we speak, then will come episode 2 of Two Women’s Room. Then I’ll start all over again with Princess Agents. There is a method to my madness. I’m doing this to force myself to not watch ahead and then not follow through on recapping like I’m very prone to do. This is really hard with dramas I enjoy the most (like Legal Mavericks).

I do not believe I will be starting any additional dramas until at least one of these have been completed. I will dust off a drama I need to finish recapping and choose another drama I am interested in recapping after that. I will definitely finish The Holy Pearl; Smile, Donghae; and Zettai Kareshi. I make no promises for the other dramas on my On Hold list. I may even dust off dropped dramas if I feel inclined to. As far as new recapping projects go, if good recaps already exist, I am less likely to start recapping a drama. I do except suggestions and requests, but everything is based on the discretion of my taste and enjoyment of dramas. For the most part, I watch an episode or two of a drama, if I like it and feel interested in possibly doing recaps, I Google the drama name and recap and if none show up, I just might undertake writing up episode by episode recaps.

Interested in helping out? Don’t want the hassle of creating your own blog but want to share your drama love with others? Drop me a line at asianaddictsanonymous[at] and we can talk about contributing.

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  • So glad you’re back! I’m new in the sense that I discovered your blog in 2014. So glad you’ll be finishing Smile Donghae. 🙂

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