Legal Mavericks Episode 2 Recap

This show is really fast-paced and I find this a complete hoot to watch. The characters are distinctive and quirky and there is a nice mix of comedy and drama. I definitely am recommending this show to anyone who likes a well-balanced legal drama. If you like romance, this might not be your thing as I’m not sure you are going to find it. If it is there, it will probably be more of a subtle plot like in God’s Quiz. And don’t get your hopes up if you ship Dean and Mr. Perception. There is a love interest for our lawyer who has yet to be introduced.

In the last episode we left GoGo in a dire situation. The criminal had just gotten the upperhand during their fight. The man takes his gun and pulls the trigger point blank at GoGo’s head. Nothing! He’s used up all of his bullets. GoGo mocks him for this and then their positions are reversed. In order to get a maximum amount of bounty, GoGo tries to pry the information on the stolen good, but the police arrive. GoGo accuses the criminal for calling the cops on him, lol, but the criminal then has a little accident in his underwear. Really? This is a silly, yet serious, drama.

GoGo sees Dean and Sun-hop leaving and curses the blind lawyer. It was the who called the cops! He will get back at “Mr. Perception” (this is Dean’s nickname for Sun-hop) for losing half the bounty, just you wait! Sun-hop was the one who requested Dean call the police, but the blind lawyer comments this is because Dean encouraged him to do so because the criminal had a gun. These two, always bickering. Dean asks him to accompany her for a late night meal, but Sun-hop refuses since he has an early case in the morning. Now she’s not hungry because he refused her.

Now we get to have Sum’s case tried. The opposing counsel [Hugo Wong as “Walter” Wa Ye] does not like Sun-hop’s new evidence and believes it should not be allowed since they have no confirmation that it is really that wanted criminal’s voice. Sun-hop reminds them that the morning news confirmed the criminal was arrested in the same village where the poisoning incident happened. It is brought up again that Sum confessed to the crimes at the station, so what about this confession? Dean whispers to Sun-hop that the judge is nodding to Wa Ye’s statement as it makes sense. Sun-hop calls Sum to testify. The boy is visibly uncomfortable. He tells Sun-hop that he only buried the poor dogs because they were so pitiful. Sum then asks if he says he did it, can he leave and go home? Sun-hop uses this as proof that Sum was not being truthful when he confessed to poisoning the dogs. Wa Ye drops the charge of unlawful burying the animals’ corpses and leaves the animal cruelty charge up to the judge who renders a not-guilty verdict.

As in the prior two cases, Sun-hop talked about the misconceptions people had about Sum. Since he is mentally handicapped and only has the development of a ten-year-old child, everyone thought he would be cruel to animals with no reason needed and unjustly accused him. What would happen if they scarred that poor child for life? Good point. Sum’s mother is happy her son is free and innocent of the crimes. Sum baked dog-shaped biscuits/cookies for them. This is also his own way of helping out his mother. Sum’s mom cannot believe how mature he really is at heart. Sun-hop said that since he took no fees for this case (a vow he made to GoGo in episode 1), he will take all the cookies. LOL. Dean ignores this and goes off to play with Sum by showing him how to make shadow puppets.

This brings a memory back to Sun-hop. He was a child and he has not yet gone blind. He was doing shadow puppets, but they were not turning out right and were fuzzy. His father comes over and adjusts the lamp and voila! Once the flashback is over we see Sun-hop sitting in his apartment turning a lamp on and off. I can’t wait to get more of these little tidbits of his past.

It is now morning and Sun-hop goes through his routine like normal. As a blind person, everything has a spot and a special label that can be felt. Unfortunately…his peaceful world is about to explode. His landlady shows up and he goes to pay her the rent, but she says she has to let him go as she needs the place for her poor nephew that is currently homeless. Who is the nephew? GoGo! She is surprised they know each other. If that is the case…how about they share? Sun-hop is adamant—no! Then she has no choice but to ask Sun-hop to leave. Sun-hop then calls her his baby and invites her inside. He tells her that she does not want to lose the income by letting her nephew stay free, right? He will sublet the apartment and make sure GoGo pays as he should. I thought it was funny when he let her in and she said she was scared since this was the first time he ever did that. So…against both of their wills, these two men become housemates.

We have a nice explosion of English mixed in after Baobei leaves (that is seriously the landlady’s name). GoGo asks him to give him 5 to which Sun-hop replies that he will give him 5 minutes in English. 5 for what? To move into the guest room. Sun-hop says he will draft up an agreement and layout the terms of rent, etc. GoGo should have the money, right? GoGo then says he still hasn’t gotten even with Sun-hop for that incident. But that’s fine. Sun-hop will like him after living together awhile. Sun-hop doesn’t care if GoGo likes him and he says he doesn’t care to like anyone either. Like is said in English and the way Sun-hop stressed this was funny. Ahhh, Sun-hop. He tries to keep people at arm’s length but it just is not working.

At Pledge, they are running a vote to nominate a queen for their bar. During the voting process, Pledge’s workers intimidate some of the voters. For what? The roses are counted and Mandy is declared the winner until another employee said Dean tied for the win. Dean’s good mood is gone. She slams her hand down on the table and goes to the front. Who instigated this? Well…the workers thought this was a good idea since Dean scares the customers. To try to placate their boss, they go to Sun-hop and tell him that he’s the only one who can calm Dean down. Thus a blind man is invited to be the tie breaker. He feels Mandy’s face, but Dean jerks away and won’t allow him to touch her. He then declares her as the winner. Why? It is not because she is pretty but because she has a commanding aura as a queen. Any complaints? Nope. This makes Dean very happy.

If we are honest…it’s the teeth that are Dean’s least attractive feature. Without those she will be quite pretty. Sisley Choi does a great job with the false teeth. In Substitute Princess, our leading lady sounded odd when wearing the false teeth of her original look. Sisley’s speech sounds completely natural. Kudos for her.

Outside of Pledge, Dean is holding her final rose and basking in happiness. She knows that her outer appearance is ugly. This is a fact. Surprisingly, Sun-hop says that she is not really ugly. To him she is like Maggie Cheung. Although it has been 30 years since he lost his sight, he still remembers the Maggie Cheung from his six-year-old perspective. She was very pretty with a gap between her two front teeth. This is after Dean said she couldn’t go out and win Miss Hong Kong with her looks (in real life Sisley was runner-up for Miss Hong Kong, btw) and Sun-hop agrees before saying she could win runner-up like Maggie Cheung. Of course, Sun-hop cannot be nice for long periods of times. When Dean goes up to cuddle into him, he says he is only lying to her so she will keep giving him cases. She then squishes him to her and says she hates him. She gets a call and Sun-hop shudders when she gets up. Although…with Dean’s back turned, Sun-hop gently caresses the crown of flowers and smiles. Hmmm.

Dean gets a call—there is an assault case that needs defending. Ngai Yu-Chun [Zoie Tam] was doin performance art when she kicked a man in his balls. She can get up to three years in prison for this! Say what? Yes…a person can do significant damage with a severe enough kick to the genitals…but three years when the man wasn’t even seriously injured? Yowza.

The next day Ngai goes to Sun-hop’s office. Dean is there and acts as Sun-hop’s eyes when they play the video footage. There is no sound, so Sun-hop’s super senses won’t help here. Instead, he pays close attention to Ngai’s reaction to the video. Ngai’s performance is done in the nude earning her much ridicule. She is not doing this to be vulgar. People are born naked and die naked (not necessarily on the death part). Her piece is based on this principle. She has endured much ridicule and scorn and derision for this. The man in question had his hand in his pocket masturbating and then ran up to Ngai. Feeling threatened, she kicked him. However, from the angle, you cannot see the man do anything really wrong or threatening. Ngai goes to leave to find a new lawyer, but Dean says that while Sun-hop is blind, he sees a person’s true colors. Dean tells the Maggie Cheung story and helps convince Ngai to keep Sun-hop. He comes out and tells Dean to let him know when she will say such a disgusting thing again as he’ll jump off the roof. Dean says she hates him and he says he is not nice. Again, love these two together. Of course, he will not represent Ngai for free, however, he is convinced she was defending herself based on her reaction.

Sun-hop’s normal routine is completely disrupted. GoGo uses use toothbrush and mouthwash and even takes his morning coffee! GoGo has also moved things so they are not where the are supposed to be. While Sun-hop is yelling at GoGo, the other man is taking money out of his jars. The blind man is not stupid, but GoGo is. He keeps inciting Sun-hop with all the things he did. Sun-hop chases after GoGo who yells at Sun-hop to catch him if he can. Sun-hop nails him with the mouthwash bottle before GoGo can flee to safety. He yells at GoGo to return the money—all $170. GoGo says he is being petty…it was only $160. This man.

Sun-hop is outside trying to hail a cab with no luck. He’s standing holding a taxi sign. GoGo offers to give him a ride…which meant sharing a taxi so Sun-hop could pay for it. They go to a dealership so GoGo can get his precious motorcycle back. He does say he will give Sun-hop a ride once its his again. His friend says that he only sells sedan’s so there is no way he would be able to sell the bike. He then asks GoGo for help finding a missing person. GoGo refuses, but Sun-hop quickly says GoGo will take on the case and Sun-hop will make sure he goes through with it. This is Sun-hop’s way of making certain GoGo gets the rent money to pay him, lol. Sun-hop threatens to sell off the bike for rent otherwise.

Sun-hop is again outside waiting for a taxi when GoGo rides up on his re-acquired motorcycle. He will give him a ride. Sun-hop refuses, but GoGo doesn’t take no for an answer. He takes off Sun-hops sunglasses and puts a helmet on his head. Sun-hop is shell-shocked. GoGo then helps him on the bike and apologizes for hurting him a little bit. Sun-hop doesn’t want to wrap his arms around GoGo, so he opts for the saddlebags, but once GoGo takes off, he wraps his arms around GoGo’s middle for safety. After awhile, Sun-hop seem delighted and lifts his arms up. GoGo calls him sentimental. This is Sun-hop’s first time on a motorcycle after all. GoGo then says that going 60 is like a D-cup. He can go faster and let Sun-hop experience an E-cup. Pervert.

After GoGo drops Sun-hop off, he goes back to his friend who wishes to find high school classmate Cherry whom he had a crush on for 20 years. He doesn’t know her last name or anything. He had gotten her a present and was going to confess to her at their senior prom. She had accepted his request for a dance. He goes to the bathroom and manages to injure himself by zipping his manhood into his fly. He wants to correct this mistake now.

At the apartment, GoGo is badgering Sun-hop once again. If Sun-hop is blind and there is no sound to that surveillance video, how can he know what he is watching? Sun-hop says he knows by gauging GoGo’s reactions to the video. Our PI then goes to do his investigation, bothering Sun-hop with all of the noise. GoGo quickly finds his friend’s crush, Cherry, but her name has changed and she’s not the same innocent girl, but a clubbing woman. I believe GoGo thinks she might also be a prostitute and tries to lure her to a hotel when he goes to find her in the club, but she’s not biting. He goes back to the apartment after being rejected and searches for her on the internet “Wong Lai-Fan Never” [Ali Lee]. He is completely shocked when he discovers just what Never’s profession is.

If GoGo is a good detective…wouldn’t he have gotten all the information before seeking her out for his friend? This man. He does tell his friend that he found Cherry, but she isn’t who she used to be. His friend doesn’t care. He wants to see her for himself and to give her the gift he couldn’t all those years ago. Plus, he will see if she’s really changed as much as GoGo says she has. His friend doesn’t believe you can totally leave the person of the past behind. It is interesting to note that if Never had become such a wayward woman, then why was she constantly avoiding the men’s hands? Oh…and when GoGo had went back to the apartment for more research, Sun-hop wasn’t there so he trashed the place yelling “freedom.” So immature.

The time has come for Sun-hop to go to court. He is approached by the prosecutor Wa Ye. This means that his opponent is offering a plea or dropping the case. Of course it is a plea deal! Ngai pleads guilty and must not commit another crime for 12 months and this all goes away. Thus Ngai won’t have a criminal record and won’t have to go through a lengthy trial. Sun-hop tells Ngai to do what she feels right. If she continues on and they lose the case, Sun-hop will appeal endlessly for no additional fees. Ngai agrees to continue as she doesn’t want to admit guilt when she was truly the wronged party.

It just so happens that Never is a judge so GoGo is at the same courtroom to see for himself. The trial begins and Sun-hop lays out the points of doubt in the video. The man who was injured and called to the stand. Sun-hop asked why his hand was in his pocket. He was scratching his itchy groin. That doesn’t sound suggestive at all. He then complains that Sun-hop is blind, so what should it matter if he re-enacts the scratching. GoGo is incensed and yells at the man earning him a second warning from Never who turns and scolds the man as well. The man insists he was only verbally condemning the woman and never set out to harm her. Ngai tells her side, but Gotham is quick to lock in on everything was just a feeling Ngai had. There was nothing solid beyond her feeling uncomfortable and frightened for no apparent reason.

Do you think Sun-hop will lose or will he manage another win for a person society looks down upon?

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