Devil Lover Episode 5 Recap

The green-eyed monster is coming into play. I think that if Momoko had shown herself to Sora earlier and took care of him earlier then he would not be latching on so much to Pie like a baby bird and falling for her. Kevin is total trash and I think Kirin may have an idea of how his boss is a player, so will he warn Pie away? The man is very indiscreet, so I can’t imagine him being able to keep his real self from shining through. There’s been close calls already.

Sora is trying to calm Pie down and assure her there is no ghost haunting her. What about the broken lightbulbs and floating objects then? It was all just a chocolate-induced dream. LMAO. Oh, this Sora. Of course, Pie being Pie she takes this as a valid explanation. This is all from Sora buying all that chocolate the other day. She still hasn’t digested it and thus why this happened.

Kirin is at the gym when Sora and Pie arrive followed by Momoko. Kirin immediately starts flirting with Momoko who wants nothing to do with him. He uses his VIP status to bring her in as a guest and the thanks he gets is a twisted arm and being forced to the ground. He does finally learn her name and she is upset as he wants to call her Ko-chan (an abbreviated form of her name showing affection and closeness in Japanese). Momoko is very against this.

So why are Pie and Sora there? Pie wants a sparring match to alieve her aggravation. Sora can’t believe this. He dodges and dodges, but this annoys Pie. She wants him to stand still and let him hit her. Poor Sora. He does do it for her even though he doesn’t want to get hit. Afterward, the two sit on a couch together. Sora opens water for Pie while she wipes down with a towel. She complains that her arm is tired from chasing after him and makes Sora hold the bottle for her while she drinks. She then wipes the sweat from Sora and Momoko who sees this from a distance is not happy.

Sora asks if there was something on his face. No. Pie sees that he is also really handsome. Can he sing? She can have Kirin introduce him to his boss and launch Sora into the world of show business. He flatly refuses. He doesn’t know how to sing and is not interested in being famous. So funny considering Sora is being played by Golf who is a singer as well. Pie says she is sure his singing voice could be used to woo the ladies. Sora doesn’t know about love and thus Pie tries to explain the feeling. As she does, she gets pretty close to Sora and you can bet all the symptoms she’s describing, he’s feeling at that very moment, lol. Even Pie is affected by her own words and proximity to Sora. The atmosphere takes a bit of an awkward turn there.

Kirin is working out and spots Pie. He complains that now that she has a man she never has the time of day for him. Pie refutes this and then sees Kevin in the gym as well. Kirin cannot believe that is the guy her parents set her up with. Pie also cannot believe that Kevin is Kirin’s boss. What a small world, ne? Pie tries to escape as she doesn’t want to deal with Kevin, but ends up running right into him. Kirin does not look pleased. Kevin convinces Pie to start afresh as if their meeting was brought on by their parents. The things he does and says to get into women’s panties. Shakes head. I really don’t get why women in this show fall for his corny lines and obvious sexual innuendo. Okay, he didn’t do that with Pie here, but he does it elsewhere. Sora sees them together and gets a little jealous.

Sora runs into Momoko finally. What a coincidence. Is she a member there as well? No, she is just checking it out. Sora thanks her about the chocolate the other day. He really enjoyed it. He feels really close to Momoko for some reason he cannot explain. She asks him to hang out whenever he has the time and he happily agrees. This is all seen by Kirin who seems a little jealous as well. See? Everyone is getting a little taste of jealousy.

Before Kevin meets up again with Pie he tries seducing Momoko. He has as much luck as Kirin does, only Momoko doesn’t beat Kevin up. She should so kick his rear. He texts his group and says he will again be number one as not only does he have that virgin he’ll deflower soon, he’s found a hot foreigner. Gag me.

Pie abandons Sora to go home by himself so she can go have dinner with the awful Kevin. Sora is angry. How to get home now? Enter Kirin to the rescue! Is Sora Momoko’s boyfriend? No, he just met her recently. Good. Kirin will give Sora a ride back to the apartment. Kirin pulls over and asks Sora what Japanese women like and dislike. Being in a lab his entire life almost, Sora has no idea and Kirin just can’t believe it. He then begins to wonder if Sora is gay. Sora can’t believe this. How can two guys be together? Apparently Kirin has acted in a BL series before and he assures Sora it is possible in this day and age. Kirin then tries coming on to Sora, but the other boy violently pushes him away. This will not do. Kirin needs to know. Sora assures Kirin he is attracted to women only. Does Sora like Momoko? Not in that way. Momoko would be so sad if she heard that.

Kevin and Pie are eating spaghetti. Kevin encourages Pie to forget trying to be a lady and just twirl the spaghetti up and slurp the noodles up loudly. I am so imagining dirty thoughts going through his head. He’s a walking penis. He talks about how he is great at everything and he doesn’t care what he does as long as its with the person he loves. Blech. Pie then gets calls from Sora. Has anyone called about his parents yet? No. He calls again. He is hungry, is Pie coming home soon? No. Kevin then jokes about how Pie has a lot of guys. Pie asserts she doesn’t have any and he says him. I feel badly for the actor who must say these awful lines all the time.

Back at the lab, Norit makes a bad discovery. He rushes to Soji to tell him the news. Soji is on the phone saying everything is under control and to expect results soon. Norit explains he took out the reserves of Sora’s blood and did some tests. It looks like whatever drug he was given before he left wasn’t enough. So what does this mean? Sora will die without treatment. I’m curious. Is Sora’s condition a natural side effect of his powers or is it something concocted by whatever experiments Soji has been doing? Soji calls up Momoko and tells her to bring Sora back now. Momoko doesn’t think he’ll come back. Soji doesn’t care—Momoko needs to use whatever means to bring him or else he’ll die.

Sora goes to the market for ramen. Momoko is there, too and invites him to a ramen restaurant. This makes Sora happy and he goes along. As they are eating, Momoko asks if he misses Japan. No. Does he want to go back? No. What about the person he likes? All the people he loves are in Thailand. Yeah. Short of dragging him back, Sora will not go willingly. Sora changes the topic to Momoko. He wants to know her better, so he asks about all of her likes and dislikes. 10 to 1 he’s doing this to help out Kirin who is crushing on Momoko right now. It makes Momoko happy.

Kevin drops Pie off and holds her hand asking when he can see her again. Pie says when the heart calls. Wow. She one upped him on corny lines. This throws him, too, but he laughs it off. I can’t believe he honestly thinks that by holding her hand now, she’ll sleep with him the next time she sees him. Jerky jerk face. As soon as she is out of sight, he is hitting on another women. He is lost and needs directions. Where to? He looks the woman up and down and says anywhere she’s going.

Sora is upstairs reading a letter from his mother he found in Soij’s office before leaving. It lets him know how much his mother loved and missed him and makes him cry. He uses his powers to bring over the kleenex when Pie walks in. She is already freaked out because the guard stopped to warn her that a woman nearby committed suicide so it is not safe to be out alone late in case her spirit comes out. She starts crying and screaming. Sora tries to tell her there is no such think as a tissue ghost, but she insists on leaving until Sora swears to protect her if a ghost should come. This stops her tears and comforts her. Wow.

I hope Pie realizes sooner that she is falling for Sora and that Kevin is a total douchebag. Sora is 1000 times better than the man her parents picked out for her. I don’t care what his background is. Get ready for some bedtime cuddles when Pie freaks out over the ghost yet again.

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