Princess Agents Episode 2 Recap

As if Xiao Liu doesn’t have enough hatred for the nobility after the hunt, this episode sees her falling farther into a quagmire of hatred as these men threaten the family she’s refound. On the upside, this episode sees a tiny interaction between Yuwen Yue [Lin Geng Xin] and Xiao Liu [Zhao Li Ying]. Oh, and did you know the actor who plays Yue Qi [Xin Shao Lin] is the male lead in the drama The Eternal Love?

Zhi Xiang and Xiao Ba [Zhu Sheng Wei] are taking care of the ill Xiao Liu while she dreams of the incident that happened before she was taken to the hunting grounds. A man is in pursuit of her carriage which is wrecked. With her skills, she and he could easily rule the world. If Chu Qiao should turn him down, he will be forced to kill her. The man is Yuwen Hao [Wang Dong]. I don’t know which branch of the Yuwen family he is from (Yue’s or Huai’s). He greatly underestimates his own prowress and Chu Qiao kills him before falling from the cliff (truthfully, it looks more like she threw herself off). She falls into the cold water and wakes up shivering greeted by her two sisters.

They wrap Xiao Liu’s hands around a medicinal burner when Song comes in. She says the two girls stole the burner from Steward Zhu. Xiao Ba is quick to refute this, earning Song’s wrath. She takes out her whip to beat Xiao Ba and Zhi Xiang quickly steps between the two to protect her seventh sister. Xiao Liu has had enough. She takes the bracelet off her wrist and it transforms into a sling shot. She uses it to shoot a pebble at Song’s leg. The woman quickly leaves after that and Xiao Liu sinks back to the ground. Zhi Xiang warns Xiao Liu not to do a thing like that again. A lot of people in the Yuwen household know gongfu and thus Xiao Liu cannot trick them all. The two sisters beg their sixth sister to not be a rebel anymore. The lives of slaves are cheap and they are easily killed over the smallest matters.

The worthless nobles have gathered to play pitch pot (they use their hands to throw arrows into urns). Yuan Song misses, earning him laughter and he says there is no need to laugh as it would be something new if he actually made it. He goes to mention it would be more amazing if Yuwen Huai misses when the other man nonchalantly throws the arrow from the far back table and makes it. Yuwen Huai then insinuates he is nothing compared to the skills of the prince of Yanbei. Yan Xun is not stupid. He laughs and picks up an arrow and twirling it in his hand. Like Yuwen Huai, he pitches the arrow from the back table only to narrowly miss. While Yan Xun may have fooled the others, Yuwen Huai knows it is but a pretense and mutters under his breath.

Enter Chun’er. The princess successfully tosses the arrow into the pot herself. She berates both Yuwen Huai and her brother. One thing you see often in this series is how she and Yuan Song bicker. She always treats Yan Xun better than her blood brother and puts Yan Xun first. Later in the series when Yuan Song does the same thing for Xiao Liu/Chu Qiao she doesn’t like it at all. Double standards. Of course, a lot happens between the two women and two men, so there are reasons. Chun’er has brought the wine which is the only urn brewed personally by Yan Xun’s father. She will save it for Yan Xun’s birthday party which she will host. Yan Xun is quick to say that Yuwen Yue will be hosting his party this year. This vexes Chun’er. What fun party can that ice man create? Yan Xun doesn’t know, that is what makes it interesting. I won’t go into too much detail. Chun’er is straightforward and very harsh towards her brother and his friends. She particularly loves to belittle Yuwen Huai for his low birth (remember he is the son of a mere lower born concubine).

The servants are busy preparing Yuwen Yue’s manor for the party when Madam Song bursts in and instructs that it is time Xiao Liu starts working. Zhi Xiang pleads for more recovery time for her little sister, but is denied. Xiao Liu is then sent outside to work. Enter Steward Zhu. As he is acting a bit lecherously toward her eldest sister, Xiao Liu steps inside and asks for Zhi Xiang’s help. Later, Xiao Liu is working on a weapon to take care of the man in case he touches Zhi Xiang again. Her eldest sister forbids such actions. They are together now and one wrong move from Xiao Liu can upset the scales even more. Zhi Xiang reveals that Lin Xi is doing his best to ensure their comfort and safety.

Time for our icy young master to make an appearance! Yuwen Yue is in his room when a secret message comes in. He takes it and brings it to his grandfather. It is news of Yuwen Huai’s doings. Looks like this cousin will not stop until the third branch of the Yuwen family is dead. Yuwen Huai’s family has more of the emperor’s trust right now since Yuwen Yue has an illness and his grandfather is paralyzed. Even though the third branch controls the “Eyes of God” it is worthless without the emperor’s trust. It is Yuwen Yue’s duty to revive this and restore the family’s honor.

Yan Xun’s party is underway and Xiao Liu is tasked with acting as Princess Chun’s private stepping stool. Oh, the ways they come up with to demean their slaves. Everything is going well until Xiao Liu overhears Yuwen Huai talking about poisoning someone. Who will he poison? Zhi Xiang comes in to serve wine as the host of the party makes his late entrance. At this time, Zhu stops Zhi Xiang and tells her to serve Yuwen Yue well since he seldom does social functions. Watching, Xiao Liu sees Steward Zhu slip poison into the wine her elder sister carries. Not good. Yuwen Yue is instructed to drink as punishment for his late arrival. He lifts the cup Zhi Xiang pours, but knows there is something amiss. He refuses since he is ill.

Yuwen Huai proposes a game—if Yuwen Yue does not drink they will kill the beauty that serves him wine. Xiao Liu has had enough. How dare these prettily dressed nobles make a game of her sister’s life? Xiao Liu uses her slingshot to spill the wine. Yuwen Yue mentally scolds her for the unnecessary action. Xiao Liu then asks them to not make a game of her sister’s life. Yan Xun worries over this “wild kitten.” Yuwen Huai says according to Yuwen rules, Xiao Liu’s life is forfeit. Yan Xun interrupts. It is his birthday. Let there not be bloodshed. Time for a new game. His jade has a front and back. He will toss the jade in the air and Xiao Liu must guess which side lands face up. He rubs his fingers on the jade and Xiao Liu uses that as a signal to tell which is which. The jade is tossed and she shocks everyone by guessing correctly. Yuwen Huai is miffed. Fine. She won’t die, but she will be punished. Her punishment? Being hung upside down from a tree.

Lin Xi pleads for his sister and Yuwen Yue and Yue Qi release her. Yuwen Yue scolds her for rushing into things without leaving a way out for herself. He walks away and is greeted by an angry Zhu. Of course, Steward Zhu cannot do anything since Yuwen Yue was the one to free the slave. Yue’er tells Zhu to relay to Yuwen Huai that if he has a problem then come seek him out. Lin Xi then piggybacks his sister out of there.

Madam Song comes in to the woodshed. Yuwen Huai wants this interfering girl dead. They will send her to Ji Le Pavilion (the equivalent of a death sentence as over 20 maids have been killed there). When Song leaves, Zhi Xiang panics. They can’t let sixth sister go there to die. What can they do? Lin Xi promises to come up with something to spare Xiao Liu.

A maid from the Yuwen Yue household meets with Steward Zhu. She is a spy planted by Yuwen Huai. She tells them that Yue’er has received word on Yuwen Huai’s dealings. Zhu hands over a box of number sticks. Since they are having problems killing Yuwen Yue,they will focus on his grandfather. He hands the maid a special pair of gloves made from human skin and warns her that the box is poisonous. He then says to use the Jing family as they are worried about their sixth sister.

Jin Zhu [Cao Xi Yue] seeks out Lin Xi and asks after his problems. He doesn’t want to tell her and bring her into the matter. However, Jin Zhu persists and then says she may have a way to help him and his sisters. Lin Xi visits Xiao Liu. She dreams of Chu Qiao again. She asks her brother of her origins. He only knows that she was brought to their house by their father who said she was the child of a mistress. Lin Xi tells her that her dreams are meaningless. She does tell him of the poisoning plot. He wonders how she knows about such things (she knew the poison would not hurt a normal person, just those easily afflicted by the cold like Yuwen Yue), but Xiao Liu doesn’t know.

To help him win favor, Jin Zhu gives him the poisoned box. Old master loves playing with number sticks. This is a special set. If this goes well, Lin Xi will save his sister and Jin Zhu will become Yuwen Yue’s lover. She even hands over the special pass that allows a servant outside so Xiao Liu can escape. Of course Xiao Liu doesn’t want to leave, but is coaxed by her sisters. Xiao Liu understands that her presence can cause harm to her family. She hands over her slingshot to Zhi Zhiang for protection.

On her way out, Xiao Liu learns her brother was setup and rushes back to the manor, but it is too late. Lin Xi was called in and when the old man opened the box, a deadly spider bit him. Yuwen Yue gets there and even Lin Xi has been bitten. Yuwen Yue kills Lin Xi before Xiao Liu’s eyes. Yep. The girl has good reason to hate him and Yuwen Huai.

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