Twdrama: MARS Episode 5

As more of Ling’s past is being revealed, Qi Luo is skirting around her own issues. She has almost revealed it, but pulls back at the last moment from telling Ling everything.

Ling does come to his senses and stops beating Ah Bin. It ended before things could get really bad. Ling goes through his suspension and he does not come back to school once it is over. This really worries Qi Luo and Da Ye says they can go to Ling’s house together during the weekend to check on him. Qi Luo asks for the address to go by herself, but Da Ye refuses since Ling lives in a rough area and it is not safe for a girl to go there alone.

Qi Luo then goes to find Cang Ze who tries to avoid her. She calls out to her senior and tells him that she doesn’t care about the theft of her idea and she also will not tell anyone else. She tears up as she explains that the sketch was her promise to Ling. He has done so much for her and helped her and all she could do in return is give him that painting. Since that is no longer an option for Qi Luo, she wants back the original sketch which was the starting point of her relationship with Ling. Cang Ze again says nothing and walks away. Two girls come up and immediately start bullying Qi Luo saying she is chasing other men while Ling is away. Enter Qing Mei to give the girls a dressing down. They walk off and Qi Luo thanks Qing Mei who says that she is only doing that because she doesn’t want anyone talking smack about Ling behind his back. She then turns and gives Qi Luo Ling’s address. These two girls aren’t besties yet, but they are on their way to being good friends.

So Qi Luo actually skips out on class to go see Ling right away. When she gets to his apartment, he is collapsed on the floor. She yells and tries to wake him, but nothing. Qi Luo then begins shouting for help and runs to the door only to bump into a giant of a man. She calls him “uncle” and begs him to help. He just walks over to Ling and shakes him awake telling him that his girlfriend is there. He then looks at Qi Luo and tells her Ling always sleeps like this when he’s working. By the way…he is only 19. Even though his face is like it is, he is is not an uncle yet. LOL. He leaves the two alone.

While Ling takes a shower, Qi Luo takes a glance around his apartment. There is not much there and really no place to sit except on the bed. He finishes his shower and asks for a towel. He doesn’t mind getting it himself if Qi Luo doesn’t mind. She nervously goes to the drawer he indicated and sidles over to the shower area. Looking away, she hands him the towel and you can tell Ling is enjoying her embarrassment. It’s a novelty to him since girls always throw themselves at him.

Ling grabs an early morning beer and sits on a motorcycle seat leaving the bed to Qi Luo. Why has he not been coming to school since his suspension is long over? He works. Doing what? Hard labor – he is a construction worker for an overpass. The pay is good. He then explains his father caught wind of his suspension and cut off his allowance. That serious? Ling then says his father gave him a good beating. Qi Luo is appalled and Ling laughs saying he was just kidding. This relieves Qi Luo until Ling says his father would never dare touch him since daddy is afraid of him. Qi Luo cannot believe this and Ling asks if Qi Luo is not frightened of him after what happened. Qi Luo replies that normal looking people like the art teacher or Cang Ze or… Ling prompts her, but Qi Luo shakes herself and asserts that ordinary-looking people are scariest.

Ling talks about how his father put him in a mental institution. You know what a straitjacket is? Ling calls it degrading and a humiliation. Again upon seeing Qi Luo’s expression he laughs it off as a joke. Qi Luo is relieved and laughs as well. No father could ever do something that horrible to his child, right? Ling’s smile fades and he lowers his head. What if it is true? If it is true…will Qi Luo still be willing to come to see him? Of course she will as she doesn’t think Ling is truly a bad person. This makes Ling smile. This smile is so cute and adorable.

Qi Luo smiles and digs through her bag. She hands over the sketch of the mother and child to Ling and tells him that it is his to do with as he pleases. Qi Luo then asks when he lost his mother. When he was five. His only memories of her are that she was very beautiful, but she was always in the hospital and he really remembers the antiseptic smell. He was afraid of this woman and did not want to be touched by her. Holding Qi Luo’s mother’s hand at that time was the first time he’d ever experienced such a thing.

Ling goes over to the window and takes the drawing out of its plastic protector and grabs a lighter. He walks back to the bed and sits next to Qi Luo before lighting it on fire. Watching the sketch burn, Qi Luo aks if this signifies that his promise to protect her is also over. Ling glances over at her but says nothing. He then leans in towards her, but Qi Luo leans away from him and hurriedly asks him to go strolling with her.

The two end up at a museum and Qi Luo apologizes for taking him to such a boring place. Ling is, however, amused. He doesn’t care about the paintings on the walls or the other art, the most interesting thing is the people. He points out different once and gives them all names and soon Qi Luo is actually laughing out loud—something you could never see before. Ling points at the laughing Qi Luo and titles her as “A Girl in Love.” The two then run around investigating different shops and Qi Luo once again laughs. Ling remarks on hearing her laugh twice in one day and she breathlessly tells him that he has a way of making people crazy (while the phrasing is kind of unfortunate, no insult is meant). Ling kind of ruins the moment by asking if she wants to do something crazier and go to a hotel. Qi Luo immediately freezes up and Ling says that is usually how his dates all end.

With his joke turning the atmosphere sour, he heads off to work while Qi Luo says she will stay and get some art supplies. As he walks away, she calls after Ling and tells him to make sure to go to school starting from tomorrow. Ling promises he will and then walks back towards her. He wants to look at the latest motorcycle magazine suddenly. This makes Qi Luo happy. They then bump into a nun who calls him Ah Sheng. Ling explains he is Sheng’s older brother. The nun asks after Sheng and Ling says his little brother is fine. The nun walks off and Qi Luo expresses her surprise that Ling has a little brother. How alike must they look that the nun mistook Ling for Sheng? Ling says that they are twins. Qi Luo cannot believe there is someone else in the world with Ling’s face. He takes a picture out of his wallet to prove it and then asks Qi Luo to guess which one he is. She accurately points him out saying he has a habit of arching one eyebrow when smiling. This surprises Ling as he wasn’t even aware of that quirk.

Qi Luo wonders if Sheng is just like his big brother. Ling states Sheng had the exact opposite personality. He was weak and a coward. He was also sickly and would often have to go to see a doctor. When they were younger, Ling would always have to fight off bullies for his twin. Qi Luo asks about Sheng’s whereabouts and Ling’s face gets serious. His twin is dead. This shocks Qi Luo…didn’t he just tell the nun that his little brother was doing well? Ling explains that the nun seemed like a good person so he didn’t want to hurt her with the truth when he will probably never see her again anyways. When Qi Luo asks how Sheng passed away, Ling sees a body fall from a rooftop and hears people yelling and screaming along with the sound of an ambulance wailing. He covers his ears and yells at the noise and he hyperventilates and passes out. The freaked Qi Luo screams for help, but nobody stops. She then tries CPR and Ling does eventually wake up. She cries and says she thought she would lose him just like she lost her father.

Ling walks Qi Luo home and promises her that he will get a checkup at a hospital since she is very worried. She kept asking him over and over again if he was okay. He tells her to head in as her mother will be worried. Qi Luo tells him how she loathed going to school and how she always prayed no one would talk to her. It’s different now because of Ling. She says she doesn’t want to go in as she wants to watch him leave. Every time they part for the day she is worried she will never see him again. This touches Ling and he pulls her into a hug. He tells her that he is there and won’t be going anywhere. He pulls back and then gives Qi Luo a kiss. This time Qi Luo does not pull away. He tells her to wear the same pants tomorrow as he will take her on a bike ride.

The next day Da Ye is surrounded by friends wondering if Ling will return as they have bets going on. Da Ye stresses he does not know. They leave and he turns to see Qi Luo waiting by a pillar again. Her face lights up when the familiar sound of Ling’s motorcycle is heard. Da Ye also breaks into a smile. Things are as rowdy as ever in the classroom now that Ling is back.

Later Da Ye says that Qi Luo is reforming Ling who confesses that he has only ever kissed Qi Luo. It’s not that Da Ye doubts Qi Luo’s innocence, but since his best bud was essentially a walking sex organ, it’s strange he has not slept with Qi Luo yet. Ling confesses that when he kissed her he actually felt extremely nervous. Enter Ah Bin. What does he want? Ah Bin says he likes that Ling does not fear him and fought well. Thus, from this moment on the two are friends, brothers. This shocks both Da Ye and Ling—especially when Ah Bin wraps Ling in a giant hug. He is a giant, but Ah Bin is a teddy bear at heart. After this exchange, Da Ye and Ling bump into Cang Ze. Ling goes with the senior who says that Ling will never understand the pressure he’s under to create a new masterpiece. Ling says Cang Ze is pathetic, but, hey, he can always steal again, right?

After school, Qi Luo and Ling are getting ready to leave when a commotion is heard. Cang Ze is on the roof of a building. Ling freaks out and runs up to the rooftop. Cang Ze shouts at him to not come near him, but the angry Ling drags him off the ledge and hits him while calling him irresponsible. He calls him a coward and yells at him to come down all well pummeling Cang Ze (he is already off the ledge, but Ling keeps yelling at him to come down). Da Ye and Qi Luo arrive and stop Ling from hitting the other boy further. Ling then rushes off and Qi Luo asks Da Ye if Ling is sick. What does she mean? She told him what happened the other day and asks if Da Ye knows how Ling’s brother died. Da Ye is clueless as he didn’t even know Ling had a brother.

Qi Luo isn’t stupid so she should be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together regarding Ling’s reactions about his brother and his brother’s death. Qing Mei might know more about that part of his past since she revealed that she knows at the age of 12 Ling shot a man for being a bully. Or rather, Ling pulled the trigger, but the gun wasn’t loaded. Ling did always have an explosive temperament and his past did not help in that. Qi Luo’s influence, however, makes him become a better person.

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