Unmei ni, Nita Koi Episode 2 Recap

We open this episode with a recap of the previous episode’s events as told by Kasumi’s son Tsugumi. Right off the bat before getting into this recap I wanted to say that I was vexed by Kasumi. Yuri did try to talk about what had happened, but it seemed like Kasumi was deliberately misunderstanding what he was hinting at. It was very vexing. Yuri is no angel, but for Kasumi to push the blame on him when he was just trying to warn her about Maho’s intentions…shame on our innocent mama. End rant. Is anyone else curious why Yuri can be so easily cruel to Maho, but so awkwardly gentle with Kasumi?

Episode 2: A Flower that Only Blooms Overnight

Kasumi was debating whether or not to use the scarf that Yuri had thrown down to her. After struggling with the decision, she wraps herself in it. The feeling was very warm and comforting.

The next morning Kasumi is out doing delivers once more. Of course she has to go to Yuri’s place to return his clothes as well as the scarf she borrowed. Kasumi does hesitate a bit, but she does have a job to do despite the previous night’s embarrassment. She is told to go directly up to the office instead of his room. Meanwhile Yuri is discussing with his staff about using a piece of fabric to resemble the surface of water for his next exhibition. The cloth is unbleached and Yuri wishes it to resemble water more. He touches his male assistant’s shirt and asks for it to be light blue like that. That means they should send the cloth out to be dyed, right?

Kasumi comes after the discussion has ended and Ayase goes to greet her. The younger woman seems quite baffled and calls her “Honey Angel.” Kasumi keeps the smile on her face and hands over the suits explaining that the front desk told her to come to the office upstairs to deliver the clothes. Kasumi then hands Ayase the scarf she borrowed from Yuri. Ayase finally comes out of her stupor and tells Kasumi to wait. She then runs to Yuri and tells him Honey Angel is there. Yuri immediately goes to the door to see Kasumi.

He tells Kasumi that he knew he’d be seeing her. She hands over the scarf and thanks him for letting her borrow it. She kind of bows her head in shame when he mentions that she is not dressed as Honey Angel today. Yuri stops Kasumi from leaving and asks her why she thought that whole incident happened. What does Yuri mean? Well, wasn’t Kasumi the only guest to show up in cosplay. Our innocent 45-year-old then says she guesses she was passed on the wrong information. Yuri laughs at this. Doesn’t Kasumi think she was deliberately set up? Major expression and exclamation of shock from Kasumi at this idea. Instead of coming to the right conclusion—that this was all done by the conniving Maho—she immediately thinks Yuri is saying he is the person who set her up. Poor Yuri. He tried to gently bring up Maho, but receives a tongue lashing from Kasumi instead for bullying her with that bad joke. He should work properly. Yuri tries to tell her he is working properly and that she is wrong, but she has eight other deliveries and marches off without looking back leaving him staring after her.

When Yuri comes back in, Ayase asks if they should have Cleaning Blanches take care of dying the fabric for them. Yuri tells her that Kasumi just left and his male assistant Kaichi Aoi [Shibuya Kento] says he will go to the cleaners later to handle it personally. Yuri stares dejectedly out the window while Kasumi tries to go about her day as normal and forget her anger.

Yuri, Ayase, and Kaichi then go to do a presentation on the chair’s launch. Yuri has a mock up of his chair sitting in the middle of a created flower—one that is special since it blooms at night and falls away by morning. His teacher [Okuda Eiki as Fukami Yoshitaka] calls him out for being too romantic and targeting high school girls. Yuri is comfortable giving the presentation and listening to his teacher’s critiques. Fukami-sensei then turns to Shirai Tsutomu [Okamoto Nobuto] aka Maho’s hubby and asks his thoughts. Shirai insists that he has faith in Yuri’s design and the meeting comes to an end. Maho leaves with her husband and asks Ayase to bring Fukami-sensei and Yuri coffee. She then touches Kaichi’s shoulder an leaves. The younger man stares after her. Back in the meeting room, Fukami instructs Yuri that there is no need to come up with a creation story. If anything, that can be merely added as an addendum. The piece should speak for itself and Yuri should stop trying to give shape to something easily explained with words. He then hands over rubric’s cube he has been working on and takes his leave.

We break away from seriousness for a moment to focus on Kasumi’s son Tsugumi. He is practicing his high jump at the track when he gets his best result ever! 190 centimeters. During this jump a female student [Kubota Sayu as Kameko] is secretly taking photos of him. While celebrating with his friend, Tsugumi says he thought he heard a strange sound and the girl taking his pictures hits the deck. His friend jokes with him about this before the two go back and Tsugumi tries the jump again. Back at home Kasumi asks if that is a new world record. Is that a joke? Nope, she’s serious. Tsugumi tells her the world record is 2 meters and 45 centimeters. Kasumi then says he needs to increase his current record by 30 twice and Tsugumi wonders at this strange math of hers.

Tsugumi asks for seconds and while Kasumi is dishing out his rice she offhandedly asks if he’s chosen his future path. Not yet. Kasumi then tells her son that if he wishes to go to university that will be fine. Tsugumi freezes in shock. His mama said what? Kasumi says she has put away some money for him so he does not need to worry and can seriously consider going to college if he wants. Tsugumi asks his mother if she’s really serious. Of course she is. Kasumi’s only requirement for her son is that he get into a national university if he chooses that path. Tsugumi then complains that standard is too high. I love the relationship between this mother and son duo.

Kaichi drops off the fabric to Cleaning Blanches and asks if they can dye it a light blue. No problem. The lady taking the cloth in the asks if they want the wrinkles removed from the fabric. Kasumi pops out to tell her coworker that a shirt was done wrong and Kaichi bows to her and tells the lady at the front desk to please take the wrinkles out. You know this is going to be a problem since Yuri wants fabric resembling water and water has ripples and waves. We then have Kasumi going about her work with all her meetings with Yuri running through her brain.

Speaking of a duo I dislike…there’s Yuri and Maho. After finishing up a round in bed, Yuri is obsessing over his chair while Maho is complaining that their meeting time will soon be over once this deal is completed. She then says that having sex helps a person keep a youthful appearance. Yuri cannot believe something like that came out of a woman’s mouth—isn’t that a line a man would use? Maho then says that she is a man on the inside. A dirty-minded one. She then spies the barrette Yuri has in his glass case—does he have a woman? She then sees it is for a child. She goes to try it on asking if he has an illegitimate child and Yuri snatches it from her and throws it in a basket and covers it up. Maho keeps trying to deepen their relationship much to Yuri’s annoyance. She is very unhappy that he got upset with her over that one barrette.

Before focusing in on Tsugumi with his grandmother Akari, we get to see Maho kept kneeling by an older wealthy woman who must check over every item she receives from the cleaners and we get to see Yuri smiling as he sees children running by him on the street. He immediately thinks of his farewell with the younger Kasumi and their promise to meet again over that barrette. I don’t know if if the photograph is in Akari’s studio, but we see a photo of the younger Yuri with his father whose face is covered. Do we have some big secret their about Yur’s father?

Anywho, Tsugumi is visiting his grandmother and he tells her the news that his mother has given him permission to think of attending college after high school. He hesitates as he is not certain his mother really has money saved up like she claims she does. Akari stresses that she does no know of her ex daughter-in-law’s financial situation, but even if Kasumi doesn’t have the money—Akari does. She then tells her grandson he’s the beneficiary of her life insurance policy. Tsugumi chides his grandmother. How can he happily attend college if she’s dead? Akari then says her grandson’s happiness is the most important thing to her.

Akari goes to walk downstairs and Tsugumi jumps up and calls down to her that if he gets into college then Akari must attend his entrance ceremony. Akari looks at her grandson and smiles. So he has decided he wants to go to college then? Tsugumi admits he did not think of it beforehand because of their financial situation, but after what his mother said, he can’t get it out of his mind. However, Tsugumi worries if it was just a spur of the moment thing Kasumi blurted out. Isn’t Akari aware of this defect of his mother? Akari is. In fact, Kasumi’s sometimes impulsiveness and tackling things head on is what she likes most about Kasumi. In this way, Tsugumi’s mother is always like a young girl at heart. It’s a pity that Kasumi had to meet  good-for-nothing like Akari’s son. Tsugumi reminds his grandmother that is his father she is talking about. At least a mother’s love does not blind Akari to her own son’s faults. We do get to see clips of Yoji at a pachinko parlor picking up balls or money from the floor.

Yuri and crew are hard at work getting ready for the launch of Yuri’s chair. Maho stops by with refreshments for everyone and pulls Yuri aside. She has good wine and fresh fish from a friend—how about an early celebration? Yuri’s face is looking graver and graver as Yuri tells him to skip out on his work and let the “younsters” finish it as it doesn’t really matter if he’s there or not. Wrong thing to say to him, Maho. Yuri shows his ever-cold side. He refuses her outright saying they do not have that kind of relationship. Maho is miffed. Is Yuri saying their relationship is only physical? Yuri rebuts saying that is how Maho started this, wasn’t it? He’s a hard man to eat and drink with versus sleep with, isn’t he? To incite Maho more, Yuri stresses this is basic socialization for humans [eating and drinking together that is] while sleeping together is something that even animals can do. Major burn. What has caused Yuri’s personality to become so twisted over the years?

Maho gets in his face angry. She follows him to where he’s sat down and grabs his water bottle from him and slaps his face and tells him not to take her for a fool. Mind you it is not a vicious, hard slap, but more of a slap to show annoyance. She then asks him what will happen if she tells her husband about them? Does Yuri think he will be okay, that his business will be okay? Of course, Maho is powerless to do anything herself and must rely on the threat of her powerful hubby who doesn’t give her the time of day either. Yuri just smiles and walks away from her threat. Maho gives the audience a nice little manic show of expressions and stalks out of the building. Kasumi sees her and greets her, but is ignored.

Kasumi delivers the fabric, but when Yuri unrolls it he gets an unpleasant surprise. It’s wrong. Eh? What does he mean? Yuri asserts that the color is fine, but the wrinkles and finish on the fabric are all gone. He asks Kaichi if he properly told the staff at Blanches to keep the wrinkles and finish. Kaichi hesitates a moment before lying that he did. Kasumi immediately starts bowing her head and apologizing for the mistake. Is it possible to get the cloth back to its original state? Not after the fabric has been steamed and stretched. The fabric is now useless. Yuri tells the rest of his crew to continue working on the flower setup while he goes to think of a solution since he cannot move forward with his own work without a plan.

Ayase explains the story about the flower and how the blue cloth was to resemble the water the flowers floated on thus why the wrinkles were needed intact to resemble waves. Kasumi understands and asks if another wrinkled fabric would do in its place. Ayase quickly takes Kasumi to see Yuri. Ayase tells him that Kasumi-san asked if other fabrics would work. This surprises Yuri…Kasumi-san? Ayase replies that they cannot simply keep calling her Blanches-san. Yuri then says there is no time to have the fabric overnighted from Europe (because essentially that is impossible) and he does not believe Japan has such fabrics. Kasumi asserts they do. Yuri then starts running and tells Kasumi to come with him. The hunt is on an Ayase is looking pleased as she watches Kasumi and Yuri rush out.

Poor Kasumi is a middle-aged mom who has problems keeping up with long-legged Yuri. He holds open a taxi door for her just as Tsugumi and his friend walk by. Tsugumi immediately ducks behind his friend and peeks to see if that really was his mom entering a taxi with a man. His friend asks if he saw someone he knew, but Tsugumi denies he has.

We then get to see Yuri and Kasumi go from store to store looking at fabrics. Kasumi tells him that when she started working at Blanches around nine years ago that she took it upon herself to learn about various fabrics and personally visited stores to see them. She’s quite diligent, ne? Of course they come up empty handed. If they find the right color its either too thick or no wrinkles. If they find a suitably wrinkled fabric, they can’t find the right color. Yuri then happens to see pleated fabric. He’s been so obsessed over wrinkled fabric it never occurred to him to try pleated fabric. Kasumi smiles…shall she make his cloth pleated for him? She is such a genuine and warm person.

Oh, while they were in the taxi earlier, Yuri again decides to ask tough questions. Why did Kasumi bow her head an apologize when Kaichi was obviously lying back there? Because the customer is always right. Yuri then notices the hole in the knee of her work pants. Kasumi covers it up and shifts towards her side of the taxi. She tells him she always kneels on one knee in front of her customers in their homes so she is below them. Well…it does make sense. This woman goes the extra mile…do her coworkers do such things as well to show respect? Yuri then asks Kasumi to sing him a song to distract him and when she starts singing he is transported back in time to his childhood and the younger Kasumi. As the older Kasumi forgets the lyrics, she notices Yuri is crying and he compliments her singing.

Maho is at home with two masseuses talking up about how a designer is becoming attached to her. Isn’t that presumptuous? Doesn’t he know he’s just a plaything and only temporary? The other two women ask if it is okay for her to talk like that in the home. Sure, since her husband will be late again. Her housekeeper says she is taking off and put the wine and fish in the fridge. Maho sends her away nonchalantly and asks how many points as a woman she gets. 98. Why not 100? The two women say it is because Maho is already married. Maho interjects that increases her value as men will want to steal her away from her husband.

Back at the event location, Kasumi arrives with the gear to make the pleats. She gets set up and Yuri instructs her on how far apart to make them. She gets started and he asks if he can use the iron and make pleats, too. Kasumi tells him she received specialized training for five years and that it takes delicacy and precision. Yuri is surprised by this and lets her get to work.

Maho arrives at Yuri’s apartment during this time and then heads upstairs to the office when she finds no one in. One of his workers tells her that Yuri is still at the launch site making preparations. Maho is not happy, but hides it. She takes the keys to his room telling his staff that she was told to put his fresh fish inside his fridge for him. We then cut to see her butchering the fish in his room.

Back at the venue, Kasumi is hard at work making pleats for Yuri who is looking at things on his tablet. Kaichi asks if he will be much longer since Yuri has not slept for a day or two thanks to preparing for this launch. Yuri asserts he will stay behind. Kaichi asks if he should stay, too, and Yuri quickly tells him he’ll be of no use. Since it is rather late, is it okay for the staff to knock off? Yes as they still have some time to work on the exhibition venue tomorrow. Kaichi then asks if he should get some food before leaving. Why? Yuri isn’t hungry yet. Kaichi then gestures to the hardworking Kasumi. Oh, right. She hasn’t eaten anything yet, has she? Yuri thinks on this and tells Kaichi to leave as he’ll get some food for Kasumi himself to keep himself awake. Kaichi and crew turn to leave for the night when Yuri calls Kaichi’s name. I think he was going to warn him about lying like he did and causing problems, but he just tells him to never mind and leave. I think Kaichi knows he dodged a bullet there for the time being.

Yuri then goes to Kasumi and asks if she is hungry. She says that she is not when her stomach lets out a growl in complaint of her words. She’s been so focused she didn’t even realize her own hunger. Yuri says he will grab food from a convenience store and asks what she would like. Kasumi requests a natto roll. Yuri goes off with this one request and happily finds the rolls and buys a few more snacks. He then returns and the two eat. Meanwhile, Maho is all alone with no one to share her fish and wine with. She holds onto the arm of Yuri’s chair and bawls. She is a pitiful person, but she has put herself in this situation, hasn’t she?

Ah, when Yuri was returning from the convenience store, Kasumi was just hanging up with Tsugumi to let him know she was working late into the night. Yuri asks if everything is okay and Kasumi assures him that her son is a teenager and probably elated to have her gone. She says this with a smile and Yuri comments that she seems happy. The two do talk some more as Yuri asks if she is tired working on such a long and big project. Kasumi says she is happy working with her iron on the sea for Yuri. He agrees at first and then says its more like a river or pond, not the sea. Then he jumps up and says he decided his special flowers will float on top of the sea and then sink below the surface. This is a story in his imagination, so he can change it from a river into the sea, can’t he? Kasumi is surprised by this and smiles saying he must be drunk. Yuri assures her he isn’t drunk, but rather high from staying up for 48 hours without rest. Kasumi understands this. At work during busy season they pulled all nighters all the time and the staff got giggly and odd.

Yuri isn’t the only one distracted by the other’s working appearance. From time to time Kasumi lifts her eyes from her work to watch him position the hanging flowers. Yuri tells her that the chair he carved had the flowers engraved on the chair. Kasumi replies that she knows as she had felt them. She then says she and her mother traveled to Okinawa once to see those flowers that bloom only for a night. How was it? Beautiful, but scary. The young Kasumi was afraid her mother would disappear just like the flowers on her. And then in middle school, her mother died. Yuri says “ah” and that has Kasumi going “eh?” The two then look at each other confused. Was Yuri aware that Kasumi’s mother had passed away? Yuri says he did not know. Kasumi then asks a strange question—have the two of them met before? Yuri assures her they have not met in the past. I guess the two still haven’t recognized their childhood selves in their adult selves yet.

The work is finished and Kasumi and Yuri finish laying out the fabric. Yuri then goes upstairs to turn off all of the lights and then turn on the stage light that the newly pleated fabric hangs in front of. He goes to see the effect and finds Kasumi laying by the middle of the flower, sleeping. He calls her Thumbelina and approaches her to wake her up. Kasumi apologizes for falling asleep on him and then is entranced by what she sees. Yuri asks her to look around at the other side, but Kasumi tears up and requests to stay where she is a bit longer. Yuri gently wipes away her tears and goes in for a long and intense kiss. Kasumi’s narration says that kiss was like the flower she helped create—it seemed like a dream that would slip away.

And just like that, Kasumi’s anger is gone and she’s getting on well with Yuri once more. These two are so awkward and yet so cute together. While their relationship was easily established and became close very quickly in their youth, it is slow-building in ways and harder now. Although, both Yuri and Kasumi cannot deny that there is some pull towards one another that is inexplicable. Is it because they subconsciously recognize each other? What vile machinations and stunts will Maho pull as she’s already jealous that Kasumi only sat in Yuri’s latest chair that he never let anyone else sit in?

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