Devil Lover Episode 4 Recap

More answers are coming along with even more questions as a new secret has been revealed. Momoko has shown herself to Sora but is afraid he’ll hate her for helping Uncle Soji and hilarity ensues when Sora tries to act as Pie’s lover. After a literally explosive first episode, there’s more humor than seriousness right now, but you know the more this show keeps going, the darker and more melodramatic it will get.

We open with a man coming into a restaurant. He immediately hits on a girl by asking her if she can help him find something. What did he lose? His heart as it fell for her (gag me, what a corny line). The woman scoffs at this cheesiness and yet still gives him her number. Go figure. Some women. Shakes head. We then see Sora and Pie arrive at the same restaurant. Sora goes to the bathroom first and Pie bumps into the sleezeball. She’s immediately struck by his good looks. She then gets a call from a worried Kirin and she tells him all about the mixed blood hottie. Kirin wishes her luck and tells her he hopes she runs into that guy again as the date her parents arranged for her. Pie shakes herself and says she doesn’t want that as she wants the right to choose for herself and not let her parents interfere with her life.

Sora comes out of the bathroom and he and Pie go sit with her parents. Pie officially introduces him as her boyfriend and her parents are not amused. In walks the sleezeball dreamboat from earlier. Turns out he is Kevin [Arthur Benjakul], Pie’s father’s friend from Yale’s son. Pie’s parents apologize for their daughter’s rudeness for bringing a friend to the meeting. Pie says that Sora is not just a friend. While the family is bickering, Kevin interrupts to say that the food has arrived and they can continue their discussion while eating. Pie motions Sora to put food on her plate and says how adorable he is when he does. Her mother motions Kevin to do so as well and calls him just as loveable. Sora then goes overboard, putting even more food on Pie’s plate. This angers her parents and they scold Sora. He then takes Pie’s plate and takes food off and puts it on her parents’ plates to share. They complain about this being dirty and disgusting. Sora insists it is not and eats some pasta from Pie’s plate prove it.

The editing of this show can be a bit odd and disjointed as we moved from Kevin’s interruption to Kirin on set dancing for a video. They needed a better, smoother transition. It was weird to have that dancing and then go back to the awkward meal and fight about how sanitary the food was after Sora divided Pie’s pasta. Then it is back to Kirin again as he takes a break and gets a drink and massage. His twin fans come and cause a ruckus like always and Kirin thinks about what Momoko said about how he wanted a girlfriend but did not have the guts to show her to the world. Looks like her words really hit him hard. But…given fans’ reactions to their idols dating…you really can’t blame celebrities for wanting to keep relationships secret.

The meal stays awkward with Sora slurping loudly and denying or rejecting everything Pie says. Kevin asks her out to a movie and Pie says she is going to see it with Sora who says she can see it with Kevin as he hates movies. Then Kevin asks her out to a Japanese ice cream shop that just opened. They can go and take selfies to boast to their friends. This excites Pie, but she cools her jets and says she has plans to go with Sora who immediately says he won’t make his teeth suffer for her. Pie then says under her breath that Sora needs to act more like a lover. Sora whispers back that he doesn’t know how to treat a girlfriend since he’s never had one. Pie then instructs him to just do whatever the people who love him do. Sora thinks back to his mom combing his hair and putting powder on his face and tells her he knows what to do.

Mom, dad, and Kevin look at Sora like he’s crazy once more as he combs Pie’s hair at the table and slaps powder on her face. The girl is just as bewildered, but tries to pass it off like it is their natural way of showing affection. Mom then reveals they had the two investigated an know that Pie and Sora are not lovers. Pie says that Sora is her first love and that she’s lost her virginity to Sora. This shocks her parents and her mom gets up the courage to ask Sora if he did “that” with her daughter. Sora looks at the gestures Mom is making and then taps his two pointer fingers together…is she asking about sex? If so, then he and Pie have not done it. This relieves her parents and catches Kevin’s interest as he hears Pie is still a virgin. Pie finally admits Sora is not her boyfriend and takes him out of the restaurant, defeated as her parents urge her to spend more time with the upstanding Kevin.

Again, there was a weird cut here that showed Pie and Sora back outside of the restaurant with her questioning him about the people who love him. Sora says he just did what his mother did. Other than his mother, who else loves him? His grandmother who used to give him baths and play with his birdie. Does Pie have a birdie for him to play with? Pie shakes herself and once more asks who loves him besides those two women. Sora’s face is crestfallen as he says there’s no one else. Pie  tells him to never mind as she will just try to expose Kevin’s flaws to her parents…although she wonders how to do so since he’s perfect. Riiiight. Perfect. After this we cut back to the meal and then back to the apartment as Pie vents (and Sora secretly uses his powers to catch all the things she was throwing across the room).

Sora apologizes to Pie as he feels bad that he couldn’t even do this for her while she’s already done so much to find his parents for him. Pie agrees it is his fault before catching herself and she says that it is really all her parents’ fault for meddling in her life. Sora then asks what would usually make her feel better and Pie shocks him by saying punching people in the face. What a violent girl. Sora then offers up his face to hit. This makes Pie happy and she puts on her boxing gloves and takes aim only to have Sora flinch away. She didn’t even hit him yet! Sora says her expression was very scary, lol. He then says how about trying to calm herself like he does—by going out for chocolate! He then pretends to open up and eat a candy bar thus successfully make Pie laugh.

Oh, and after Kevin promised Pie’s parents to do everything to win their virgin daughter’s heart (he caught himself and did change it to “pure heart” over purity) he gets a call from that woman from earlier and arranges a little nookie. Although, what the hell kind of guy comes right out and asks if a woman wants protection? And what kind of woman tells him how many condoms to bring? Just a weird conversation there. And I am prude enough to find it very wrong to do after sex selfies in bed. But whatever. Kevin then takes the pictures and posts them to  a Hiso Tiger chat group asking for points. His online gang then tell him he’ll quickly drop to second and Kevin reveals he’s going to come in first as he’s working on nailing a virgin. What a prick.

Sora goes out shopping and is followed by Momoko. She asks him in the store if he is Japanese. Sora replies he is. What a coincidence, so is she! She officially introduces herself and hands him his favorite chocolate. How did she know? Momoko replies that she is psychic and then tells him he eats his ramen with wasabi. Sora drops his basket and hugs her. At last, someone like him! Momoko is taken aback. Why did he hug her? Sora says it is because she has supernatural powers like him. Momoko then says she was just kidding. This totally bums Sora out and he lies that he has no powers and was just joking around, too. He then goes and fills his basket up with chocolate. That Sora.

The two then walk back to the condo together. Momoko asks he if lives with his girlfriend. No, just a friend. Is there anyone he likes? Sora does mention his friend from the institute that he never met, but likes. Momoko asks how Sora would feel if he met that person and Sora replies he doesn’t know. He then says since he has reached the condo, he will go in first. Momoko bids him farewell and says she will see him again soon. She goes back to her place and is overjoyed to hear that Sora likes her. Now, if she confesses who she is, he will still like her, right? Or will he hate her for working with Uncle Soji and getting shot at?

Back in Japan, Norit is running tests and they all fail. He goes to see Soji who asks how thing are going. As expected, they cannot further their research and goals without Sora. Soji says he will have Momoko bring the younger man back right away. Norit hesitates and says they have another option—they can use Kenda. Soji is not really for this idea as Kenda is a failed project. Of course, they’ve kept this from Kenda. And just who is Kenda? The young main wearing leg braces who always wears a hoodie so you can’t see his face. Of course he is outside the door at this moment and overhears everything. Kenda is angry. He is not a failure or a replacement and he will make them see it. Soji does agree to let Norit try with Kenda until Sora is brought back.

Back in Thailand, Sora is having a nightmare about the day he left his mother. His powers start to go out of control while he sleeps and Pie thinks she is being haunted. As she rushes out of her room she is accidentally hit by a floating object and is knocked unconscious. Sora then wakes up and finds her there on the floor. When Pie wakes up she is back in her bedroom and it is morning. She then runs screaming from her room saying a ghost was trying to kill her. Sora slaps her cheeks and she repays him with a slap. Why did she hit him? Well why did he hit her? Sora says she was insane, that’s why. She then tells him about the ghost again, clinging onto him. Sora then asks if she’s a monkey. End episode.

So now we know who the mysterious hoodie boy is. But now even more mysteries have arisen. We all knew Uncle Soji was up to no good since he continually lied to Sora and all and with the talks of need Sora to finish out their project makes you think there’s something fishy with what they are doing. Not enough answers, only more questions.

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