Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates – July 31, 2017

Happy Monday night, minna-san. Let’s get on to updates, shall we? I do have a DramaFever premium account, so if I make announcements and you don’t have access to the show or movie, it could be because premium members get earlier access. Also, in case you aren’t aware or forgot, I live in the US, so any updates I share are currently available in the US and might not be elsewhere.


I made the disclaimer above because the DF schedule is showing last week’s movies as being added this week…so, if they are currently unavailable for you, they should be available this Friday, I guess. No new shows on the schedule for this week, but you can watch the tragic Korean movie Portrait of a Beauty starring Kim Gyu Ri, Kim Nam Gil, and Kim Young Ho. This movie is adapted from best-selling novel Painter of the Wind (there’s also a 2008 kdrama adaptation starring Moon Geun Young, Moon Chae Won, and Park Shin Yang).

kdrama painter of the wind

Image courtesy of DramaFever

The Korean drama and the movie do not quite follow the same storyline, but have the general overall outline. In the movie, a man has his daughter (Kim Gyu Ri) disguise herself as her dead brother (who committed suicide over his lack of artistic talent) and enter the world of court painters to take revenge on Kim Hong Do (Kim Young Ho). Yoon Jeong, known as Hyewon, becomes Kim’s student and he gradually falls for her only to be broken hearted when she falls for a mirror seller (Kim Nam Gil). Tragedy can only follow, although I am sure it is totally avoidable.


Nothing new in dramas, but they have recently started streaming anime Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto. Watched the first episode on Crunchyroll, not really sure this is my kind of series. Sakamoto is a high school freshman who is seemingly perfect in everyway and most deal with rivalries from other boys and the like.


Looks like nothing new, but guess what? Ryu Deok Hwan fans his awesome OCN medical thriller drama God’s Quiz aka Quiz from God is back! There are a total of 4 seasons (the first two were the best IMO), so I wonder if we’ll get all of them or not. For those who loved Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin, sad news is their drama It’s Okay, That’s Love is gone.


Viki adds currently airing 2017 Chinese drama My Mr. Mermaid starring Dylan Xiong, Huang Sheng Chi, Pang Han Chen, and Tan Song Yun. Subtitles are currently in progress for episode 1. The drama is based on the novel of the same name (Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo) by Jiu Xiao Qi and follows Dylan as he struggles to relaunch his swimming career three years after being wrongfully accused of using drugs. Tan is a sports reporter with a fear of water who helps him along the way while Huang is his best friend and Pang is his rival.

I forgot to add a week or two ago that Viki does now have the first season of Men With Swords available now with English subtitles. The drama essentially is one giant power struggle of several kingdoms vying for rule over all the lands. Amidst this struggle, a disguised prince who faked his death struggles to avenge the slaughter of his family and kingdom. The second season sees the continuation of this ongoing struggle.

In movies, Jang Hyuk’s Ordinary Person is now available. Also starring Son Hyun Joo, Ra Mi Ran, Jo Dal Hwan, and Kim Sang Ho, the story revolves around  dedicated detective (Son) who becomes involved in a serial killer case which throws his life into turmoil and, like always, challenges his strong morals to protect his family. Chinese web movie Platon’s Love stars Yang Run Run, Yao Yuan, and Zhang Hong Lei. The story follows how one prank call from a stranger alters the life of a man, his fiancée, and the caller. Hands Together is another webmovie starring Huang Yan and Yu Xin Yu that follows the story of a couple who fell in love at first sight only to break up later due to difficulties. When they reunite, can they overcome the obstacles of the past?


TencentVideo is streaming drama Young & Cool with English subtitles. This is hardsubbed and not closed captioned.

They also have fan-contributed closed caption subtitles on several episodes of variety show Let Go of My Baby.


  • FYI – Jang Hyuk’s Ordinary Person is not available. It’s only the trailers. 😦 I’ve emailed Viki to complain that they should label what they have as “trailers”. After realizing this, I checked the other new “movies” Viki has acquired recently that I had added to my queue and sute enough – just trailers. 😦

  • Could AAA do some type of write-up or article about the lack of shows the Big2 are carrying? I subscribe to Viki and DramaFever (and Netflix and Hulu but I don’t like watching my dramas there). So many dramas are not on the Big 2:

    Man Who Lives to Die
    Woman of Dignity
    Criminal Minds
    Reunited Worlds
    Rescue Me

    It just so happens that these are the only shows that I am interested in this particular cycle. Does AAA have any info for us as to why half the shows from this cycle’s line-up aren’t offered? 

    I will be emailing both providers but I’m sure others would like to know the reason and I’m not sure the answer that I get won’t just be the same ol’ “licensing issues”.

    • I really have no idea why they don’t have some of the latest shows in this current cycle. Some of these shows are available from other providers, but not in the US, like Viu carries several of them and I do not know if that affects anything when DramaFever or Viki goes to obtain licenses. I know licensing is a costly thing and it all depends on available budgets, etc. Demand is also considered. They will go for the shows they believe that will bring people in. As I don’t know the inner workings of these organizations, I really would not be able to do any justice in a write up. If you hear back from them on reasoning, I would love to know.

      • Both DramaFever and Viki responded with the unusual “licensing” etc. But I’ve been told that the real reason is that the “Big 3” (KBS, MBC, and SBS (not sure if the letters are right on that last one) are the main networks in S. Korea and they have banded together to release exclusively to a new streaming site called Kocowa that they’ve created jointly. Hence that leaves Viki & DF with only the cable shows.

        • After I said this, I learned about Kokowa or whatever it is called. Viki is offering some titles, but looks like they are unable to stream them right away and they are now only available at a special subscription rate. The new Kowcowa site offers a 69.99 rate for the year.

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