Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates – July 24, 2017

Welcome to Asian dramas and movies streaming updates for the week of July 24, 2017. This list contains new additions from last Monday to this as well as new shows coming soon!


I am excited to announce DramaFever will start streaming Liu Shi Shi’s and William Chan’s Lost Love in Times…tonight! Although I don’t know if that’s for everyone or premium subscribers. The subtitles provided on the full episodes on the official YouTube channel leave a lot to be desired, plus the TV cuts of episodes are only half done with English subtitles, so you couldn’t get good subs for an entire episode. I do not know if this will be the cut episodes or the full episodes. Liu Shi Shi is a sorceress tasked with protecting the royal family. She gives up everything to protect William Chan – a fierce general she believes to be the rightful king. Of course…she falls for him, too. Who wouldn’t?

Also starting to stream this week (starting tomorrow) is 2014 Hong Kong drama Line Walker starring Michael Miu, Charmaine Sheh, and Raymond Lam. Miu is a chief inspector who must discover moles in his department. He employs the help of Sheh who is an undercover agent that only he knows the identity of. With her help, he must find the other agents and unearth the moles, but things are complicated when Sheh starts falling for debt collector Lam.

If you’ve been jonesing to watch the first season of Ode to Joy starring Wang Kai, it will start streaming on DramaFever this Friday. They are currently streaming its second season.

As usual, this Friday sees several Korean films make there way to DramaFever’s streaming library. Sort of reminding of Kwon Sang Woo’s Mystery Queen, we have The Accidental Detective which also stars Sung Dong Il and Park Hae Joon. Kwon is a busy man—running a comic book store, a website, and taking care of a baby—who loves to go to the local police station to give his opinions to the detectives. When his detective friend Park is framed for murder, Kwon must partner with another detective who hates him (Sung) to prove his friend’s innocence. If you love Park Ki Woong and Zombies, check out omnibus movie Mad Sad Bad which is made up of three stories (not all involving zombies).

If you like complicated love stories, My Wife Got Married stars Son Ye Jin, Kim Ju Hyeok, Joo Sang Wook, amd Oh Jung Se. Son is a woman happily married to Kim only to fall for Joo and decide she wants to be married to both men she loves equally. Can a bond between father and son exist if they haven’t seen each other in 15 years? Cha Seung Won and Ryu Deok Hwan star in My Son. Cha is a father serving life in prison for murder when he is granted a special day out with his family for 15 years of good behavior. Lastly, Kim Tae Hee and Seol Kyung Goo’s Venus and Mars will be streaming. Kim and Seol decide to marry despite their clashing characters. Things do not go well and they find themselves on the brink of divorce as psychological and physical battles begin.


Nothing new in dramas, but they have just started streaming anime The Reflection where people all over the world are discovering super powers after an event called THE REFLECTION. Some of these people rise as heroes, others as villains. How did this happen?


Netflix adds 2016 Jackie Chan and Wang Kai movie Railroad Tigers in which a group of freedom fighters find themselves outnumbered after highjacking a train filled with much needed provisions. Can their wits help them survive?


Another season…sort of…of Korean drama School is now streaming. School 2017 stars Kim Sejeong, Kim Jung Hyun, Jang Dong Yoon, and Seol Ah In. The drama revolves around students navigating the brutal education system where ranks mean everything. Gong Hyo Jin, Uhm Ji Won, Kim Hee Won, and Kim Sun Young star in Korean movie Missing which follows a divorced working mom whose life goes horribly wrong.

New drama The Eternal Love (not to be confused with Yang Mi’s and Mark Chao’s 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms which had a similar alternative title) is now streaming. This drama is currently airing and stars Xing Zhao Lin, Liang Jie, and Wang Rui Chang. Liang Jie loves Wang Rui Chang, but is being forced to marry his younger brother Xing Zhao Lin. She commits suicide only to wake up with the spirit of a woman from the future who is her exact opposite in every way. What will happen as the two spirits in the single body fall for different men?

I was intrigued by the trailer and watching unsubbed episodes on the official YouTube channel for The First Half of My Life, so I am happy that Viki has the license and is now streaming it. The drama finishes airing this week in China. Episodes 1-5 are currently fully subtitled in English. This drama is based on the novel of the same name by Yi Shu and stars Ma Yi Li, Lei Jia Yin, Yuan Quan, and Jin Dong. Ma Yi Li’s seemingly perfect life is abruptly interrupted when her husband files for divorce. She turns to powerful business woman/best friend Yuan Quan for support. Yuan Quan’s boyfriend Jin Dong also helps Ma as she gets back into the workforce and the two start falling for each other.

Coming in August we actually have a new Taiwanese drama! Jolin Chien, Mandy Tao, Andy Chen, and Mandy Wei’s Memory Love. I have no idea what this drama is about. The trailer on YouTube looks fairly complicated.


Project S The Series: Side by Side now has episode 1 streaming with English subtitles. They do not release subtitles until the next episode has been released the following week.

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  • Thank you! It’s great that you have gathered all this info in one spot. I like your descriptions and will be checking several of them out. Much appreciated.

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