Asian Dramas on YouTube with English Subtitles–July 22, 2017

I missed updating this on Friday like I promised, didn’t I? I’ve discovered a few more dramas. And as a warning…some of the English subtitles aren’t necessarily the best on these channels. I tried watching William Chen’s and Liu Shi Shi’s drama…you can kind of figure out the gist, but the subtitles aren’t coherent, so be forewarned. If you want to watch Lost Love in , you should do the TV version as those subtitles are better than the awkward full version. Also, some channels have tons of ads. And as some of these dramas are hard-subbed versus closed captioned, pop-up ads block subtitles. For thee full list, click here.

I am not 100% sure on the validity of Caravan’s channel, but they are streaming Chinese dramas Fox in the Screen (under Screen Foxes) and Soul Stitcher with English subtitles. I don’t know how I missed this, but Huace Global Fun channel and China Huace Film & TV channel have more than just My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend and My Amazing Boyfriend with English subtitles. There is also the late Kimi Qiao’s Customize Happiness in which a racer who fears driving after an accident butts head with a woman out to find the “perfect” man; The Investiture of the Gods II, a 2015 historical drama starring Chan Sammul, Li Yi Xiao, Memet Vicky, He Qiang, and Zhang Shuo Wen; TV mini series Justice Bao; and Beggar Hero. If you like Chen Xue Dong, you can watch his period spy drama Decoded.

Nursing Our Love is a 2015 family/romance drama and stars Li Yi Xiao, Hai Lu, Liu Meng Meng, Li Jin Rong, Ye Xiang Min, and Madina Memet. There is also the classic wuxia Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. I’m not sure which version of the drama this is (there’s apparently an 80s version and a 90s version). The Chinese drama inspired by Korean drama My Daughter Seo Young, The Wife’s Lies is also streaming with English subtitles. If you’re into birth secrets and melodrama, check out Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng’s Symphony of Fate in which two “twins” become enemies thanks to falling for the same man. Love Yang Mi and Huang Xuan’s Les Interpretes? Catch the leading male in 2013 drama Love Not for Sale about three people from very different backgrounds bonding while working together to save their supermarket.

Another channel that I don’t know if it’s official or not is ctnTVdrama. This channel is another one encouraging fans to upload subtitles to their videos. The only drama that looks like it has English subtitles is for Hu Ge’s popular Nirvana in Fire. I also discovered NEWTV recently. You can see Han Dong and Lee Wei’s Love Just Come. Melodrama, birth secrets, backstabbing, perfume…and more. Plus, NEWTV is streaming Hot Girl with English subtitles as well. “Girls kick ass, says so on the T-shirt.”

Viki does offer at least Song of the Phoenix streaming with English subtitles on their official YouTube channel. Meanwhile Tanglue Media offers Park Hae Jin’s melodrama Far Away Love in which a girl pretends to be her best friend to create a smooth relationship between her friend and prospective marriage partner. When her friend dies, she tasks her fiancé to take care of the girl he really likes. Also offered is Kevin Yan’s Xiao Shi Yi Lang about a happy-go-lucky thief. Another Croton Media channel offers iPartment Season 4. It’s like a Chinese version of Friends.

If you’re looking for Thai movies with English subtitles, MonoGlobalTV releases films on YouTube from Mono Group. China Hunan TV offers Divas Hit the Road with English subtitles. This is like a variety/reality travel program. Also available is large-scale music competition The Singer 2017; crime variety Who’s the Murderer Season 2 and Crime Scene; Dad Where Are We Going Season 4, season 3; Run for Time Season 2; and Up Idol Season 2.

Making these lists is a bit of punishment. It’s trolling through tons of videos and channels and takes a lot of work. More so than I was originally thinking, lol. The CC notice on videos is helpful, but only if subs are available via closed captioning. Obviously if the subs are embedded directly into the video you don’t get that notice. You also have to pay attention that CC is for English not the original language or some other language. You also have to watch out for Auto-generated CC. Fun.

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