Asian Entertainment Streaming updates – June 19, 2017

Happy Monday, yeorobeun! Time for Asian drama and movie streaming updates for June 19, 2017.

DramaFever has added 2014 Hong Kong drama Black Heart White Soul starring Roger Kwok, Kristal Tin and the awesome Ron Ng (watch his dramas Return of Happiness and My Best Ex-Boyfriend and more on Viki). This crime drama follows Kwok who plays a crippled barrister manipulating a criminal (Tin) and a detective (Ng) as he tries to regain his former glory and spirals on a dark and evil path. This week DramaFever will be adding movies The Admiral, Moss, Project Makeover, Remember You, and Fists of Legend.

Tiffany Tang Princess Weiyoung

It’s been awhile, but Hulu has added some new Asian dramas! Chinese dramas The Princess Weiyoung and Love O2O are now available. The first follows a princess as she takes on the identity of her enemy’s abandoned daughter to take revenge on the people that destroyed her people and kingdom while the latter focuses on the cute and pure first (last, only) love between a beautiful female gamer and the most popular boy on campus (who is also an avid gamer). In Korean dramas, there is Signal where an old radio spans the bridge of time and helps detectives to solve a case.

Holy carp, talk about a Korean drama explosion on Netflix again! If you need some more Park Hae Jin or Jo Dong Hyuk, then you’ll definitely want to check out the action-packed dark and gritty Bad Guys where a disgraced detective forms an elite team of criminals to catch some nasty felons. The only problem is the Mad Dog has a hidden agenda and a secret that connects them all. If you want some fun, check out variety show Abnormal Summit.

If you enjoy a drama about love and figuring out if a new love, past love, or first love is the right person, you can check out all three seasons of I Need Romance: 2011, 2012, 2014. No, they do NOT have the same cast. The premise of these three dramas are the same, but the characters and casts are different. Speaking of series with different casts, Netflix adds the Reply (1997, 1994) series in which we get to see life, love, and coming in age in some historic times from the 80s and 90s in South Korea. But the second season Reply 1988 is not available. Maybe it will be soon.

Returning, we have It’s Okay, That’s Love, This is My Love (aka My Love, Eun Dong), Beating Again (aka Falling In Love with Soon Jung), Secret Affair, and Can We Get Married. As always, full Netflix list is here: /lists/asian-dramas-streaming-on-netflix/.

In YouTube news, Thai drama Slam Dance is now being streamed with English subtitles. Right now, I think they have only released the first two episodes, but stay tuned for others.

If you are into anime, then check out Quan Zhi Gao Shou—The King’s Avatar which Tencent Video is streaming with English subtitles.

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