Asian Entertainment Streaming updates – June 12, 2017

Here comes another round of Asian movies and drama streaming updates from Netflix, Hulu, and DramaFever for the second official week of June 2017. Just as a note, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I try to do these new additions every Monday.

Hulu is now streaming the popular Korean drama Cheese in the Trap about a struggling student who becomes entangled with a seemingly perfect upperclassman with a very dark side, his ex-best friend, and the friend’s vicious sister. I did like this drama, but the problem is I read spoilers and other drama watchers’ opinions and that made me lose all desire to finish this. That said… Park Hae Jin really is an awesome actor. Another Korean drama added that I did not finish is Jealousy Incarnate. While the drama did cover some original plot, it was buried under sometimes trite and trivial melodrama and typical love triangles, family secrets, and feuds. You have a weather girl who dreams of being a news anchor and you have a news anchor who tries to make a comeback only to be diagnosed with breast cancer. And let’s not forget he threw his brother under the bus with a negative news report causing his niece and brother to live sad lives.

I somehow missed seeing Chinese drama Rush to the Dead Summer is now available on DramaFever (titled Love ’til the End of Summer). I think it may have been added last week after my update. This drama is based on a novel of the same name by Guo Jingming and stars Chen Xue Dong, Zheng Shuang, Bai Jing Ting, Xia Zi Tong, and Chai Bi Yun. The drama revolves around a group of friends and spans 10 years from idyllic high school days to the cold realities of life, love, and friendship as adults. Buckle in for a long ride, this is supposed to be 46 episode. I’ve been watching trailers and MVs…it’s going to be hella complicated.

Hey! For all those who were anxiously awaiting the latest Park Hae Jin drama, it’s now available on Netflix! Man to Man also stars Park Sung Woong, Kim Min Jung, Chae Jung An, and Yeon Jung Hoon. This drama follows an elite special agent who must complete secret tasks while pretending to be the bodyguard of an ill-tempered word star. If you’re still in the mood for a time travel drama, you can watch Gong Seung Yeon, Lee Jong Hyun, Kim Yeon Seo, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Lee Jai Jin in 2017 kdrama My Only Love Song about a top actress who runs away in an old van when things go awry filming her latest show, taking her on an unexpected journey.

Kim Kyu Jong’s 2016 drama 28 Moons is now available. The drama follows a florist as she seeks to discover why a mysterious invitation causes her fiance to act strangely. Yang Jin Sung, Kwang Tae Hwan, and Geummi round out the cast. Watch Park Ji Min, Kim Jin Woo, Gwak In Jun, and Kim Gi Du in Magic Phone where an ordinary man reunites with his childhood sweetheart who is now an actress. He uses a magic cellphone to become her protector.

Want some Korean variety? Yoo Se Yoon, Tyler Rasch, Guillaume Patry, and Nikolai Johnson from Non-Summit, lead cast mates on tour of their home countries in The HomecomingAre you missing former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun? Catch his 2016 drama Under the Black Moonlight about a young woman who has the ability to smell death. She joins the art club and instructs one member to leaver her boyfriend or else. The drama also stars Kim Soo Yeon, Kim Seo Ra, Kang Tae Hwan, and Yang Young Jo. Discover Oh Ji Ho outside of historical movies and dramas with My Little Baby. He stars as a top detective who becomes the sole guardian of his six-month-old niece after his sister and her husband pass away. The drama also stars Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Min Jae, and Nam Ji Hyun.

Been hankering for some Joe Cheng and Jiro Wang? Their 2015 drama Singles Villa is now streaming. There exists a villa where you can live only if you are single. Of course, it’s hard to stop these men and women from falling in love and starting relationships. You can watch Wang Kai in 2014 Chinese drama All Quiet in Peking (don’t actually know how big his role is here, though). This drama is set in the 1940s and follows Kuointang leader as he launches a campaign to rid his failing party of corruption.

If you’re interested in Indonesian action flicks, 2016 movie Headshot is now available about a young man who wakes up from a coma and beings to experience memories of brutality that puts himself and his doctor at risk. More interested in a historical Chinese action movie? There’s Sword Master starring Peter Ho, Jiang Mengjie, and Jang Yiyan. This movie is based on the novel The Third Master’s Sword by Gu Long and is about a master swordsman masking himself as a brothel’s janitor, unleashing a violent chain of events.

Are you more of a zombie fan? Or a Gong Yu fan? Or maybe a fan of both? Then check out Train to Busan – the highest grossing film locally in 2016. This is South Korea’s first zombie movie to become a box office hit. The movie follows a man and his daughter who take a harrowing train ride to try to escape to the last city that is still safe from a zombie outbreak. I do enjoy disaster and rescue movies, so I do wonder how good 2016 Korean movie Tunnel will be. A tunnel collapses leaving a man trapped with two bottles of water and his daughter’s birthday cake. This movie stars Bae Doona, Ha Jung Woo, Oh Dal Su, and Kim Jong Soo.

On the Viki front, Korean drama Bad Thief, Good Thief is streaming. The drama stars SNSD member Seolhyun, Kim Ji Hoon, Im Joo Eun, and Ji Hyun Woo. Ji Hyun Woo is a businessman whose father was a thief during the Japanese occupation while Seolhyun is the daughter of pro-occupation group member. She grows up to be a cop and seeks out the truth behind her father’s death. Will these two help each other, or will the truth tear them apart?


  • I recommend giving Jealousy Incarnate anther try. It made me a fan of Cho Jung-Seok in a big way.

    Oh ji ho was goofy fun in My Little Baby as long as you’re not expecting some great story. Adult fluff with a different tone than most Kdramas. And if I recall correctly, episodes are only a half hour long.

    I watched Train to Busan for one reason – Gong Yoo! I don’t do horror. I’m a scaredy cat BUT…Train to Busan was more suspenseful to me than it was scary. It was very good.

  • Train to Busan is an awesome, awesome movie!

  • Martin j simwaba

    Due to being on the wrong side of the world, it’s hard to get ahold of asian dramas. I would’ve loved watch “My Little Baby” partly because of Nam Ji-hyun.

    I wanted so much to watch “Train To Busan” and tried everything i could, all in vain.
    Nonetheless, i enjoy as much as i can

    • @Martin – I don’t know of you can get this link or not, but it’s a legit site in Korea that sells DVD & blueray movies and Kdramas.

      I’ve also purchased a couple of my favorite K movies on ebay.

  • Oh, and have you tried YouTube for Kdramas? Some of the networks, like KBS, offer their shows for free.

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