Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates – June 5, 2017

Because there isn’t a ton of updates for DramaFever, I’m doing their updates with Netflix’s new content for the week of June 5, 2017.

DramaFever has added Korean drama Duel with new episodes added every Monday and Tuesday. This drama stars Jung Jae Young, Yang Se Jong, and Kim Jung Eun. This is a science fiction thriller and while the plot is not like Japanese drama Clone Babies, it is immediately brought to mind for me. So, Jung Jae Young stars as Jang Deuk Chun, the chief of a crime squad who comes from a dangerous past. His daughter is kidnapped bringing him to Sung Joon/Sung Hoon (both played by Yang Se Jong). One is a coldhearted killer while one is afraid of his own shadow. Who is the real person and who is the clone? Or are they both clones? Could be interesting. For a good clone mini series (not Asian), I recommend The Third Twin starring Jason Gedrick and Kelly McGillis. Clone Baby was interesting with the most interesting part being the clones looked nothing alike except for the one that was like 100% of the cloned child. It’s worth a gander if you can find the Japanese drama.

I do like Go Soo. I wish he did more dramas, but he’s pretty much sticking to movies now. Netflix adds original movie Lucid Dream movie about a father who hopes to track down his missing son of three years using lucid dreams. The movie also stars Seol Kyung Gu, Park Yuchun, Kang Hye Jung, and Park In Hwan. If you fell in love with Wallace Chung thanks to more recent dramas General and I or My Sunshine, you can now stream his movie Three (A Hong Kong-Chinese action flick) which also stars Louis Koo, Zhao Wei, Lam Suet, and Lo Hoi Pang.

While not an Asian movie, but a Spanish, Los Ultimos de Filipinas (aka 1898: Our Last Men in the Philippines) focuses on the time Spain was relinquishing the last of its colonies in the Philippines. A battle-fatigued outpost engages in a long, brutal, and bizarre clash with Filipino insurgents. More Indian movies have been added as well, if you want to give those a gander.

image credit Sina

Zhao Li Ying (aka Zanilia Zhao) fans rejoice! Two of her Chinese dramas have made it to Netflix’s streaming library! First we have 2015 drama Best Get Going which also stars Ryan Zheng, Cai Wen Jing, Vanessa Wang, and Justin Chung. Four students preparing to graduate from college venture out into the business world as interns and must learn how to balance friendship and romance with their desire to succeed. Next we have her period drama Rookie Agent Rouge where she is mistaken for a Japanese spy in 1937 China and tries to prove her innocence by finding the real traitor amongst her friends.

Love Jeanettee Aw. She is a great actress usually seen in Mediacorp television dramas (this Singapore station airs dramas in Mandarin). Her 2016 drama The Dream Job is now streaming. Also in this drama is Hugo Ng, Shaun Chen, Rebecca Lim, and Zhang Zhenhuan. Three strangers are offered a job too good to be true – they must pretend to be the children and heirs of a mysterious stranger and help him with his business. There’s secrets upon secrets and underhanded dealings while the mysterious stranger hopes to reconnect with his children.

Produced by the Malaysian branch of Mediacorp, 2015 drama Mind Game stars Tay Ping Hui, Joanne Peh, Zhang Yaodang, Paige Chua, and Akit Tay. This drama follows a brilliant paralegal who teams with a copy, a psychologist, and a woman who can foretell the future to solve a string of bizarre and perplexing mysteries. Wonder if it will be something like Beyond?

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  • This is great!!! Now I can watch Best Get Going! Mind Game was a wild ride and took them forever to sub but I LOVE Singaporean dramas because of their wildness!! My non-drama watching daughter said Lucid Dream was really good! Rookie Agent Rouge has its ups and downs but its a decent watch!

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