Viki June 2017 Releases

Hello, minna-san~ Hope all is well with you. We have some official Viki streaming updates for June and a notice about Im Siwan and Yoona’s forthcoming drama.

First off, there are five Chinese dramas from the past year that will begin streaming on Viki starting on June 19th. Just because these dramas have already finished airing that doesn’t mean English subtitles will be immediately available, so you will have to wait for the subbers to diligently work on these titles just like with simulstreams (I believe…but could be wrong).

Let’s start with The Lover’s Lies (aka The Wife’s Lies 2). This 2016 Chinese drama is a sister production to The Wife’s Lies and stars Jia Qing as Tong Si Ji and Zhang Xiao Long as Yi Yi. You have a woman struggling to support her younger siblings after their parents’ deaths who comes to work part-time at a department store where she falls for the son of the owners. Of course, no road to love is smooth and once her identity is revealed, Yi Yi’s mother does everything she can to keep her son away from Si Ji. Quite honestly, the plot is a very familiar melodrama plot, so not sure i I will check this out or not.

2016 drama The Fatal Mission (aka The Battle of Nujiang) stars Jia Qing, Sean Sun, Ceasar Li, Li Tai, Yuan Shuai, Jin Jia, Di Jie,Chen Meng Qi, and Song Qing. Because period spy thriller dramas were very popular last year (Sparrow, Secret Agent Rouge), here’s another one. A group of special forces are tasked with a mission to locate a secret Japanese camp where intelligence has reported a dangerous biological weapon is being created.

The final 2016 drama being added is Switch of Fate starring Zhao Han Ying Zi, Zong Feng Yan, Gu Qiang Wei, Qian Yong Chen, and Liu Yu Xin. If you can’t tell by the title, someone’s lives are getting switched. When a famous doctor accidentally drowns, the loyal butler his blamed. In retaliation, he switches his daughter with the family’s daughter. Of course these two women’s paths will cross again and our legitimate daughter will be involved in a love triangle. Again, might check this one out. Plot isn’t anything new, but if the acting and story is done right, it could be good.

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We then get to go to 2014 drama The Deer and the Cauldron (aka The Duke and the Cauldron or Duke of Mount Deer). I swear there was an older drama of the same name…or was that a movie? Anywho, this drama stars Han Dong, Wei Qian Xiang and Zhang Meng. Love Han Dong, so I might give this a gander. A witty son of a prostitute is kidnapped and taken to the royal palace where he poses as a eunuch and ends up befriending Kang Xi (so funny, didn’t Han Dong play the son of Emperor Kang Xi in a different drama?) and helping him keep his throne despite all the conspiracies and organizations going against the emperor.

2015 drama A Scholar Dream of Woman, also starring Han Dong, will also be streaming. Zhang Men is also part of this cast. The English title…not quite grammatically correct, but who cares? The drama is set in 1915 during the Early Republic and focuses on Zhang Meng who puts aside her dreams to marry into the wealthy Xuan family who she believes is responsible for her father’s deaths. The third son dies on their wedding night and the Xuan family tortures Bi Yun (Zhang Meng) for his death. The fourth son tries to help her escape, but she hangs tough and even marries him. Could be interesting. Here’s hoping the plot doesn’t become too redundant as is wont to happen in these types of dramas.

Lastly, Im Siwan’s and Yoona’s drama The King Loves will start streaming in July.

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