Official YouTube Channels with English Subtitles

Okay, let us recap. Thanks to the boom of streaming content, providers of official content have started uploading clips or entire dramas on their channels. Some of these content providers have gifted international fans with the magic of legit subtitles (sometimes they aren’t always the best, but they are usually pretty dang good). So, let’s find out who provides some English subtitles for international fans, shall we.

The ones you’re probably already familiar with would KBS World TV, Mnet, and if you follow Thai dramas, then the GMM family of channels. KBS used to have their own on demand streaming service that has long since went by the wayside (MViBO)…well…I actually don’t know for certain if that was actually their’s now that I think about it. Anywho. They are probably the leader in providing South Korean variety shows and dramas from their channels with subtitles in several languages for international fans. They are heavier on the daily and weekend dramas and variety shows than the big name dramas. With MNET, you could find WIN: Who Is Next and iKon’s series with subtitles. They don’t offer a lot of content right now. If you’re a longtime follower of Mnet, then you should know about Mnet America which provides content in English for fans and with English subtitles. It is now renamed on YouTube as KCON.TV.

MBCentertainment offers some English subtitles for some of their content (not a whole lot). I just discovered this today. They offered MBCworld, but this channel hasn’t been updated in several years. MBCkpop offers English subtitles as well on some of their clips. JTBC Entertainment is starting to do more for global fans. They, like other official channels, are actually encouraging people to add subtitles in their native languages for others to enjoy. It’s an interesting concept that’s cropping up more now. Now, these channels don’t offer entire episodes, just short clips with subtitles. Arirang TV has English subtitles on interviews and shows as well.

For Thai dramas, GMM TV and GMM25Thailand have some content with English subtitles, but the majority of their dramas and variety programs uploaded remain unsubbed. I am happy as the next episode of U-Prince’s Hippy story was uploaded today with English subtitles. And if you want English lyrics to some Thai songs, I believe that on some MVs, GMMTV Records translates the lyrics. I would really love it if other Thai YouTube channels that stream their dramas would start adding subtitles. That would be awesome.

Okay, I have found some Chinese/Taiwanese YouTube channels as well. Tencent is a Chinese streaming video website that has a YouTube channel. Now, again, the majority of the content uploaded does not include subtitles, but I have found at least one drama on there that does (Revive: Rebirth of a Superstar…did you know that stars Thai actor Pong Nawat in one of the main roles?). I suppose it’s worth going through their drama videos to see what else they have, if anything.

Letv Official Channel doesn’t have a lot of content, but they do have a drama or two with English subtitles. Evil Minds 2 is streaming with English subtitles at least as well as Who Sleeps My Bro (this title still makes me laugh…it’s awful). They do have notices on other drama playlists that they are waiting on English subtitles (like on Suddenly 17), so who knows how long that will actually take.

YoYo Television Series Exclusive claims to be the “biggest up-to-date Chinese TV series channel on YouTube” that has the latest and greatest “official version of Chinese TV series.” So… I honestly don’t know if this is a legitimate channel or not, especially since Luhan’s Fighter of Destiny series here has fan subs, and they actually encourage you to use the CC feature to help provide them with subtitles for the dramas they stream. .They also have an official movie channel that has several (mostly rather awful/typical revenge love movies). And then another channel called Chinese TV Series Exclusive–Powered by YoYo has movies and dramas with subtitles.

Croton Media’s official YouTube Channel, Croton MEGA HIT Official Channel offers streaming content. Some of which has English subtitles. A lot of their titles stream on DramaFever, so you’ll notice, like with General and I, they say subtitles by DramaFever. There is also CN Drama, which says its the official YouTube channel of Netdrama(中剧独播), which provides Chinese dramas with English subtitles (you can find most of these dramas on Viki as well). Again, not very certain about CN Drama’s legitimacy.

Slowly, but surely, more YouTube channels are providing English subtitles. There is a queer film studio called 99film based in Seoul that offers short and full-length movies, but you do have to purchase or rent them. You can watch previews and MVs for free, though. It’s so weird that there is now paid videos on YouTube. Hard to get used to at times.

Is there any other official YouTube channels that you can add to the list?


  • Wish I could bake you a cheesecake cause you’re so appreciated!

  • Thank you for this post! So useful 🙂

  • So comprehensive! I’m convinced you really do know everything, NeeNee! 😉

  • Evil Minds is AWESOME! I watched both seasons and reviewed both! Poor Revive was cut left and right leaving a story that made little sense from the original novel. I love GMMTV dramas! I’m always happy when they add new content. As usual, I’m surprised other Korean networks haven’t followed suit and offered YouTube channels!

  • I was poking around YouTube and found some new ones and decided I needed to compose a list. When I have more ambition, I’m going to try creating an official page with info on what dramas have subtitles. Whenever I have the time and energy, lol. I gave up on trying to compile a full list of dramas with subtitles each season. It was just too hard, so trying to keep up on this could be just as impossible.

    @NewKdramaAddict I keep waiting for SBS and some of the cable providers, but nada. I find it interesting that Content Providers are now encouraging fans to upload subtitles to their videos. Who would have thought that would ever happen in this day and age?

    • I would think it! They’ve figured out they can get the fans to work for free (Vicki *ahem*). I love Viki’s subs best but it’s difficult when the subbers have school finals and we paying subscribers have to wait. I don’t begrudge the kind subbers who give of their time and energy, but I do begrudge the fact that they are not paid (and therefore I can’t be demanding when my show does not get subbed for over a week or longer).

  • advisorsalliance

    Its becoming a trend with chinese media channels now. Its a good strategy by these companies. Honestly , viki and dramafever do not have much chinese dramas anyways. Its a positive thing that chinese companies are now directly uploading their content directly to youtube, Its almost always in HD quality , and its free.

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