Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates – May 22, 2017

Happy Monday. Time for another round of Asian drama and movie streaming updates from YouTube, Netflix, DramaFever, and Viki for the week of May 22 (my big sister’s birthday, lol).

So, coming soon to Viki (in two days, so Wednesday, May 24?) we have Chinese drama My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend which, from the plot, sounds like an even more complicated and twisted Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase in which a man accidentally orders a male lover and requests a fix only to get a female bot, entering into a complicated love triangle. Hey…I actually saw previews for a BL movie or drama series that sounds similar to this one, too, minus a female robot lover. Previews for that looked interesting, too. Can’t remember the name and I doubt you’ll find it legally streaming anywhere. Not too many BL dramas get licensed for some reason.

Coming at the end of May to Viki, we have Queen for Seven Days starring Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, and Lee Dong Gun. I believe this is the drama where Park Min Young says it’s basically Moonlight Drawn By Clouds several years into the future (plotwise, I guess she means?). This sounds like a very complicated plot. Not only do we have two brothers fighting over the throne, they also fight over the queen who comes from a powerful political family who attempts a coup on the queen’s husband, thus having her expelled after only seven days! Can the queen and king’s love survive?

New dramas are set to start streaming in the next two weeks on DramaFever. See the May Updates post for those. If you didn’t know it, Ode to Joy (a Chinese drama) has a second season currently airing. You can now stream it on DramaFever. This series is based on a novel by Ah Nai. After the events of the first season, have our ladies and their loves gotten more mature? Probably not. You can watch as these women and men navigate through family, love, and work issues once more. And if you enjoyed the main coupling of When A Snail Falls in Love, Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen are back in the second season of this drama.

I didn’t know Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang had a drama that starts airing today. Did you? While the drama airs for the first time tonight, it’s supposed to be available tomorrow on DramaFever. If you love revenge dramas, then Lookout just might be for you. In this drama, a group of individuals who could not get justice thanks to a corrupt and inefficient justice system band together for revenge. Ah, isn’t it funny how we have such similar dramas during a year? I’m thinking of Whisper where two upright people band together and do things outside of the authorities to obtain their justice as well. I might give this drama a gander after I finish Whisper (I’m half way through).

If you like anime, Netflix has added the movie BLAME! where a self-replicating city is determined to eliminate all life while a loner emerges to guide the last remnant of humanity. Like Hong Kong police dramas? Chow Yun Fat’s movie Cold War 2 is now streaming. The movie also stars Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Charlie Yeung, and Janice Man and is about a police commissioner caught in a trap as he is demanded to release the jailed son of a rival if he wants to see his kidnapped wife and daughter. If you like mystery music shows, Hidden Singer is now streaming. Korean pop stars and impersonaters face off to be the last one standing as the audience tries to guess which is the real one by listening solely to the contestants’ voices.

On Youtube, GMM TV is now streaming all of Survey’s U-Prince story and they are teasing Brian‘s which will come soon. Oh, and Puppy Honey 2 first six episodes are now available. I am anxiously awaiting more of Hippy’s story, but still only the first episode is available.

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