Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates – May 15, 2017

Not many new arrivals of Asian dramas and movies, but there is a few…okay, one. If we talk about Asia as a continent, there’s quite a few Indian and Hindi movies and dramas now streaming, but I don’t list those (and if we talked about Asia as a continent…then you’d have to include Russia, too, wouldn’t you?). Ah, just a fair warning, some of the legitimate English subtitles for Asian dramas and movies aren’t always the best even though they are the official subtitles. I discovered this a bit while watching Goodbye, Mr. Black. While not atrocious, they were not the best, either.

Anyways, 2015 Japanese movie Tag starring Reina Triendl, Shinoda Mariko, Mano Erina, Sakurai Yuki, and Takahashi Maryjun is now streaming. The drama revolves around the sole survivor of a freak accident who winds up in a surreal and violent alternate universe. Won’t lie, this movie kind of sounds like a mix of Final Destination meeting the godawful confusing Soul Survivors.

And if you missed it, Hulu has added (re-added?) the original Full House starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo, You’re Beautiful starring Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk, Sungkyunkwon Scandal, and the first Dream High.

If you didn’t already know, KBS World TV streams full dramas (mostly weekend and daily) and variety shows with English subtitles. There’s a bit of delay between when shows air in South Korea and when they are available streaming, but it’s not too awful. And they sometimes add older dramas as well as the more popular shorter dramas. Currently airing daily drama (soon to finish up this month), Still Loving You aka The Shining Eun Soo is streaming as well as the recently finished daily First Love Again. You can also now watch Seo Ji Suk’s latest daily Unknown Woman aka Nameless Woman which started airing in April and started streaming at the beginning of this month. Oh, and My Father is Strange is also now streaming.

If you follow Thai dramas, GMMTV has some new shows streaming. Again, there is a delay between being aired in Thailand and being streamed with English subtitles on YouTube. U-PRINCE Series Firstclass has recently been completed and they are now streaming Survey. I think each drama in this series is 4 episodes or so. They are also now streaming Waterboyy the Series. This drama while somewhat like the movie is quite different since there’s a much larger cast since they have made it a series and a focus on several story lines instead of the main couple’s. The second season of Secret Love series Puppy Honey is also now available and this story focuses more on the BL couple that got their start in the first season. I do wish they’d have even more of their series with subtitles. It would be nice if more official Thai channels that stream complete series would add this.

GMM25 also streams a few dramas with English subtitles. I think I may have found a Chinese drama YouTube, but I have too many subscriptions and am having trouble locating it.

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