Viki Updates – May 8, 2017

Hello, Asian drama lovers. Asian entertainment site Viki has added a few new dramas to enjoy in April. Plus, guess what’s coming up this week?

On April 18th, Viki started streaming Nicky Wu’s (husband of Liu Shi Shi) and Qi Wei’s drama April Star. There’s 39 episodes already available. Subtitles aren’t keeping up with the availability of the videos, so be warned about that (it’s so hard when the videos come so fast, you know?). This drama follows famous television anchor Ye Fan Zing (Qi Wei) as she keeps her relationship with successful businessman Xiao Han (Nicky Wu) under wraps. Of course we have problems crop up due to fame and family. Xian Han’s nephew falls for Fan Zing and another female befriends the anchor in order to get close to Xiao Han. Love can just never go smooth (unless it’s Love O2O). I’ve seen Nicky Wu in so many historical dramas and period dramas, it’s always weird to see him in modern dramas.

On April 28th, Chinese drama Song of the Phoenix began streaming. The subtitles on this drama are coming along better (but there’s less episodes – only 18 available right now with subs in progress on the first 17). This is a historical drama set during the Warring States period. Main cast include Ma Ke, Zhang Xin Yu, and Qiao Zhen Yu.

Coming on May 10th we have Ji Chang Wook’s Suspicious Partner. The drama also stars Nam Ji Hyun, Nara, and Choi Tae Joon. Ji Chang Wook plays a prosecutor-turned-private-attorney. Nam Ji Hyun is a prosecutor-in-training working for Chang Wook’s ex while Tae Joon is Chang Wook’s friend. Ji Hyun becomes a murder suspect, but it turns out the real killer is an amnesiac bent on killing Chang Wook and Ji Hyun.

Coming in two weeks, we have the popular Park Seo Joon’s latest drama Fight My Way also starring Kim Ji Won, Ahn Jae Hong, and Song Ha Yoon. The drama follows four friends with “third-rate” qualifications as they struggle to obtain their dreams.


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