Netflix Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates – May 8, 2017

More Asian dramas, movies, and even a concert! Oh, my. Take a gander at all things Asian that have made their way to Netflix since my last update.

Are you a lover of kpop? You can now watch the 2015 Dream Concert featuring EXO, 4Minute, SHINee, and more. Like Thai horror movies (I run away at the very mention of Eastern horror)? In P, an orphan girl taught magic by her sick grandmother seeks work in seedy Bangkok where bad men run afoul of her dark powers. Prefer a crime thriller instead?¬†Mindfulness and Murder sees an ex-cop turned Buddhist monk investigating a murder at his monastery. With¬†The Last Executioner, you have a biopic about Chavoret Jaruboon, Thailand’s last gun executioner. Are documentaries more your style? Learn more about the life and career of Toshiro Mifune, the star of many Akira Kurosawa films in Mifune: The Last Samurai.

Okay, so now onto Asian dramas.

Korean drama The Miracle/My Secret Diary starring Kim Donghyun, Nahyun, Jin Yang Hak, and Hong Yoon Hwa is now available. This show revolves around fraternal twin sisters who are always at odds that wake up one day to find they have switched bodies. Are you a fan of May-December romances? Or nuna romances? Check out Korean drama What in the World Happened? where a relationship between a 40-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man hits a snag when a greeting card grants the woman’s wish to be young again. This drama stars Go Eun Mi, Jaehyo, Kim Ha Yeon, and Shin Yi.

f(x) member Luna’s drama Jumping Girl is also available. The drama also stars U-kwon, Jung Ha Na, B-Bomb, and Park Ha Seong. When Sang Ah goes to protect an idol from rabid fans, she is misunderstood as a crazy fan herself. In The Cravings, a 30-something woman struggles to juggle her job and personal relationships while pursuing her love of food. This drama stars Park Hee Bon, Choi Phillip, Hong Wan Pyo, Choi Bae Yeong, and Park Hyuk Kwon.

Interested in political dramas? Check out President starring Choi Soo Jong, Ha Hee Ra, Wang Ji Hye, and Sung Min. Jang Il Joon announces his candidacy for president of South Korea and brings on Yoo Min Ki to document the process. At this time, Min Ki discovers Il Joon is his biological father which has him suspect his birth dad of foul play in his mother’s death.

Do you love learning about Japanese tradition and culture? You can now watch Japanese Style Originator to learn about culture, food, and art and the people continuing the traditions today. Oh, and I forgot to list Samurai Gourmet last time. This follows a recent retiree as he rediscovers his passion for food.

And while not an Asian drama, there is a South Korean aspect to Netflix original series Sense8. Season two is now starting to stream! Oh, and there’s more Hong Kong dramas available! Check out Elite Brigade starring Gordon Liu, Lam Lei, Ken Wong, Thor Lok, and Anson Leung. This drama focuses on firefighters and paramedics as they depend on one another through fires and other emergencies. Another Hong Kong drama available now is The Neighborhood about a young woman who left behind her sleepy hometown only to be forced to return to run the family business when her father is injured in a car accident.


  • And we are still waiting for Man to Man in the US! I’m amazed at the number of foreign movies and dramas that are coming!!

  • Good synopsis on Netflix’s current shows. Here’s my ratings on what I’ve seen so far (0-bad, 10-outstanding):

    P – 7/10 (Seedy and creepy)
    2015 Dream Concert – 7/10 (I might be too old to really appreciate it, but i liked the energy! Choreography is top notch.)
    Mifune:The Last Samura – 8/10 (Great documentary on him)
    Sense8 – 10/10 (Outstanding writing and acting! Maybe the best show that no one is seeing!)
    Elite Brigade – 5/10 (Repetitive stories and choppy editing)

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