DramaFever May 2017 Drama Additions

Guess what dramas are coming to DramaFever in May 2017? Can’t guess? Then read on.

Starting on May 10th, we have Ruler: Master of the Mask staring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun. Historical dramas seem to be really popular right now if you look at the trends overall (yes, I know there’s always historical dramas, but it’s saying something when a lot of networks are doing primetime, shorter dramas than the longer running saeguks). This drama revolves around Crown Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung Ho) battling against an evil organization that controls the water supply.

Also coming up on May 10th, you’ll find Ji Chang Wook’s latest drama. Ah, my loveable, hot-tempered Donghae. I’d love to see him with his co-star from Smile, Donghae again. Anywho, Love in Trouble aka Suspicious Partner will be streaming this week. The drama revolves around a prosecutor and his new intern (who don’t get along very well yet) who must deal with an amnesiac murderer who only remembers to kill them.

On May 22nd, Yeo Jin Goo and Gong Seung Yoon’s sci-fi thriller Circle will begin streaming. The drama follows a college student who discovers an alien. Then on May 25th, you have My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend Season 1 This drama stars Bai Shu, Leo Li, and Evira Cai. This sounds like a severely screwed up version of Absolute Boyfriend. In this drama, a shy guy sends away for the perfect robot lover only to receive a male robot! In trying to fix this, he gets sent a female bot that syncs with his other bot to form a messy love triangle.

Love Joo Won? Want to see him in another historical drama at long last (come on Gakistal fans, you know you want to)? His drama My Sassy Girl 2017 premieres on May 29th. This is set during the Joseon Dynasty and follows the romance between cold-heart Gyun Woo and the troublemaking princess Hyemyung.

If you prefer to marathon dramas to avoid the agony of live watching and all that waiting, Lovely Love Lies starring Hyun Woo and Park Soo Young (aka Joy) ends tomorrow and My Secret Romance starring Sung Hoon and Secret’s Song Ji Eun will be completed on May 23rd.

Oh, and I don’t know the official release date, but Behind Your Smile (an addictive Taiwanese drama from late 2016-early 2017) will be coming to DramaFever. Ah, but whatever you do, do NOT believe DramaFever’s synopsis, it’s not correct. There is no curse that condemned our leading male to immortality. Since our leading male is sort of a Faustian character, I think someone took great liberties with the translating/creating this outlook on the drama. I’ve seen it elsewhere, and it just annoys me. What we do have is a young man (Marcus Chang) bent on revenge against a young woman’s mother for the destruction of his family. He has no desire to hurt the daughter and is inexplicably drawn to her. Can he get his revenge or will his refound emotions get the better of him?


  • I still don’t understand where the synopsis for Behind Your Smile came from. I enjoyed that one , and it introduced me to the yummy Marcus Chang.

    • I know, right? But that evil synopsis crops up everywhere, lol. I’m definitely looking for more Marcus Chang in the future.

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