Viki Drama Streaming Updates – April 2017

Not a lot of updates from my last post on dramas currently streaming on Viki, but there are a few.

Chinese drama Across the Ocean to See You is now streaming on Viki and subtitles are in progress! Wang Li Kun works overseas, but heads back to headquarters after her philandering husband divorces her. When rumors at her company begin to fly, Zhu Ya Wen (who constantly clashes with her) ends up saving the day and romance begins to bloom.

Chicago Typewriter Korean Drama

image courtesy of Viki

Yoo Ah In’s drama Chicago Typewriter is also available. The drama also stars Go Kyung Po and Im Soo Jung (I swear that girl is everywhere in Korean dramas of late!). Yoo Ah In plays a popular writer (who was a writer in a past life, too) suffering from writers block who seeks to hire ghost writer Go Kyung Po who agrees on a condition that our author may not be able to meet. Add in Im Soo Jung who dislikes Yoo Ah In and you have the start of a complicated drama.

Also now available is the seriously, seriously complicated Sister is Alive. This drama stars Kim Joo Hyun, Jang Seo Hee, Oh Yoon Ah, and Kim Dasom. These women live separate unconnected lives until they all suffer tragic losses on the same day. They struggle to survive and discover the truth behind the events of that day.

Surgeons, a Chinese drama starring Jin Dong, Bai Bai He, and Li Yi Jun, is streaming with subtitles in progress. Two doctors struggle to find answers to a death that occurred almost 30 years ago that changed both their families for life. Hawick Lau’s Medalist Lawyer Heir is also available and subs are slowly being worked on. This 2017 Chinese drama stars Jiang Xin as a woman who goes to work for a famous inheritance law attorney in order to get back what was robbed from her.

Also available is Choi Jin Hyuk’s time-traveling crime drama Tunnel where he ends up jumping 21 years into the future to catch a killer.


  • I was really liking Chicago Typewriter but do all the men have to like the same girl? It’s going to get messy! Looking forward to Surgeons.

    • Of course they do! Because even though there’s tons of women out there only one is “the right one” for every male in dramaland. I plan on checking the drama out after checking out more episodes of Whisper.

      Even though it’s not the exact same plot, reading the synopsis of Surgeons reminded me of Angel Eyes.

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