Netflix Asian Drama Streaming Updates from January/February/March 2017

Overdue. Long overdue. I know. Life just sucks more often than you would like. So let’s get onto the Asian dramas that Netflix has added to its streaming library in late January, February, and March. Believe it or not, it takes hours to maintain this list! Full list available here: /lists/asian-dramas-streaming-on-netflix/. DramaFever and some more Viki announcements coming soon.

Korean Dramas

2016 kdrama The Sound of Your Heart starring Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Dae Myeong, and Jung So Min is now available. This is another drama based on a popular webtoon about a cartoonist’s daily life and those of his girlfriend and family. Speaking of Jung So Min her drama with Kim Young Kwang D-Day is also available. This drama follows the lives of doctors and rescue workers during the aftermath of a catastrophic earthquake.

Lovers of Infinite, rejoice! Seungyeol’s drama Love for Ten: Generation of Youth is now available. He plays a nerdy engineering student who falls for an outgoing pretty girl and joins a theater group to get close to her. Speaking of Infinite, L’s drama One More Time is available. This drama also stars Yoon So Hee, Kim Ki Doo, Kim Chang Hwan, and Ji Su. L is an indie musician who experiences time slips in order to save his girlfriend.

Ah, these dramas’ English titles can be interesting…and misleading…and just weird sometimes. The literal translation of Choi Jung Won’s drama is Her Legend, but Netflix has the title listed as Love in Her Bag. The gist of this drama is a young orphan moves in with her aunt and uncle where she is mistreated. She comes into contact with a childless wealthy woman who wishes to adopt her. A car accident happens and the wealthy woman disappears from her life without a trace. Meanwhile, her cousin steps into her place as the woman’s adopted daughter. Years later their paths cross again as both women are working in the designer bag industry. Have not finished this drama. It wasn’t bad…but you see one drama like this and you really have seen them all.

Sung Joon has been very prolific of late, hasn’t he? His drama Madame Antoine is now available. This drama focuses on a woman who is a fake fortune teller and a cold-hearted psychologist who uses her unknowingly in an experiment about love. Kim So Hyun’s Nightmare High (aka Nightmare Teacher) is also available now. The drama revolves around the appearance of a new teacher at the same time that students’ dreams/nightmares start to become reality. The class president sets out to unravel the mystery. Na Jong Chan, Nam Bora, and Joo Da Young star in Spark about a young woman’s life that gets jump-started after she and a musical genius are struck by the same falling star.

Only two more Korean dramas to go! Next up is Tong: Memories about a young man with a short temper and no patience for bullies that gains a legendary reputation as the bet street fight in Busan. And lastly we have Lee Yo Won, Jin Goo, Uee, Jung Hae In, and Jeon Gook Hwan’s White Nights. This drama focuses on a coldhearted heiress, a man from her past, and a new hire in her company as they become entangled in a battle for money and power.

Just a quick note that these Korean dramas are no longer available at this time (they expired in January/February): Can We Get Married?, Falling for Jung Soon, Heartless City, Love Again, My Love Eun Dong, Padam Padam, Seonam Girls High School Investigators, Syndrome, and Secret Love Affair.

Chinese Dramas

Not much on this front. Added we have 2015 drama Crime Scene Investigation Center (aka CSIC or iHero). The drama stars Janel Tsai, Jason Wang, Kurt Chou, Mini Tsai, and Soda Voyu. The drama revolves around a team of experts that use high-tech means to solve complicated cases.

The director’s cut of Empresses of the Palace has been removed.

Hong Kong Dramas

Who knew? I didn’t! 2012 Hong Kong drama Gambler is now available. This drama series follows people from all walks of life who slide from gambling for fun to a full-blown gambling addiction. The drama stars Det Dik, Amy Fan, Canti Lau, Pierre Ngo, and John Chiang. Also available, we have 2014 drama IT Champions starring Danny Summer, Sammul Chan, Jason Chan, Zac Kao, and Joman Chiang. IT professionals young and old reveal inspirations, roadblocks, triumphs, and heart breaks.

2014 My Family Doctor (aka The Family Doctor) revolves around a wise-cracking doctor who butts head with a serious colleague after taking over his father’s clinic.

Taiwanese Dramas

Tammy Chen and Kingone Wang’s Happy 300 Days is now streaming. This drama revolves around a woman who heads back to her hometown after an unexpected pregnancy. She moves into a house with three men who would make great dads. Who will she choose?

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