Viki Streaming Updates–March 2017

As you may or may not know, on Valentine’s Day my grandfather experience severe chest pain and was rushed to the hospital where it was confirmed he needed a triple bypass. Next was a whirlwind of sheer terror, worry, and the craziness entailed with a very major open heart surgery. He’s been back home with me almost a month now and his general restrictions have been lifted, but it’s really hard to get back into the swing of things. So, my apologies for a longer absence than what I had intended. I’m slowly trying to start with streaming updates and then move back into recaps and reviews. We’ll see how that goes.

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Chinese Dramas

Thanks to Gong, I fell in love with Feng Shao Feng. Viki is now streaming his drama The Starry Night, The Starry Sea about a merprince who seeks out a down on her luck young woman on a small island in hopes of getting his stolen pearl back (supposedly her ancestors may have stolen it). He has no idea about the modern world and creates havoc for Shen Luo who must also deal with her beloved grandfather’s cancer diagnosis.

Magic Star features Chen Xiang, Leo Wu, Zhang Yu Xi and Zheng He Hui Zi. The drama revolves around Bai Ze who is sent to search for five mystical stars that can help bring peace in these perilous times. During his quest, he is joined by fellow teens and you know conflict and havoc and lots of fighting will ensue. The second season of The Legend of Chusen is also now available and picks up the story (I’m assuming) where season one left off with the young hero played by Li Yi Feng being torn between his people and his lady love.

After playing poor bad boys, Roy Qiu seems to be on a role of wealthy bad boys. Added is 2014 Chinese drama Wine Beauty which also stars Myolie Wu, Joy Pan, Mao Zi Jun, and Zuan Lin. A young heiress (Myolie Wu) struggles to preserve her family’s wine business while fighting against her stepmother (what else is new?), losing her longtime boyfriend (and the reappearance of his ex!) while trying to earn her sommelier license at Roy Qiu’s family winery. He, by the way, has given up on the family business to pursue rock.

Yang Yang, Zhang Han, and William Chan fans rejoice! Their 2015 drama The Four is now available. This drama also stars the (somewhat mediocre) Zheng Shuang, He Sheng Min (what have I seen him in before…), Emma Wu, Janine Chang, Han Dong (why is he like always supporting cast or second male lead?), and Huang Ming. As you may imagine, the drama follows four young detectives/guards who excel in different forms of martial arts as they try to maintain justice.

I’ve been curious about 2016 drama Sparrow, so now I hope to give this one a shot once episodes are available. I am a little confused as this has been officially licensed, but it looks like it didn’t launch on March 16th like it was supposed to and someone on the channel said it was March 20th, so stay tuned to the channel, viewers and Li Yi Feng lovers. And this is another period spy drama, by the way. It was the season for those last year.

Another Zhang Han drama is soon to start streaming! This time its his 2016 drama The Classic of Mountains and Seas. I don’t know why, but I’m so reminded of Greek mythology reading the plot. You have a young man abandoned by his parents due to a prophecy that he will kills his father (did you know Zeus’s father and Zeus himself had this prophecy?). Actually…this type of plot creeps up in mythology quite a bit. Anywho, Zhang Han sets out to find the goddess Su Mo to help end a horrible drought. Of course there are opposing forces that don’t want this dry season to end. This is supposed to start streaming on March 29, 2017.

Nicky Wu’s 2012 drama The Bride With White Hair has been officially licensed, but no episodes available yet that I can see and I don’t know when any will be available. It’s a time of turmoil and the crown prince is sent with rations and fodder to famine-struck regions. Also added is Dilraba Dilmurat’s 2016 drama Hot Girl about a rebellious young woman who desires something out of the ordinary and stumbles upon a bodyguard school where Ma Ke is training “hot girls” to be bodyguards. And exciting news! The original Whirlwind Girl starring Yang Yang and Hu Bing Qing is now licensed. A young orphan slowly makes friends on her journey to become a top Taekwondo fighter.

In new dramas, the Chinese version of the popular Korean drama Jang Bo Ri is Here! is streaming (it’s called Because of Meeting You). A young girl who is the daughter of a famous embroidered shop is left with amnesia and raised by a poor woman who has a daughter as well. While her adopted mother’s daughter slowly starts taking over her place, she starts showing interest and talent in embroidery. This leads to fights and much more.

Taiwanese Dramas

Now streaming is 2017 drama Just for You which stars Patrick Lee, Jolin Chien, Esther Huang, and Vera Yen. The story follows two brothers who lead very different lives and the women they love—we have one brother who have up his dream of being a national athlete to become a plumber to support his family and the other brother who went on to become a famous lawyer.

Chris Wu and Ivy Shao’s current drama The Perfect Match is also now available. Chris Wu plays a top chef who becomes angered when people too poor to eat his food say that a night market woman’s creations are just as good or even better so he sets out to challenge his “rival.”

In five days, The Masked Lover is coming. This drama stars Leroy Yang and Mini Tsai. Mini Tsai plays twins—one  tough mob boss and the other a sweet girl living overseas. When our mob boss gets into an accident, the other twin is brought how to assume her sister’s identity. Thrust into the crazy life, she starts depending on Leroy Yang and falls in love with him. What will happen when her twin returns to reclaim her life?

Korean Dramas

Why is it that Yoon Sang Hyun plays a man who ends up cheating? His drama Perfect Wife which also stars Ko So Young, Im Se Mi, Jo Yeo Jeong, and Sung Joon is streaming. Essentially life goes completely down hill for Ko So Young. She loses her job, finds out her husband is cheating on her, and loses her apartment. She has to struggle to keep her family together while life keeps getting in the way.

Park Hyun Sik trades in his historical king title to be a rich chaebol who splits from his family to make it on his own and becomes enamored with a young woman who suffers from a gift/curse (played by Park Bo Young) in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Another reason to watch this romantic comedy/thriller/detective drama? Ji Soo is Hyun Sik’s rival for Bong Soon’s affections. Speaking of crime dramas and thrillers, check out Ji Sun’s latest Defendant about a star prosecutor who must prove his innocence after being falsely accused of killing his wife. Just the generic plot reminds me of The Fugitive. Anywho, this drama also stars Kwon Yuri, Son Yeo Eun, Uhm Ki Joon,and Uhm Hyun Kyung.

Obsessed with Jang Hyuk? Check out his drama Voice where he plays a detective whose world is torn apart when a serial killer murders his wife. The drama also stars Lee Ha Na, a top police academy graduate who studied voice profiling in the US; Baek Sung Hyun, Jang Hyuk’s partner; Yesung, a master hacker; and Son Eun Seo, a multilinguist. Want something a little more lighthearted? Check out Nam Goong Min’s latest Chief Kim where he’s a gifted accountant for gangsters who is reformed by office politics after he gets into a major corporation with goal of embezzlement.

Itching for some historical Robin Hood-like fun and drama? Check out another Hong Gil Dong drama called Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People. Starring Yoon Kyung Sang, Kim Sang Joong, Kim Ji Suk, Chae Soo Bin, and Honey Lee, this drama follows Hong Gil Dong as he becomes the leader of a rebel band who steals from the wealthy to give to the poor and challenges the tyrannical king. Although, I highly recommend checking out Hong Gil Dong starring Kang Ji Hwan, Song Yuri, and Jang Geun Suk if you can find it (I think DramaFever has it..?) as it is a great drama, too. Speaking of historical dramas, check out Saimdang, Light’s Diary starring Lee Young Ae as a modern woman who is an art history lecturer. As her world falls apart, she discovers the secret diary of Shin Saimdang and struggles to restore her life and career.

Looking for a family drama? Check out Father is Strange starring Kim Young Chul, Kim Hae Sook, Jung So Min, Ryu Hwa Young, Min Jin Woong, Lee Joon, and Lee Yoo Ri. A family is turned upside down when a young former idol turned actor claims to be the father’s son. Can their family remain intact with this bombshell?

Viki original web dramas Girl’s War and Fortuneteller’s Secret Recipe are coming soon. The dramas star Ryu Hwayoung and are the next installments in the “Traces of Hand” series. The first drama is about a young woman who dreams of becoming an idol, but family circumstances shelved that dream until a survival competition comes along to revive it. The last drama is about a kindergarten teacher who suddenly develops the ability of a fortuneteller and thus she gives up her normal job to become a famous and wealthy shaman. As her skills fade, can a newly discovered app save her?

Coming in April is Choi Kang Hee’s and Kwon Sang Woo’s Mystery Queen about a woman who loves mysteries and wishes to become a detective. She gave up that dream after marriage to a prosecutor. She then meets a passionate detective and they collaborate to solve cases. Also coming in late March/April is Lee Bo Young’s Whisper which also stars Lee Sang Yoon, Kwon Yool, and Park Se Young. Bo Young is a detective fighting petty crime and drowning in her family’s debut while Sang Yoon is a righteous judge who achieved success solely on his own (he’s not from a wealthy background). Kwon Yool plays a wealthy lawyer devoted to increasing/keeping the profits of his corporate clients and Park Se Young is a spoilt heiress who always gets her way.


  • Never need to apologize for not posting. Hope you have a refreshing spring after the hard winter!

    • But I always do feel apologetic. Especially since I’ve been bad in doing any types of postings. No recaps or reviews, but I am attempting to keep on top of streaming releases.

  • Glad your grandfather is on the mend! 🙂 Also, like heisui said, no worries about not posting. Family & RL always come first, the dramaverse will always be here when you’re ready! 🙂

    • I’m happy, too. As soon as he got the clearance from his doctor, he skedaddled to AL to spend time with my dad & half-siblings. He’s enjoying himself without me, lol.

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