Music of the Moment: Behind Your Smile OST

Oh, a drama can be made so much better with it’s soundtrack…it can also tank even more with a bad soundtrack. Taiwanese drama Behind Your Smile has some wicked good songs that have some very relevant lyrics…but at the same time some of the songs’ lyrics don’t make sense especially when playing songs with certain scenes. But…at least the music really is good.

Our opening song is “He Isn’t Worth It” [是他不配/Shì tā bùpèi] by Shi Shi [孫盛希 Sun Shengxi]. The song is amazing. Shi Shi has such a lovely voice and I love the rock edge which is surprising given the song starts out like a piano ballad. Just that chorus…freaking amazing! And this is a song where the Mandarin and English combine to make sense. Of course, when you see the lyric translation while watching this drama on Viki…there’s some issues with consistency and this odd thing of second person vs. third person switching…but again…can’t detract from just how awesome this song really is. GET IT NOW! lol. I recommend supporting Shi Shi and buying her album Between. There is a lot of great songs on it.

Speaking of great songs by Shi Shi, her song “Don’t Panic” is also part of Behind Your Smile‘s OST. Again, the song really is fitting for the drama. This song is also available on her album Between.

Oh…And, she also contributes “Lost on the Way” [迷些路/Mí xiē lù] to this soundtrack as well. Again, the song is available on her album Between. The song features Matzka and his husky singing style really suits her singing. Their collaboration is just awesomeness.

I was just thinking that I wasn’t familiar with 831 while also thinking their music sounded so familiar, lol. I completely forgot how I fell hard for their song “Why I Cried” back in 2015 when I started a “Music of the Week” series. I’m too bad at being consistent so Music of the Week or Song of the Week disappeared along with Album of the Month. So now I do random Music of the Moment posts. Enough digression!

This awesome emo-punk band contributes a song that is very suiting to Zhao Yiting’s conflicted character “Not Your Business/None of Your Business” [不關你的事/Bù guān nǐ de shì]. You can’t tell how much I love rock music, can you? This drama is filled with rock songs which makes me like it quite well and rock really suits the situations going on. You can just imagine Zhao Yiting telling people to leave him alone as he was fine living in his closed off world while trying to exact his revenge. You can buy this song on 831’s album Survival Guide.

The only other song that is not by Shi Shi is Yisa Yu’s [郁可唯/Yu Kewei] “Revert” [倒流/Dàoliú]. This is the only honest-to-goodness ballad. It makes a nice break from our more rock-infused tracks.

There is no official OST release that I am aware of, so you get to cobble your own together from these separate albums. I do recommend buying all of them in their entirety as they are all very good.

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