New Year, New Asian Dramas Streaming!

Happy New Year! As promised, below are some streaming updates for Asian dramas to make your new year a little brighter!


Watch Angelababy (Song in the Clouds) and Wallace Chung (My Sunshine) in General & I about two star-crossed lovers living in a time of war. Bai Ping Ting is a brilliant young woman with the wisdom to suppress any man while Chu Bei Jie is an undefeated warrior. Can these two overcome all obstacles and retain both their lives and their love? Joe Chen’s tomb raiding action drama Candle in the Tomb is now streaming. At long last popular Korean drama Misaeng makes its way onto DramaFever and they have also added Shopping King Louis.

Coming Friday (aka tomorrow), DramaFever will start streaming the Director’s Cut version of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. Does this mean it will have the cut scenes added?


Streaming giant Netflix adds lots of TTV Taiwanese dramas! An Innocent Mistake which stars Jason Wang, Mathilde Lin, and Mo Tzu Yi, is centered on a young teen raised by three mothers whose life is thrown into turmoil with the arrival of a father-figure whose son she might just drive away. In In Between (starring Janel Tsai, Johnny Lu, Darren Chiu), an author having trouble finishing a new romance novel refreshes his romantic bones when he meets a flight attendant. And who doesn’t like Christopher Lee (the Asian actor, not the British)? You can watch him in A Good Wife about a wife whose life is crumbling and the gentle bookstore owner she has an affair with. Jade Chou, Chris Wu, Duncan, and Kimi Hsia star in What is Love? a Taiwanese drama centering on a woman who believes in marriage and monogamy who meets a philandering playboy. Who will give up their ideals and lifestyle? Tian Xin stars as a plastic surgeon who helps fat man Leroy Young win back his runaway bride with a full-body makeover in Who’s the One, but what happens where she starts to fall for him, too?

Check out the awesome Tony Yang in Ex-Boyfriend! I know fans who will be cheering to finally be able to watch the entire series with English subtitles. In this drama a woman is haunted by a traumatic event which ended a high school romance. Jut her luck, she gets a new subordinate at work and its a former sweetheart! Speaking of Tony Yang, Tammy Chen’s drama Happy 300 Days is now available. This girl is great from melodrama to comedy and she had some killer chemistry in Love Forward where she starred with Tony Yang. In this drama Tammy heads home after an unexpected pregnancy and shares a house with 3 nice men who would make great dads. Who will she choose?


Remakes abound in the Asian drama world. China is taking on last year’s (was it last year…?) hit drama She Was Pretty. The Chinese title is Pretty Li Hui Zhen. If you’re not familiar with the Korean drama, a woman who was a beautiful young girl turns into a plain Jane thanks to the hardships in her life is reunited with her first love who is now drop dead gorgeous (he was once a chubby little darling). Of course, she’s too afraid to face him as she is now and gets her rich and pretty friend to pretend to be her. Hi-jinks always ensue. Rain’s Chinese drama Diamond Lover comes to Viki with a special cut edition. This premiers in 4 days (January 9th). Oh, and Tiffany Tang is also in this. Rain plays the frugal CEO of the world’s largest diamond company who doesn’t believe in wasting time on relationships…until he meets Tiffany Tang. I love the note about what it means that this is a “special cut”: “This is a recut version of the original drama, which has reduced the number of episodes from 68 to 24 and has a happier ending than the originally aired drama.”

Love & Life & Lie just started streaming yesterday. This drama stars Zhou Dong Yu, Ye Qing, Jia Jing Hui, and Chen Xiao and is an adaptation of novel Glass Slippers by Zheng Yuan. An optimistic poor girl (really…is there any other kind of poor person in Cinderella dramas?) moves into the home of a wealthy man after an accident occurs. Of course she happens to fall in love with a friend of the daughters’ and life gets crazy. Can our poor Cinderella overcome all obstacles for love? I’ll definitely give this a try. Subs are in progress, so fingers crossed it will be at 100% soon. Oh, and who would have guessed it? Proud of Love gets a second season which will start streaming on January 11th.


  • Always love finding lists like these when I fall off the Asian drama train for a little while. I can’t wait to check these out😊

  • I watched In between, it was pretty good except the female lead was a bit annoying. Currently watching What is love? which I feel is going a bit slow as I am trying to keep the interest going with that one.
    I watched She was pretty and I loved it, don’t know how the Chinese version will be its currently on Viki so I will watch a few episodes and see how it goes.
    Other wise I will look out for the other ones.

  • Anyone else really love that Netflix is in on this Kdrama thing? Yay Netflix! I think they’re making an original Kdrama of their own, too, aren’t they? Don’t quote me on that. I think I heard that somewhere.

    Nice to meet you, and I’m glad to follow your blog!


    • Nice to meet you, too, Devon. It’s nice that they are adding more. I would really love to see more Japanese and Chinese dramas come through, though.

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