Devil Lover Episode 3 Recap

Always a complex drama. I think it will take awhile before all our puzzle pieces start coming together. Now that we are adding Pie’s parents into the mix, things are just getting more complicated…oh and let’s not forget that Kirin (remember he’s Pie’s bestie) is taking a shine to Momoko (who has a crush on Sora after watching over him for so many years now).

This episode is relatively simple, so there actually isn’t a need to go into a great deal of depth here.

Pie’s parents assume the worst by finding a half naked man in Pie’s apartment (not to mention the clothing with the white stains on them…I think it was mayo). Poor Pie and Sora can’t get a word in edgewise since mommy and daddy are grilling them without allowing them to answer. Pie’s mom then interrupts and wonders what Kevin will think. This confuses Pie. Who is Kevin? Mother’s future son-in-law, that’s who! Pie is horrified that her parents are trying to arrange a marriage between her and a stranger, so she quickly confesses she and Sora are in that kind of relationship and what her parents imagined did happen. This earns her a scolding that gets interrupted by a phone call reporting an emergency at work so both her parents have to run. They do tell her that she is to meet them and Kevin for dinner in a few days.

After all of this, Sora goes to leave and the two finally properly introduce themselves to one another. Took them long enough. They then part ways and Sora sets up a meeting with Kirin. As he’s about to enter her building, Kirin sees Momoko standing outside just staring up at the apartments. He smiles and goes up to her giving her his personal autograph and phone number. Momoko is baffled, especially with Kirin referring to her as a fan. Say what? When two teenage girls come up to get a picture taken with Kirin, Momoko makes good on an escape.

Kirin then goes to Pie’s apartment since Momoko is gone and takes Pie out to lunch. She explains the woes about Kevin and her parents and Kirin wonders if this Kevin could possibly be the owner of Kirin’s entertainment agency. Not possible, right? Kirin’s advice to Pie is to find a guy to play the boyfriend and take him to the dinner. Where can Pie possibly find a guy willing to do that? She then spies Sora who has been hanging around the bank once more in hopes of his parents arriving. She motions Sora over and officially introduces her best friend to her new friend. Sora is quick to agree to help Pie out. He then asks for help in return. What help does he need? Help finding his mom and dad. Pie is quick to sling questions at him that he can’t answer without revealing his psychic abilities and what happened all those years ago. Pie apologizes for the questions and volunteers both her help and Kirin’s (which, of course, shocked Kirin, lol).

Kirin tells Sora to sketch his parents since he doesn’t have a photograph, so Pie gives Sora her phone to draw on. Kirin peeks at Sora’s drawing and talks about how great it is. He then takes the phone and shows it to Pie. There’s no way anyone would be able to recognize Sora’s parents from the sketch since it’s a nice cartoon drawing. Pie then remembers an app (there’s of course an app for everything!) where you take a photo of yourself and use it to create sketches of your parents (possible your kids, too. She takes Sora’s picture and asks him questions about who he takes after and features he remembers his parents having. She then shows him what the app came up with and Sora is amazed. The black and white renderings really do resemble his parents.

Kirin has to beg off to do a recording leaving Pie and Sora alone to begin the hunt. They have no luck talking to people around the area of the bank, but the two don’t give up. Pie even prints posters with the renderings on them asking people to call her if they have any information. Sora and Pie then post them and hand them out. There’s a lot of montages with this. Pie decides to bring Sora back home with her permanently until his parents are found. He agrees to this only if she allows him to help out with rent and expenses. Sora will not leave the cell phone alone. He watches over it like a hawk and is greatly disappointed when it doesn’t ring. This concerns Pie since Sora isn’t sleeping or really eating.

Pie decides to distract Sora by taking him to do things she does. They go to her pottery class and she even asks him if he’d like to spar with her (he turns that suggestion down since he was taught not to fight/hit girls). Sora, of course, wants nothing to do with these attempts to distract him and cheer him up. When a call finally does come, it’s a SPAM call from some business. Pie then asks him what he would do in Japan if he was blue. Next we see Pie surprising Sora with a giant bag of chocolates while they have chocolate dipped fruit in a café. That’s right. Sora is a chocolate junkie. Momoko watches his interactions with Pie from a distance and smiles as she sees the adorkably happy kid side of Sora (Pie finally got him to get his mind off the search for his parents). The smile then fades and she leaves only to run into Kirin (who was meeting Pie, by the way).

Kirin starts following her and gets a rude awakening when Momoko easily subdues him and twists his arm behind his back. Our young woman is annoyed when he goes to leave and then turns back and tells her to hide since there is a reporter. So…Kirin wants a girlfriend but doesn’t have the balls to be open about a relationship? This does not impress Momoko. Kirin tries to explain that she doesn’t understand, but she yells out to the reporter which sends Kirin running to escape.

We end this episode with Pie and Sora showing up at the restaurant where she is to meet Kevin and her parents. Sora isn’t quite clear on just what he needs to do, so Pie explains things again and tells him to just follow her lead when in doubt.

Hijinks bound to ensue. Oh…and a bakery owner recognized Sora’s parents and will get in touch if they see them again. Fingers crossed!

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