Christmas Countdown 2016 Day 6

Ballads and fall and winter really go together, don’t they? That’s why so many ballad groups are so active at the end of the year, isn’t it? What better way to celebrate the season than to have a song from top Korean ballad group Noel? Close your eyes and listen to their lovely voices as they sing 눈 내리는 날 (Nun naerineun nal/A snowy day). Oh…and did I mention this is live? It was a performance 3 years ago for an MBC radio show. The audio quality isn’t 100%, but their voices are still amazing, aren’t they?

I think it’s a happy thing that more Asian artists can be found in the iTunes store and in Apple Music. If you are an Apple Music subscriber, you can stream their album. As always, support the artists by purchasing their albums.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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