Viki, Hulu, & DramaFever Streaming Updates

I’m so behind on these. Yes, I am. Worse than with Netflix updates. So, here are the Asian dramas newly streaming to Viki, Hulu, and DramaFever in November and December.


When A Snail Falls in Love is over. Sad day. But, there are new dramas to whet your appetite…with Wang Kai, no less. You can now watch him with Joe Chen in Stay With Me about a woman who ends up losing her memories and thinking her ex is her current lover. And speaking of Joe Chen, her Candle in the Tomb (about an archaeologist entrusting tomb raiders to find her missing father) is available. No subs yet. If you’re a Lee Min Ho fan (I like the younger Lee Min Ho, but that’s just preference, this one is okay, too), or Shin Min Ah fan their The Legend of the Blue Sea is currently streaming. There is also the confusing drama with a cool opening MV Behind Your Smile. Supposedly this drama is about an immortal cursed to live among humans who ends up falling for a rich girl whose family has fallen from grace. I haven’t seen him as immortal yet, but I’ve only watched like 2 episodes, lol. Lego Li is on a drama roll. Catch him in The King of Romance where a woman who believes she’s the reincarnation of Jade Girl searches for her Golden Boy to break a curse.

If you want to feast on a drama of good-looking young men (one is turning 30, but he’s 30 years young, not old, right?) then Hwarang is the drama for you. The drama tells the beginnings of a group of young men destined to wield great influence during the Kingdom of Silla. Lots of acting idols in this drama (Park Hyung Sik, Choi Min Ho, Kim Taehyung/V). Two cast members of Cheese in the Trap reunite for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo about a young woman who dreams of being a professional weightlifter and her romance. I do like Oh Ji Ho. You can now watch him in Oh My Geum Bi about a conman that must deal with the genetic disorder of his newly-discovered eight-year-old daughter. And two men who live 80 years apart swap places in Shuttle Love Millennium. In Husbands’ Secret Stash a wife is devastated to learn her husband may have hidden money from her. The forgotten elderly join forces with a young man and woman to save their senior community by embarking on a trip across Taiwan in All in 700.


Japanese dramas on Hulu!? Really? Wowza! I may need to uncancel my subscription… Fujiko is about a woman who receives a manuscript about their father (an infamous mass murderer) from her recently deceased sister. Determined to publish the story, she seeks out her father in prison and learns a horrifying truth. Also available is Oguri Shun’s The Price about a young lawyer’s past coming back to haunt him along with a dangerous psychopath. Also added is Korean drama Lucky Romance.


Princess Weiyoung officially started streaming back in November I think. Excited, but haven’t started it yet, lol. I’ll use my one-week vacation maybe. Also, I announced they were coming and they are now here! DramaFever is officially streaming When A Snail Falls in Love, Goblin, Stay With Me, and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. They are also streaming Oh My Geum Bi and have started streaming 2015 drama Heart to Heart about two people who have shut themselves off from the world finding love and coming out of their shells.

“Q Series,” as series of short Taiwanese dramas are also streaming. First up was Rainie Yang’s Life Plan A Plan B (confusing, confusing about two different paths a woman’s life can take) and now we have Chris Wu and Chen Yu’s Love of Sandstorm about never being too old to look for love despite your children’s opposite opinions. And on Friday, December 23rd Joe Chen’s Candle in the Tomb will begin streaming. Oh, and don’t forget Father, I’ll Take Care of You starring Kim Jae Won, Lee Tae Hwan, and Park Eun Bin is now available as well.

I think that’s everything…although I’ve probably missed something. The holiday season provides ample drama watching time doesn’t it?

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