Netflix Asian Drama Additions

Yep, I’m bad at keeping up on the newest additions. I admit it. Check out the latest Asian dramas Neflix has started to stream in December 2016. Oh, hey, guess what? If you’re looking for more of Netflix original Sense8, they are doing a Christmas special of all things. You can watch it on December 23rd. Good news if you like the drama and the kick butt Bae Doo Na.

Epic Chinese drama Ice Fantasy starring Feng Shao Feng and F(x)’s Victoria is now available. And if you are a fan of the Itazura na Kiss franchise (Itazura na Kiss, It Started with a Kiss, Playful Kiss, Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, Kiss Me), then you are in luck because Netflix is now streaming Line TV drama Miss in Kiss starring Dino Lee, Esther Wu, and Gong Yi Teng. If you actually aren’t familiar with the story, a dim girl has a crush on the most popular boy in school who doesn’t know she exists. An accident sends her to his house to live. Drama, of course, ensues. And, no, the Korean version is NOT the original. The Taiwanese version is NOT the original. The Japanese live action came before. It was hokey and cheesy and a totally 90s drama. And…if you didn’t know it’s based on a popular manga series that was never finished because the mangaka died before she could pen the final volumes.

And while we anxiously await for SuJu’s Donghae and Choi Jin Hyuk to finish their mandatory military service and return (sometime next year), you can stream their drama Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog about a prickly patisserie who opens up to love again thanks to a cheerful cafe owner. Also in Korean dramas, we have 2012’s Immortal Classic starring Han Jae Suk and Park Sun Young (a great Korean actress, yep, yep) about two culinary families battling out for top honors while protecting secret family recipes. Another 2012 drama, Color of Woman starring Hae Hee, Lee Soo Kyung, and Yoon So Yi is also streaming. A smart plain Jane competes for the love of one man with a woman who uses her beauty and charms to try to win him over.

We have family drama Heaven’s Garden where a woman takes her two daughters to move in with her father after her husband is jailed for bankruptcy. Ryu Si Won and Julien Kang star in Goodbye My Wife about a five-year marriage being tested when the couple’s first loves re-enter their lives. In Happy And, the real-life trials and joys of marriage are showcased through the lens of 11 different wives.

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