Asian Dramas on Netflix – December 6, 2016

I know, I have been remiss in telling you about the new Asian drama additions added to Netflix’s library. It’s a busy time of year all around. But here is the list of the latest Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese dramas added. I think I’ve caught all the new dramas, but if I’ve missed any, drop me a line. Before you do, though, check out the full list.

Hey, more Japanese dramas! How cool is that? We need a bigger jdrama explosion, though, just like there was a Taiwanese version. Newly added with have My Little Lover ~Minami-kun no Koibito~. This is the newer drama, not the original which starred Nino from Arashi. This 2015 drama revolves around a young girl in love with her childhood friend and neighbor Minami. She is magically shrunk to doll size and hides out at Minami’s house while they try to figure out how to return her to size.

In Korean dramas, 2009 espionage thriller IRIS is now available. Two friends in the army find their lives changed forever when they are recruited into a super-secret organization tasked with protecting the country. In a different vein we have Hello, My Twenties which is probably better known as Age of Youth about five female college students with different personalities who become roommates and deal with their lives and love. Also available is silly webdrama Detective Alice starring Kim Nam Joo, Jo Dong Hyuk, and Lady Jane. We have a young girl obsessed with food who partners up with a taste-sensitive partner to stop food and drug safety crimes. Speaking of action, 2016 drama Good-bye Mr. Black is also streaming. A skilled naval officer loses everything and is framed as a traitor. He joins forces with an orphaned former thief to seek revenge.

Probably the hit Taiwanese drama from 2015 makes its way to Netflix. Bromance stars Megan Lai, Baron Chen, and one of my favorite singers of all-time Bii. Pi Ya Nuo has been raised as a boy her entire life since a psychic said that her great life will happen if she can make it to the age of 25 without people discovering she’s a girl. She becomes the best friend and sworn brother of a gangster’s adopted son and of course falls in love. 2016 drama Back to 1989 is also available. The drama follows a young man who is sent back to the past in a freak accident where he finally gets to learn about his father the year before he was born. Also added is Aaron Yan’s 2016 drama Refresh Man where a former top student down on her luck ends up working for her an old schoolmate who had the worst grades. Inborn Pair (about a couple betrothed in the womb finding love in their arranged match) and Just You (a girl is tasked with convincing her uptight boss to allow office relationships) have also been added. We also get to see the love blossom between a former gangster’s son and an opinionated radio DJ in Love Around.Bii

Things go awry in Love Me or Leave Me when a marriage-phobic woman hires a seductress to test her fiance’s faithfulness. A wealthy man searches for the girl he fell for and is led to a family in where three sisters reside – which one is the girl from memory? Find out in Love Family.

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