When A Snail Falls In Love Episodes 13-15 Recap

This series of episodes sees three of our main quartet playing the self-blame game. Oh, and we have Zhan (? I can’t remember the name, lol) who is Ji Bai’s superior in on this as well. This would be the superior Ji Bai complained of as he, I believe, blames Zhan for the death/disappearance of Zhao Han’s father and this would be the person who unilaterally brought Xu Xu on board even though she isn’t technically qualified. Of course, I don’t think he’s really blaming himself per se, but he’s willing to take the blame to ensure his team stays intact, so he’s not a bad person overall. Xu Xu wakes up to the fact that being an officer isn’t about skill and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, but it comes down to life and death. She also figures out for herself just why Ji Bai became an officer.

Basically this trio of episodes involves the sting operation. The police are going for quite the bust. They are trying to hit the drug trafficking hard as well as the human trafficking ring. Zhao Han worries over Yao Meng’s safety and warns her not to try to be a hero and remember that safety does come first. Meanwhile, Ji Bai is restless the night before, but he sends Xu Xu home by herself. Of course, before she leaves, she scolds him for drinking coffee late at night when it can ruin his health and keep him up when he should be resting. She then gives him a glass of milk (which he pours into his coffee mug after she leaves, lol).

Zhan meets with Ji Bai and says he doesn’t want the same thing that happened several years ago to happen again (referencing the operation where Zhao Han’s father, Zhao Lang, went missing and was presumed dead in Myanmar). Everything must be neatly wrapped up. We did get to see flashbacks of Zhan and Zhao Lang. The two were quite close and Lang thought very highly of his disciple (Ji Bai, not his son, lol) being the only one who could ever surpass him. Anywho, it looks like Lang decided to go undercover against Zhan’s wishes and was last seen in a car that ultimately ends up bursting into flames. Ji Bai feels agitated I guess and just sits at the training grounds. Xu Xu can’t seem to fall asleep, though Yao Meng has no problems doing so after she gushes about how great Ji Bai is. So Xu Xu puts on her running shoes and heads out. She sees Ji Bai and sits next to him. He tells her he’s okay and has slept on the street or worse doing operations. He doesn’t want to talk. Xu Xu honors his wishes and leaves him be…but again not before taking care of him! She puts her jacket over him before heading back in.

It’s a beautiful day when the operation starts. It looks like Zhan is still receiving intelligence from Myanmar, but from who exactly, we don’t know. The drug busts go down without a hitch, so that just leaves our kidnapping ring. Yao Meng is left alone with the guy she believes is Lu Ge and easily takes him down as the team moves in. And…why is it that the SWAT-like team gets all the gear while Ji Bai’s major crimes team gets nothing? They aren’t even wearing bulletproof vests which you would think they should be…shakes head. Everything appears to be going well and the bad people are caught and the victims found. But there’s a catch. There always is, you know.wasfile14-01

It turns out Lu Ge is NOT a man, but a woman. During the craziness, Lu Ge disguises herself as a hostage and is taken to be checked out at the hospital with the others. Xu Xu comforted her at first, but only realized something was wrong when she noticed Lu Ge getting into the bus wearing some fancy high heels. She then rushes to where Lu Ge was found and sees Lu Ge’s fancy clothes had been shoved under the bed. Just like when Xu Xu had issues in the first arc with Zhang Shiyong’s kidnapping, she flips out here. She cries in the car with Ji Bai as the woman’s body who Lu Ge is impersonating is found. She feels badly. But since the body was already decaying, it’s not like her slip-up led to that woman’s death.

Zhao Han and Yao Meng are at the hospital. When Lu Ge goes to use the restroom (and is followed by a rescued little girl), Yao Meng seems to sense something wrong. As she’s discovering the body of the little girl (did Lu Ge really need to slit her throat?), Zhao Han comes out of the x-ray room and calls Ji Bai back. He learns what happens and rushes to the scene where Yao Meng is trying to save the child. Once the emergency staff take over, she gives chase to Lu Ge who steals a motorbike. When Lu Ge sees a nurse trying to get into a car, she stops her bike and goes to steal the car, but Yao Meng is there. Of course Lu Ge takes the nurse hostage and Yao Meng is left trying to figure out what she should do. Lu Ge begins a countdown and Yao Meng puts down her gun in an effort to save the nurse only to have Lu Ge slit the woman’s throat (Yao Meng is then covered in her blood). Enter Zhao Han. He yells out Yao Meng’s name and Lu Ge shoots him with Yao Meng’s gun. Yao Meng then struggles with Lu Ge and ends up getting stabbed in the back. Lu Ge then gives up on stealing the car and gets back on the motorbike just as Xu Xu and Ji Bai arrive on scene. Ji Bai calls for help as he tries to stop Zhao Han’ bleeding and Xu Xu looks after Yao Meng.

Both survive, although it didn’t look well at first. The hospital was short on blood so Ji Bai technically donated over the safe limit. He was relieved to hear Yao Meng was out of danger because he couldn’t afford to donate any more really. Xu Xu complains about how thin he looks and he, of course, insists he is fine. Right. Bad Ji Bai. He nearly passes out trying to get up (he did ignore the stuff the nurse brought him to help him through his blood donation, like yogurt, water, etc.). Somewhere in all of this, Ji Bai tells Xu Xu about Zhao Han. I guess Ji Bai is older and looks upon him as his little brother. Once Zhao Lang disappeared, Zhao Han and his mother moved in with Ji Bai’s family. When Zhao Han wanted to become an officer, Ji Bai was firmly against. He stole Zhao Han’s register and said only if the younger man could get it back then Ji Bai would accept him. In the end, it was Zhao Han’s mother who got it back. I’m sure she wasn’t happy with her son’s choice after her husband disappeared, but this way at least Ji Bai and Zhao Han could watch out for one another.

Yao Meng once conscious, immediately worries after Zhao Han. Xu Xu visits her and she tells Yao Meng that even though she’s a psychologist, she doesn’t know how to comfort Yao Meng who feels guilty for what happened to Zhao Han, the nurse, and the little girl. Xu Xu cries as she believes everything is her fault for profiling Lu Ge as a man. Speaking of this vicious, evil woman. Lu Ge evades the Chinese police only to be caught by authorities in Myanmar. Of course, she is saved by the arrival of someone higher up. She clings to his leg while he says that he has kept his promise to let nothing happen to his woman. Lu Ge is pure evil, but I think even she fears this man…whoever he is. So if she’s afraid of “her man”—how bad must he be?

Our higher-ups are not happy with the bust. Sure, they struck a hard blow to both the human trafficking and drug trafficking rings, but two officers severely injured and the ring leader escaping in unacceptable. They want Ji Bai suspended to reconsider his training methods of interns and they want the two interns fired. Ji Bai takes full responsibility and wishes to have Yao Meng and Xu Xu spared. Zhan concurs with this and tries to take the responsibility all on himself as well, but Ji Bai stubbornly won’t let that happen. He’s then sent away while the administration discusses what the punishments will be. He’s happy to hear that Xu Xu and Yao Meng will be able to stay on while both he and Zhan will face some form of punishment. Zhan then starts talking about the case that Ji Bai has never stopped investigating (the one where Zhao Han’s father disappeared and Ye Zi Xi’s father was killed). Zhan has not stopped either and Ji Bai is shocked to learn that it has been Zhan helping him behind the scenes all of this time. He hands over a stack of files to Ji Bai and says Xu Xu and he will be joining a Myanmar team to bring this all to a close. Ji Bai is taken back. He doesn’t want Xu Xu as she’s physically a liability at this time even though he does believe in her mental acuity. Be that as it may, only Xu Xu is in good health and knows what Lu Ge looks like, so she has to be in on the investigation.

So, what happens next is a lot of montages of Ji Bai stepping up his training of Xu Xu and her sketching out everything that happens. Despite how hard everything is, the girl seems happy. This is probably in part because she gets to spend so much time with Ji Bai. Of course, Xu Xu is still suffering over the incident, but she can’t rest until things have been righted. Ji Bai is noticing many similarities between his personality and hers.

Now the problem with this drama, and a lot of dramas really, is the concept of time. How is it that Zhao Han is practically recovered and Yao Meng can be released? There is only one month to go for the Myanmar mission as well…so…time…? I don’t quite get how much time has passed between Ji Bai stepping up Xu Xu’s training (includes firearm and self defense practice) and Yao Meng coming to join them. Oh, well. Not as bad as this one Thai drama where one week is like…6 or 7 episodes and feels like a month or more has passed.

Ok. So Yao Meng’s mommy is upset that Yao Meng became a policewoman and was nearly killed. Can’t blame her, can you? So when Yao Meng was still in the hospital, she visited Zhao Han with Xu Xu. Zhao Han is on the mend and says doctors are amazed at how fast his condition is improving. He’s already sent his caretaker home, saving the department money (which he wants in cash…that Zhao Han). He then continues the story of the little pig and the hippo, which only makes Yao Meng feel worse and she starts crying while Zhao Han has to turn away from her tears. During Yao Meng’s hospital stay, Xu Xu also turns their sad failure into a comic strip and tells it to Yao Meng. End result is…failure for all.

Ok, so back to Yao Meng being out of the hospital. She wants to track down and be the one to kill Lu Ge. There’s only one problem…she’s now suffering from PTSD. Every time she hears a gunshot she sees Lu Ge shooting Zhao Han with her gun and she sees red…blood everywhere! Ji Bai stops her from trying to shoot anymore at the target range. He tells her that she does need to heed the psychologist’s advice and take time off to heal. It will be a long process. Yao Meng then goes to turn in a letter of resignation. Ji Bai takes it from her, but does not accept it. Yao Meng is an officer. She doesn’t stop being one because of PTSD. Again, take the time to get help and heal. Ji Bail will let her decide afterward if she can face her demons and come back or if she has to stop being a cop. Why does she think killing Lu Ge will solve her problems? It won’t.

After Yao Meng departs, Ji Bai gives the crying Xu Xu the gun. Even through her tears, the girl practically hits the center of the target. She has to be strong for the upcoming mission. She needs to right her mistakes. She’s as ready as she’ll ever be. Interesting to note, even if things are successful in Myanmar, if Xu Xu still can’t pass the physical, Ji Bai is kicking her out. Yep, he won’t change his mind. I did like when Zhan talked about being highly trained in self defense and offense won’t stop you from getting hurt. It’s very true. Unexpected things can happen. Still, Ji Bai is making sure that if he’s forced to take Xu Xu on this dangerous mission, she’s as prepared as she possibly can be.

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