When A Snail Falls in Love Episodes 7-9 Recap

Again, plots within plots within plots. Everything is related and everything goes back to the Ye family. It’s cute, in all of this melodrama, to see Xu Xu trying to comfort Ji Bai. I also like how we get to learn more about Xu Xu and why she is the way she is.

So…it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ye Zi Xi is dead. It really shouldn’t. Sure, some people thought her suicidal. That’s not really the case. What happens is that Zi Xi’s quest for revenge against her own family ultimately brings her downfall. She’s well aware that she’s playing with fire and this is also why she said her goodbyes to Ji Bai. That…and because of her quest for revenge, she’s not the innocent young woman—she’s tainted, unworthy of Ji Bai. He’s never changed, but she’s changed too much for them to have ever had a good ending. It’s sad. It’s tragic.

But…much like Zi Xi’s father’s death, her own is enshrouded in mystery. Zi Xi helped instigate Yang Yu to kidnap Zhang Shiyong, but why is it that Ye Qiao seemed to recognize the hired guy who was there to pick up the money? She even motioned to the suitcase! And, it is definitely confirmed, Zi Xi is Shiyong’s lover. Not because she likes the man, obviously. So what is with this complicated family plot? Her uncle, Ye Qiao’s father, definitely seems to have something amiss with him. He seems soft spoken and nice, but his conversation with his old friend and fellow Ye businessman about Myanmar and a scandal that Zi Xi was supposed to be keeping silent about definitely leaves you thinking something is amiss. Is he and his friend, perhaps, behind Zi Xi’s death? It wouldn’t really make sense since the damage to the company was already done and unavoidable at the time of her death. The very next day news leaked out about billions lost by the company and their stock plummeted.wasfile07-01

Ok. So after seeing the message from Zi Xi that she needs help, Ji Bai tries to call to no avail. He leaves Zhao Han in charge of finishing up things with the kidnapping ring while he rushes back to the city…on no sleep. He then has Xu Xu brought in to help him investigate. Poor Xi Zi was pushed off an upstairs landing and then pinned by the same blades that Yang buried to give the Ye Corporation bad press. During the walkthrough, Xu Xu keeps her watchful eyes on her surroundings, and on Ji Bai. When they get to Zi Xi’s bedroom and closest, Xu Xu takes the initiative to give Ji Bai a very awkward hug completed with patting his back. She then says she will take over the investigation and begins going through the items there. Ji Bai picks her up by her collar and moves her. Just how many murders has she investigated? This would be the first. Right. This is Ji Bai’s final task. The only thing he can do to help his dead friend is to catch her killer.

Yao Meng gets her chance to interrogate one of the criminals they caught. They don’t get much out of him except to confirm who the leader is and how bad he is. That’s about it. Then its time to pack up and go back home. The local officer they worked with admires Yao Meng, but fears for the man who marries her as he’d be liable to get beaten up. Zhao Han is quick to deny this, saying the man will be really lucky to have such a great woman like Yao Meng. Oh yeah. He likes her. No denying it.wasfile07-02

The team as a whole is worried about Ji Bai since Ye Zi Xi was a childhood friend. Xu Xu keeps a close watch on him. When he’s shooting hoops, she keeps track of the number of shots and the number of successes. This annoys Zhao Han and Yao Meng who want to know what their leader is feeling. After Ji Bai gets the other three involved in a game and then leaves, Xu Xu explains her statistics and how it means that Ji Bai is doing all of this to keep his emotions repressed and under control. She believes this is a great misfortune as he does need to get his emotions out as it is unhealthy to keep them in.

The investigation, of course, discovers Zhang was having an affair with Zi Xi. He received a text (that didn’t sound like it came from Zi Xi, but I guess he was clueless to that) around 11:30 and left the office to go to their love nest. He found Zi Xi dead and instead of calling the cops, he clumsily packs up all of his stuff. But his DNA is all over that place, so it was futile for him to do so. According to the coroner’s report, Zi Xi was already dead when he arrived on the scene. He was the one who covered her body up. He didn’t want others to see her in that pathetic state. Of course, the entire Ye family are investigated so they get to deal with the cops along with the current crisis at the company. And let me tell you, this family is bursting at the scenes. Ye Zi Xi’s cousin doesn’t hide his anger or contempt (to his immediate family at least) over Zi Xi. He yells that while she couldn’t tear them apart during her life, she accomplished the task after her death. This man is seriously…crazy. But I still think his father had a hand in the murder.wasfile07-03

Of course, it’s discovered that Ye Qiao lied about her alibi and she’s also been caught on the security cameras near the area. Oh…the important footage that could have revealed Zi Xi’s killer has been erased. This person is thorough. So Ye Qiao is brought into custody. She gets angry when Xu Xu admits to pitying her. Ji Bai then comes in and says they can easily use modern science to prove Ye Qiao was there at the scene and was the one who used Ye Zi Xi’s phone to text both Ji Bai and Shiyong.

Ye Qiao admits to killing her cousin for having an affair with Zhang. She could tolerate any other woman except her cousin. Zi Xi was always taking what belonged to her…including Ji Bai! Of course, Ji Bai was that guy on campus that girls won’t approach and only gawk at from afar. It’s like those teenage and college dramas where a gaggle of girls gang up on our leading lady because she dares to be friends with the campus’s prince. So immature and irrational. But…the thing is that Ye Qiao’s confession is off. The first time we hear her story, she says she was angry at Zi Xi’s refusal to leave Zhang alone and she grabbed a knife and stabbed her cousin. Qiao then talks about how she texted the men as she watched her cousin bleed out as it was really a pity they couldn’t see her like that.

So…the problem with this confession? Even though they find Zi Xi’s blood on Ye Qiao’s steering wheel and the cell phone she through out just where she said it was, there is a HUGE gap in her story. One, she can’t accurately recall events of that night. I suppose given her mental state, it’s possible. But…in one telling of her story, she surprised Zi Xi and stabbed her. In another telling of her story, she pushed her off the landing and then stabbed her. What the what? And just like in other episodes, we see flashbacks of events that actually negate the story being told. Like when Zi Xi lied about having nothing to do with Yang Yu’s kidnapping of Zhang. Ye Qiao is asked if she saw anybody else. We then flashback to her watching a man get in a car and drive away before we’re back in the present and she lies. Again…given her relationship to her father…don’t you think she could be covering for him? Even though she did have a huge meltdown with him honoring the dead Zi Xi and even though her mother killed herself because of his affairs, I think she could be a woman who would lie to protect the family.wasfile07-04

Ah, Ji Bai does question Yang Yu again. This time to see if he has any idea of who murdered Zi Xi. Of course, Yang knows that Zi Xi was in love with Ji Bai. Yang rages that Ji Bai not arresting Zhang Shiyong is the whole reason Zi Xi is no longer among the living. Poor Ji Bai. You know he feels like crap that he couldn’t protect Zi Xi (although you know he worried about her and tried to get her to stop whatever it was she was doing and to just talk to him). And we get to see some of his stress come out with cigarettes. Xu Xu sees him smoking outside and he’s surprised she doesn’t launch into a lecture. She knows there’s no point since Ji Bai is an adult who should be well aware of the negatives of smoking. She does ask to become his official cigarette lighter. To judge him and study him? Partly, lol. Yes, Xu Xu is building a baseline for Ji Bai. She is obviously worried about her teacher, but this girl is more like an alien who cannot express normal human emotions.

I think it may be the scene where Ji Bai gives Xu Xu his lighter or the first cigarette scene where she reveals information about herself for the first time. This is all because Ji Bai calls her an alien. She’s heard this since she was young. She was a premature baby and always small for her age. She became accustomed to sitting and observing others. She then started to try to guess there next moves and she soon became quite accurate. This is what got her interested in psychology and becoming a cop. It’s people that commit crimes so they are the main component that need to be studied. Aside from this story, she does offer to be someone who listens to him and she also instructs him how he should not restrain himself from sadness and anger.wasfile09-01

Ah…there was a cute scene where the team was gathered and eating a spicy dinner together. Xu Xu and Ji Bai sat next to each other and Ji Bai took Xu Xu’s water bottle after she drank out of it and finished it. This really flustered the woman, lol. I just really like seeing these two together and their relationships is progressing nicely. Ah, and we can finally see Xu Xu’s animal pictures of Ji Bai as the noble lion.

Xu Xu and Ji Bai both feel there is something off with Qiao’s confession. You can tell. Especially when Xu Xu recalls Zhang said he heard a microwave go off after he arrived. This sends our intern straight to Zi Xi’s house for further investigation…all by herself. Not really the smartest idea is it? Meanwhile, Yao Meng felt bad for Qiao who became a murderer because of her own husband’s affair after her mother killed herself because of her father’s affair. Zhao Han told her that even though conflicting emotions crop up, as an officer, you have to uphold the law. Anywho, Yao Meng thinks back to her talk with Ye Qiao and also figures out that something is wrong.

End episode.

Another problem with Ye Qiao’s confession? Blood. Or rather, lack of it. She would have had to have gotten more of Zi Xi’s blood on her if she really pinned her appendages with knives. No, she got there and stole the cell phone, but she definitely didn’t kill the cousin she hated. The plot just keeps thickening, doesn’t it?

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