POP! Goes Cinema: Kadokawa Film & 1980s Japan

I wonder if there is any organization where I live that’s like Japan Society? Probably not. My state has a heavier middle eastern and latino population than anything else. Though, if you live in the larger cities, you get a nice mix of different places and restaurants from Asia, the middle east, and beyond. Not to far from my hometown, we actually had a Filipino restaurant open up (it actually serves traditional Filipino fare along with other Asian staples).

Anywho, from November 8 to December 17 sees Japan Society of New York bringing in new 4K restorations of six celebrated and rarely screened selections from Kadokawa Haruki. From their website:

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the publishing giant Kadokawa’s entry into film production. Established by the larger-than-life, controversial businessman, producer and visionary Haruki Kadokawa, the game-changing film studio went on to redefine Japanese popular culture and media from the late 1970s through the 1980s with a series of highly marketed blockbusters, pop idol vehicles and off-the-walls genre films, each a unique blend of mainstream pop and experimental cinema unlike anything Japan had seen at the time. This mini-retrospective offers six celebrated and rarely-screened selections—almost all in brand-new 4k restorations! Guest curated by Alexander Zahlten, Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University.

So, if you’ll be in the NYC area during this time, definitely something to check out if you’re a lover of Japanese cinema.

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